Hilarious Doggo Ditches Crate for 6 A.M. Bed Snuggles


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious dog snuggle TikTok
@billie_and_gus via TikTok

We all know that doggos need to be trained. They certainly don't come pre-programmed with a set of guidelines. Crate training is one such method, but it can be a hit or miss. Gus the Labrador is a prime example of what happens when crate training goes awry.

In a TikTok post that's gone viral, Gus's owner shares her experience of "failing at crate training." Instead of sleeping in his crate, the energetic pup climbs into bed with his owner in the wee hours of the morning. Let's just say that's not the time you want your furry friend to start licking your face. The video starts with the caption: "POV: It's 05:47 and you failed at crate training." And then, we see Gus in his owner's bed, wagging his tail and licking his owner's face. Honestly, who would want to go back to sleep after that? While crate training has many benefits, as the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home points out, it’s not for everyone. "Sometimes just giving your dog the option to go somewhere that they feel safe and comfortable can help them to relax," the organization writes on its website. So if your pup doesn't seem to like being in a crate, don't fret. There are plenty of other ways to get your doggo to chill out.

funny viral dogs TikTok
@billie_and_gus via TikTok
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Since the video was shared on May 17, it's been viewed over 2.4 million times and liked by more than 220,000 TikTok users. The comments section is where the real fun begins. TikTokers have shared their amusement at the chaotic moment and the owner's hilarious reaction. "No sudden movements so they don't know you're awake," joked one user, referring to how Gus's owner played dead during the whole ordeal. Another user added, "Avoid making eye contact so they don't know you're awake." Clearly, there's a strategy here, folks.

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Of course, Gus' owner has shared more videos on TikTok. He's chronicled the crate training journey and all its many failings. And we are here for it. Because let's be real, who doesn't love a good laugh at a dog's expense?

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