Hilarious Costco Cake Fiasco Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 04/16/2023

By Riley Hammond
Costco cake fail viral
Eric Thayer / Stringer via Getty Images

Picture this: you spend countless hours planning your child's birthday party only to have her cake turn out to be a ridiculously hilarious disaster. That's exactly what happened to Stephen Walker, whose Costco cake order went hilariously awry. Walker took to Reddit to share his epic "task failed successfully" moment, which has since gone viral.

"I was like, ‘I got directions and a little illustration here. They can’t mess this up. Right?’” said Walker of his cake-ordering confidence. He had requested a white half-sheet cake with no writing or design with a note to "please see back." He even went further ahead to sketch an isometric rendering of the cake, requesting red frosting only on the perimeter of the top and bottom. However, the Costco cake artist followed his request to the letter, copying his drawing exactly onto the cake and placing it neatly, even including the black lines of his drawing dutifully with black frosting. The result was a true masterpiece in compliance but not in error, leaving people on Reddit speechless and full of laughter.

Costco funny cake viral
Reddit via u/FlipDemStocks
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Costco, on the other hand, seems to not want to acknowledge its creative artistic skills and declined to comment. Meanwhile, online reactions have been equal parts hilarious and uplifting, with people dubbing the cake order as the perfect "task failed successfully" moment. Clearly, Walker wasn't too bothered by the cake's hilarious result, as he had already purchased a cake topper, which was red and was planning on placing it on the blank cake. In fact, he already has plans to make it a new tradition of sorts by sending a shadowy photo of the cake he took as a cake topper request and sending it to the same bakery. That's pure comedic gold!

Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn't need.
by u/FlipDemStocks in funny

Therefore, as fun and exciting as it is to get creative with your cake orders, it pays to remember that sometimes things do not always go as expected. So just sit back, relax and enjoy whatever the Costco cake artists come up with because, as it turns out, they're quite good at their jobs, maybe even a little bit too good!

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