Hilarious Highlights From the Olympics So Far


| LAST UPDATE 02/10/2022

By Arianna Morgan
shaun white olympics 2022
Ramsey Cardy / Contributor via Getty Images

Whoever is in charge of the official Olympics Instagram deserves a social media gold medal - and a raise. The 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on February 4th in Beijing, China. And until February 20th, top athletes from all around the world will compete to see who can take home the most wins. It truly is beyond mesmerizing watching highly favored athletes, such as three-time Olympic star Shuan White intensely snowboarding down the mountain and 22-year-old Nathan Chen beautifully landing five quadruple jumps. For us not-so athletic people watching at home, we are intrigued by it all, as we follow along on Instagram from the comforts of our couches.

The Olympics Instagram shows users everything from the competition schedule, where to watch links, athlete's stories, and more. Sounds about right? However, in 2022, we were gifted with a hilarious social media team giving us laugh after laugh. Look no further than the viral reel uploaded at the beginning of the Olympics season captioned, "If cute babies competed at the Winter Games," showing us a hilarious compilation of future Olympians from all over the world participating in various winter sports. "We have an epic day of truly shocking moments, heartbreak, and triumph," the reporter announced over the video as adorable toddlers showed off their winter sports highs and lows. Users fell in love with this viral video, commenting, "Can they please make this an actual thing" and well, we couldn't agree more!

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But the content didn't stop there. The official Instagram also featured a hilarious reel of 27-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu, captioned "Your week as told by one of the greatest figure skaters of all time," showing the skaters different facial expressions from Monday-Sunday - and we can only guess what Friday and Saturday look like. Yuzuru Hanyu is a two-time Olympic Champion, already crushing it at the 2022 Winter Olympics. (Be sure to stay tuned for more Yuzuru Hanyu content.)

Yuzuru Hanyu Winter Olympics
Xavier Laine via Getty Images

Both the Instagram game and Olympic games continue to kill it, and we are only halfway there. We're wondering who will be featured next in the hilariously relatable Instagram. But until 2026 in Milan, folks, we guess we'll be waiting for our Lizzie McGuire X Chloe Kim moment...

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