Hilarious Dog 'Ready to Go Work for FedEx' Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious viral TikTok dog
@officialroverdog via TikTok

Those who have pet dogs are quite familiar with how curious they can be. In fact, some of the funniest posts that go viral on social media feature some doggo that got itself into a hilarious situation just because it became a little too involved in someone else's business.

The latest dog to join this list of social media stars is a border collie named Rover, who apparently was so intrigued by his local FedEx driver that he decided to hop on board the truck and help him out on his busy day of deliveries. Rover's official TikTok account, @officialroverdog, posted a clip featuring the hilarious moment, which turned out to be a throwback. The video, which now has more than 2.1 million views and over 45,000 likes, explained that "1 year ago today Rover was ready to go to work for FedEx." LOL. We love a hard-working pupper.

@officialroverdog via TikTok
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But as ambitious as Rover's career plans were in that moment, his owner rushed to retrieve their border collie from the truck. In the hilarious clip, the owner appears to carry the squirming canine down the steps of the vehicle, and grabs his collar after setting him down on the ground, lest he get any thoughts about going back. "The driver didn't know what to do," read the text over the video, followed by a laughing emoji. But if it were us, we'd hire the enthusiastic collie - after all, the American Kennel Club explains that border collies are hard workers, and love to be given jobs to perform. So it seems to us like this FedEx worker missed out on the opportunity to work with a star employee.

@officialroverdog The boy loves car rides what can I say 😂 #dogsoftiktok #funnydogvideos #dogtok ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

In a subsequent comment on the video, the owner explained, "I opened the door to get the package and Rover bolted for right up in the seat and everything." Love it. Users who were amused by the dog's antics flooded the comments section of the video with their hilarious takes on the situation. One person wrote, "I mean, you asked him how he'd pay his vet bills," while another commented, "My dogs are freeloaders, you should be proud of the work ethic here." TBH, we couldn't agree more.

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