Hilarious Dad Goes Viral for 'Reviewing' His Newborn


| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2023

By Arianna Morgan
hilarious dad TikTok newborn
TikTok via @thedavisfamily.4

Most times, when you're looking to buy something, you do a little research, right? Whether it's a car or a new pair of shoes, a water bottle or a dishwasher, other people's reviews come in handy. But something we've never seen before and that we're loving now is a review for a newborn baby! Are they worth a five-star review?

A hysterical dad, Davis, on TikTok took to the platform to give us some major laughs as he shared a full review on his newborn baby! Just like reviewing a car, this dad gives us the lowdown on all the great features, how it acts, and a few of the negatives. He also makes sure to let us all know that they are available for grown-ups after "just one transaction." LOL!

Hilarious Viral Dad TikTok
rays via Getty Images
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In the hilarious video, we see the new dad introduce his little boy, that he "got about two months ago" with "another review." He starts off by telling us he has "good quality hair," and his "cheeks are very chunky and very kissable," as Davis gives a little squeeze. And yes, they do look very kissable! He makes a little impression of his son's face, telling us it makes him want to kiss him even more! Then he moves on to explain the baby's fit, which costs about "$20 to $30 bucks." Davis then says we can find those anywhere at any price, and the same concept applies to diapers.

@thedavisfamily.4 Lmao gone head and get you one #foryoupage #couplegoals #babyboy #babyreview #investingexplained ♬ original sound - 🫶🏽 Love 😮‍💨

However, with all the positives, there are going to be a few setbacks. "Overall, he's a pretty good baby until he's hungry," he jokingly says. That feels like a given for all new little ones, and we accept. As for his recommendations? "I recommend babies for any family, for starting families. If you already have a family, I recommend more babies," he shares. Davis finishes off the adorable video by answering whether or not he would have more babies. "I don't know," he says, "But I have him." Gotta love the hilarious parenting videos that go viral on social media. Be sure to check out Davis's hilarious TikTok videos of him and his adorable family here!

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