29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

Eliott Tanner

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bamfcat via Reddit

When selling something online, the best way to capture a buyer's attention is usually with a photo of the item. Well, it turns out that isn't always the case. These hilarious images of people attempting to sell their mirrors had us laughing out loud.

The Ol' Stable Shot

The pressure of taking a good shot might make it challenging to keep a steady hand. This creative seller decided that the best way to do it was to use a stabilizer. Well, they could've been on to something.

People Selling Mirrors Funny
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

Think about it this way; A shaky shot can't be fixed, and selling might not come easy because people won't be able to see it clearly. So technically speaking, it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Thank goodness we have camera-stand technology on our side these days!

Sly and Determined

We're not quite sure what this mirror-seller was going for here, but it looks like they tried to be as sly as possible. The person's determination to make the picture look natural might be praiseworthy, though. They also gave the old saying, "if there's a will, there's a way," telling us there was more meaning in the process.

Funny Mirror Pictures Awkward
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

The way is through a small opening in the door, in this case. Perhaps this is a gimmick to reach out and get attention. Too far? Considering the 2,500+ likes the photo received, it might not be too far-fetched. Either way, we hope that this determined seller managed to strike a good deal.

No Ghosting Please

One of the countless problems mirror-sellers have to face is the privacy of, well, their face. And it looks like drastic times call for extreme measures, especially if there isn't a door to comfortably reach out of. This seller took a rather creative approach to their campaigning strategy.

Funny Selling Mirrors Pictures
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

They might've taken inspiration from Casper for all we know, but we hope that the paranormal inspiration won't be beyond the physical realm. Just imagine how annoying it could be if a seller decides to ghost out on a deal. We would surely be irritated if that happened to us.

The Right Way To Measure

Step aside centimeters; There is a new measurement scale in town. Enter: bananameters. Seems measurable, right? Well, we suppose that's what the seller here tried to portray anyways. It looks like the banana is used for scale to show their buyers the size of the mirror. We, for one, think it's legit.

Funny Selling Mirrors Awkward
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

Why use a ruler when you can use a banana anyways? Bananas have many pros to them too. For one, they are tasty. Secondly, their bright yellow color could show the color quality of a mirror. At least, that is what this seller might've wanted to demonstrate in this picture.

Here Comes the Bride

There is something about the look of wedding dresses that makes them super luxurious. Could this be the vibe that this ambitious seller went for? With a golden frame like that and a trailing cloudy plastic covering, it might be a subliminal hint of value-for-money. If it is, then chapeau to them.

Funny Selling Mirror Photos
athaliah via Reddit

And if it isn't, well, it was still good enough to catch our attention (and make up crazy theories). The art of covering up one's feet can be mastered with skilled craftsmanship, as seen here. And this seller's use of plastic to cover themselves might have been a good solution after all.

This Mirror Has a Few Fans

Safe to say, this photo seems to have a lot going on. Could it be the eye-catching hardwood floor? Or the black frame the mirror is sporting? Whatever it may be, it sure isn't the 3 ceiling fans on the floor accompanied by an apparent ninja next to them.

Funny Selling Mirror Pictures
sunlight_444 via Reddit

All sarcasm aside, though, this picture has head-turning potential. For starters, what are the 3 fans doing on the floor? And why did the seller who took the photo cover their face in a seemingly martial art stance? Whatever the reason might be, we are definitely fans of the random vibe this image has.

Right Around the Corner

This courageous picture may be puzzling for a few reasons. For one, the mirrors appear to be positioned in a collage resembling a bit of a puzzle. Oh, and there is a hand sneakily wrapped around the edge of the door, taking a picture. Where did that come from?

Hilarious Selling Mirrors Craigslist
@shanye-west via Twitter

Perhaps it could've been more sneaky if the hand wasn't in the middle of the picture. But what do we know? We aren't mirror-selling experts, after all. Still, we hope that this edgy seller found their buyer. And if not, we hope that they are at least waiting around the corner.

A Set of Hopeful Legs

Some people can't just sit around and wait for a buyer to fall out of the sky, so they stand up and get to work. At least, that is the vibe that these two pairs of hopeful legs gave us. Probably having found the perfect angle to take a picture, the two sellers uploaded it for the internet to see.

Funny Selling Mirror Post
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

What's sweet about this picture is that these two did it together. Being a mirror seller can be a lonely business, especially if there is no one to help with the photography. Having each other for support, this couple of ambitious salespeople seems to have done their best.

A Handy Foot

If eye-catching confusion was the name of the game here, this picture would win it. That could be because the seller literally used their foot to hold up their phone to take a picture. Luckily for them, an unconventional way to pitch a mirror can be very entertaining sometimes.

Funny mirror pictures sale
@koheijito via Twitter

How in the world did this person manage to hold the phone AND take a picture? Maybe they used a standard camera timer, but imagining them doing it with their foot might be even funnier. Either way, the creativity used here wowed us, and we hope they managed to sell their mirror.

Mirror Sell-Fie

Taking a selfie to sell your mirror is a daring move that can only be pulled off by the highly skilled. This seller seems to know what they're doing, as they used two hands to hold the heavy weight of daredevil selfie camera stunts. It looks like this user found their niche.

Funny Selling Mirrors Craigslist
midwest-distrest via Reddit

They very discretely showed their face but didn't let it take away any attention from the mirror. Thinking about it now, this user might've done it right. We, for one, would probably buy the mirror from them in support of their daring selfie efforts. Let's hope they scored a deal they deserved!

Stop and Look at This

This mirror seller uploaded an interesting post to craigslist in a bid to sell it. They seemingly used their hand to show the mirror's reflectiveness, but they made it look like they wanted us to stop and stare. Well, luckily for them, that is precisely what we've done.

Hilarious mirror pictures sale
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

Now that we've stopped, we can take our time to admire the beauty of the mirror that this user wants to sell. Sporting a black frame and a mosaic-like passe-partout, we could say that this mirror looks rather elegant. And thanks to their hand, we know for sure that it's reflective.

If There's a Will, There's an iPad

Taking pictures of mirrors for sale can be done in many ways, even for people who don't have a camera or smartphone. Introducing, the iPad tactic. This concentrated seller appears to have successfully taken pictures with the tricky device, holding it firmly with two hands.

Mirror Selling Pictures hilarious
@sivmajor via Twitter

If the beauty of this floral-laden mirror couldn't convince one to buy it, then perhaps the sheer literal grasp of this seller could. He seems to have tackled the dangerous sport of iPad photographing like a champ. We, for one, would definitely be persuaded to buy it to show our support.

A Fan of Interesting Mirrors

Mirrors can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Apparently, some can also come in the form of a wheel cover. At least, that's what this picture seems to be showing. It's either that, or the seller tried to show us how big the mirror is by comparing it to a car tire.

Funny Selling Mirrors Pictures
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

Many questions come to mind when looking at this picture. One user commented, "does i­t­ keep spinning when you come to a stop tho?" This raised the question, could the mirror actually be a part of the wheel? The mystery will probably have to live on because the seller has yet to comment.

Safe as Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has many purposes. It can be used as a wrap to protect valuable goods from breaking or other precious things such as a face from privacy breaches, apparently. At least that's what this mirror seller tried to convey by the looks of it. Did they manage to do it correctly?

hilarious Selling Mirrors Awkward
bamfcat via Reddit

Look, if it wasn't for the dark outline of their glasses, it might've been spot on, or spotted on if we may. But unfortunately, the specs kind of gave their face away. Still, the attempt appears to have been done pretty well. And as for the pink buttons around the mirror? They are just the cherry on top.

The Legendary Phone Face-Block

It wouldn't be an awkward mirror-for-sale article without addressing the most used method: the phone face-block. As shown here, the seller used this tactic to take a picture of their mirror without their facade. And truthfully, it very well might be the best way to do it head-on.

Mirror Selling Pictures Funny
@sivmajor via Twitter

But the startling piece of detail in this advertisement is, well, the random foot in the picture. Having blocked their face successfully, the user probably forgot about the rest of their body. But that seems to be just fine by the Twitter users who got a nice laugh from it.

Dogs Can Help Too

If a partial mirror picture in an awkward angle can't do the trick, then maybe a furry friend could convince a person to buy it. At least, that's what this seller probably thought as they included their dog in the photo. And by the looks of it, more people in the comments section wanted the pup instead. Can we blame them?

Funny mirror pictures selling
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

The cute part about it is probably how the puppy is staring right at the mirror. The only things that might be missing are sad puppy eyes, which could probably persuade even the most stubborn of buyers. The seller might have to consider that the buyers would probably want to include the dog in the package too, though.


This user uploaded a picture of a mirror for sale, but it looks like they captured their innocent actions in the making. What's even better is that it went viral, having gained a whopping 138 thousand retweets. Many commenters couldn't help but write about how "cute" the seller is, and we couldn't agree more!

Mirror Selling Awkward Funny
@sivmajor via Twitter

Thinking about it now, it could have been the perfect shot. If only the seller had positioned themselves just a tad more to the right, they probably would've nailed it. But then again, isn't this peek-a-boo picture a bit more special than a normal one? Perhaps the 100k plus retweets could justify it!

Why the Sad Face?

This may look like a standard awkward picture of a person putting their mirror up for sale, but some Twitter users highlighted a minor detail. A few people commented on the apparent frown, writing things like "why the sad face?" And we think that we might understand what they mean.

Mirror Selling Pictures hilarious
@sivmajor via Twitter

But even though the commenters might be onto something, it's probably not as deep as it may seem. The seller might have just put on their concentrated face as they tried to work the camera angle. It's nice seeing people care for each other though, even if it's through a post on Instagram!

Subliminal Heels

Taking a picture of a mirror from above doesn't always have to be boring, especially if it features a pair of high heels. This mirror seller decided to wear their stilettos as part of the shot. And by the looks of it, we think that their fashionable decision may have been a bid to speed up the selling process.

Funny Selling Mirrors Pictures
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

The eye-catching difference from the other more casual pair of kicks may have been part of the advertising plan all along. The heels give off a vibe of value. Subliminal messages, anyone? If that is the case, then this seller knows exactly what they are doing. And we're onto them.

Paw-Fect Advertising

This seller took a creative approach to their advertising campaign, and it seems like it went right for them. The user managed to receive a lot of attention after they uploaded this picture on Twitter holding up their dog. And the price tag on the mirror was $10.

Mirror Selling Pictures Funny
@sami_somebody via Twitter

It looks like using pets as advertising ploys can come in handy, as it literally did for this ambitious seller. The cute picture gained them sought-after buyer attention. A thousand retweets later, it looks like they found their deal. For anyone wanting to sell things online, take notes. This could be a deal-breaker.

"Could This Be It?"

It can sometimes be hard to take the perfect picture, so much so that it could take a hundred photos to get to the right one. But once the ideal shot's captured, the satisfaction can be endless. That's at least what this user showed us in this wholesome image.

Mirror Selling Pictures Funny
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

The mirror hugs the top and bottom border of the photo rather neatly, we'll give it that. Who knows how many pictures the seller had to take until they reached this one. Either way, this picture looks like it depicts the "could this be it?" emotion pretty nicely.

Getting Down To Business

Finding the right angle to take a picture of a mirror can be a tough job. Some mirrors look good taken from the side, while others are better from above. This committed seller actually found their angle crouching down in front of the mirror. Perhaps because they wanted to show its height.

Funny mirror photos Awkward
expositorypawnbroker via Reddit

As if they tried to give the saying "getting down to business" a whole new meaning, this seller looks fiercely determined. The seriousness is admirable because all they want is to do is, well, business. So why not commit to it? Hopefully, they received the deal that they wanted.

A Different Approach

If a mirror isn't easy to sell, for whatever reason, it may be best to incorporate other strategies to pitch it. That's what this seller taught us through their interesting tactic. Instead of simply convincing someone to buy it, try seducing them. Seems helpful, right?

Hilarious mirror for sale
@sivmajor via Twitter

A different approach to selling may not be a bad idea. It could work, as proven by this seller. Thanks to their suggestive pose in front of their mirror-for-sale, the user's post generated over 5 thousand retweets. It could be safe to assume that they managed to sell this one pretty quickly!

The Fashionable Mirror

If this seller wanted attention for their legs, then it looks like they failed. That's because many people commented on the post saying how much they wanted to buy the fashionable mirror. "I kinda really want this one. It looks amazing," wrote one user on the post, which received over 4,000 retweets.

Hilarious mirror picture sale
@sivmajor via Twitter

The moral of the story? Sometimes taking a picture of a mirror with your legs featured in it doesn't hurt its success if you have an appealing mirror. The fashion of the wooden frame does seem to be agreed upon by the commenters of the post. Let's hope this seller managed to get the deal done!

The Side Strike

If there is no other way to take a decent picture of a mirror without including oneself in it, resorting to the "side strike" may be the best bet. At least that's what this particular salesperson wrote on their Reddit post, having commented on the particularly awkward angle.

Mirror Selling Pictures hilarious
_apathetic_ via Reddit

It is pretty admirable to see such determination in taking a nice picture of a mirror, all jokes aside. Having reached out from behind the door, this seller seemed to be pretty motivated. We'll take it as inspiration because it probably takes a lot of effort to stretch out like that.

Sideways Seller

"You can't see me if I'm sideways" is what Reddit user christophlr captioned this image. While it may be funny, some commenters were pretty impressed with the tactic. One even wrote, "Tbf home boy has the best method I've seen so far," and we can't help but agree.

Mirror Selling Pictures Funny
christophlr via Reddit

Another user added to that, saying, "To be fair, this is well executed. His pants match the carpet/dresser, and his shirt matches the wall… Impressive. 9.8/10." The fair rating seems to have some basis to it. Let's just hope that it also plays well in the selling part of it all!

The Selfie-Stand Pose

In the ancient art of mirrors-for-sale photography, there is one pose dared only by the most courageous. And that one is none other than the "Selfie-Stand Pose." Having been practiced only by true professionals, this seller seems to have tried it on for size.

Mirror Selling Pictures fail
@kaitlyntj56 via Instagram

It appears that they managed to do it pretty well, considering that the picture exists. We, for one, are pretty impressed by the whole shebang and would give this user a solid grade. What we can't yet figure out, though, is the stand that the seller is using. What could it be?

Play It Cool

The commenters on this Instagram post can't seem to figure out what the seller is doing with their hand. Was this user brushing their teeth? Or perhaps could they have been coughing? No one really knows, but it's safe to say that this seller played it pretty cool in the picture.

Mirror Selling Awkward Funny
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

Out of the many practices used by mirror sellers, face-covering is an essential one to master. Perhaps that's was this user tried to do. Commenters on the post also asked about "the thing" located on the left of the seller. With no answer yet, the mystery lives on.

Not Behind Any Bars

This mirror seller looks like they had a real breakthrough. With nothing to cage them, they probably decided that this was the best way to snap a mirror-selling picture. Could they be blamed for their creativity? Sure, and if thinking outside the box was a crime, they would probably be behind bars.

Funny Selling Mirrors Photos
@sivmajor via Twitter

Now in all seriousness, the origin of the hand seems to come out of nowhere. Was this creative seller hanging from a staircase? Or perhaps was it shot upside down? A picture with many questions can sometimes be a recipe for success. We hope this seller got a good deal because of it!

Double the Mirrors, Double the Luck

This user took a picture of these car mirrors and uploaded it to craigslist in a bid to sell them. Even though the reflective gear seems to be in good shape, the photo still raises some confusion. Why would a person want to sell two car mirrors? And how are they in such good condition?

Mirror selling hilarious pictures
@craigslist_mirrors via Instagram

For whatever reason they may be selling these two mirrors, we hope that they had double the luck at selling them. And more than that, it appears that the photographer has some kind of a neck brace. With that being said, we also hope that this side-mirror vendee had a speedy recovery.