Construction Fails

Trust Me, I'm an Architect: 29+ Hilarious Construction Fails


| LAST UPDATE 01/05/2022

By Molly Houghton

Being an architect is no easy job. There's little room for mistakes, and as long as your design is still standing, its on full display for the rest of the world to see. Take a look at these construction fails that gave us second-hand embarrassment.

Mind the Step

This just goes to show that planning ahead is super important. While the kids may find it fun to have a room that sort of floats above the staircase, this is certainly not ideal. It could also be a little dangerous.

Twitter via @sarahschauer

Perhaps they had intended for the door to arrive at the top of the staircase, and they almost got it... but not quite. It also doesn't help that the door opens outwards. If someone comes running up the stairs without knowing that someone else is exiting the room, we might just have a casualty on our hands.

The Pull-Out Potty

There's a few things we need to address over here. First of all, the carpet on the bathroom floor. While this look can sometimes be super cozy and flashy, it can also look a little bit tacky. Not to mention difficult to clean, but that's the least of this guy's problems. Let's move on to the staircase...

Twitter via @sillymerricat

We can't imagine that there's much room left for one's head when they're sitting on this toilet. There is a plus side though... They've certainly made that toilet look like the throne of the house. You can go to the bathroom and feel like a king, all from the comfort of your very own pull-out potty.

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Love a Good Slide

When you stay at a little hostel or hotel, the rooms are usually designed to have everything you need, all while being small enough to accommodate more visitors. Here we have the all-in-one bathroom set up, and while it may look nifty and modern, there's one little design flaw they forgot to consider...

Twitter via @lil_kombucha

Can you imagine anything worse than waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, and suddenly... you hear a different kind of 'plop.' The counter slides right into the toilet bowl, and we're sure this isn't the first or last toothbrush that had to fall on his sword. Somebody grab that toothpaste!

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The Stairway to Nothing

Unless you're one of those healthier folks who like to take the stairs at every opportunity for the free workout, taking the elevator usually seems like the better idea. However, sometimes you aren't provided with a choice, and your only option is to get ready for the climb.

Twitter via @bluekaracter

Can you picture people making the effort to walk up the stairs only to realize that it doesn't even go anywhere? One usually doesn't check beforehand because you kind of assume that the stairs will get you to the top. Well, not in this case, and we feel sorry for all those walkers who had to learn this the hard way.

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The Pointless Rail

Sure, safety is important, and you should never have a balcony without some sort of railing. However, it doesn't seem to be as much of a necessity when you don't have a balcony, let alone a floor up there. While we can appreciate the extra effort, this house does look a tiny bit like a prison.

Twitter via @gewchiiii

Then we have to address the cables that seems to be coming out of all sides. We can only assume that has to be a little bit dangerous. Especially if there's a lightning storm! We just hope they got some decent wifi or TV channels out of the deal, otherwise this doesn't seem too fair on the homeowners.

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Bathroom With a View

This couldn't possibly be on purpose, but on the off chance that it is... let us analyze this unique design. Unlike our previous picture of unfinished balconies, this house was lucky enough to get the full package. However, there is one tiny downside to the beautiful out door deck. Can you guess what it is?

Twitter via @gone2heven

The winner goes to whoever noticed that the only way to get to the deck is through the bathroom. We can only assume that's caused some awkward situations in the past. Hopefully there's another door somewhere that we don't know about and this bathroom door can stay closed.

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Closed on Sunday

Designing a church is truly a unique opportunity. You are responsible for creating a holy space that many will come to enjoy on their Sundays. We're just going to go ahead and assume that whoever designed this building in particular, had no idea that this would be the end result.

Twitter via @GDorrian

Each feature on it's own is beautiful. The round windows, the red roof, but the final product made the church look a little bit like a chicken. The red corner of the roof looks like the beak, and the white circled windows look like the eyes. At least this feathery chicken looks like a friendly one.

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Maximum Security

A Twitter user posted a picture of his front yard, explaining that he and his family just had a new gate installed. The paint perfectly matches, and it's a nice little feature to their home too, but it's just missing one tiny detail. Can you guess the minor flaw we are referring to?

Twitter via @lazer2828

The gate looks a little misplaced without the walls next to it. Usually a gate is for security, but these guys are still pretty open to the rest of the street. We're sure this isn't the final product, and that the rest of the installation is still on the way. However, if it isn't, we hope this family can get their deposit back.

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The Most Frustrating Floor

To all our friends out there with OCD, well, you might want to look away. This is yet another example of a poorly planned construction project. Just looking at this picture might make you want to rip the tiles out and close off that little corner, but let's take some deep breaths...

Twitter via @Bizcooitz

It seems as though they wanted to take up as much of the area as possible with wood. After all, who doesn't love a beautiful hardwood floor? However, the final product is a little bit annoying to look at. On the plus side, whoever lives here can always just cover it up with some furniture or a carpet.

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The Pointless Staircase

Once again, we have another pointless staircase that goes absolutely nowhere. It's small enough not to bother you, but big enough to notice, and we just can't figure out why these redundant staircases seem to be such a trend. Well, to be fair, it is 2020, and there are no trends that really surprise us anymore.

Twitter via @itsJTboi

Now, we may not be architects here, but we're almost certain that this family is in the process of renovating. These stairs probably once led to a door that has been closed off and the rest is still unfinished. Ether that, or they have the perfect steps to take the family portrait on.

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The Perfect Fit

Of all the crazy construction fails we've seen on our list, this couldn't possibly be the worst one. In fact, this drawer kind of looks like the perfect solution for the corner of the kitchen counter. At the end of the day, can we ever be short of storage space when it comes to the kitchen?

Twitter via @lilacorn

There is one little issue though... It's kind of deceiving from the outside. When the drawer is closed, it looks as though this is a space for two separate drawers. We can only imagine how surprised the homeowners were when they tried to open with one handle and discovered this nifty invention.

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When You Have Separation Anxiety

It's not uncommon for bathrooms to be designed for two partners. We often see bathrooms with two sinks, two showers and even two separate toilets for those who want to be extra fancy. But the second toilet is usually in a room that's a little more, uh, private?

Twitter via @alexdmr

We can only hope that whoever moved into this home doesn't have any issues with stage fright. Otherwise this kind of set up could cause for some awkward moments. We're no experts, but that second toilet might as well be removed. After all, it's probably just taking up space.

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Almost, but Not Quite

At first glance, this looks like a wonderful feature. Putting the stove at an angle so that one can comfortably stand in the corner and cook, is a great idea. This also looks relatively new and the marble counter tops look great, but there's one little mistake that they may not have anticipated.

Twitter via @merubell

The extractor hood which is normally positioned directly above of the stove is one smidge too far. On the plus side, the fan should still achieve its purpose as most of the smoke probably will get sucked in. However, if you suffer from OCD, this kind of imperfection can drive you dilly.

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The Secret Sink

A Twitter user revealed that this sink was a part of the apartment she lived in for over 3 years. For whatever reason, the kitchen sink was tucked away in a closet that was within the kitchen. This is most likely an invention that was pretty hot back in the day, or her landlord was exceptionally creative.

Twitter via @sflakesmasher86

On the one hand, it could be pretty cool to have the kitchen sink in it's own separate area, especially after washing a big load of dishes. However, we can't help but wonder if this is not a little bit pointless? Ether way, we can't deny that it certainly looks unique.

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The Dead End

Now we're officially convinced: Pointless staircases are definitely becoming a trend this year. We're sure this one isn't even the last of them. Could you picture giving your guests a tour of the house when suddenly, you reach the bottom of the stairs and ask them to jump over the railing in order to continue?

Pinterest via dogerman0866-

It seems as though the length of the staircase wasn't considered when installing the railing. On the positive side, this house could make for one awesome obstacle course if that's your thing. Alternatively, these home owners are going to have to shorten this railing a little bit.

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An Extreme Sport

Catering to the disabled should be mandatory in every construction, and it's always good to see that ramps are being installed where needed. These ramps are often situated right next to the stairs. However, it seems as though this construction might be putting people at risk.

Imgur via Just_some_n00b

If you look carefully, you'll notice that ramp is as steep as the staircase next to it, making it extremely dangerous. Anybody could fall down, and at a rapid speed at that. So, while this might have been a good attempt, this just isn't going to cut it. Better luck next time...

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Reach for the Sky

Well, here you have it: The most inconvenient ATM you ever did see. It's not uncommon to feel as though the ATM is never around when you need it, and always in your face when you don't. But did you ever consider what could happen if you came across a machine you simply couldn't reach?

Imgur via gigazine.net_

Perhaps this machine was intended for tall people only, but we just can't imagine that being the case. We're sure this is an unfinished installation and soon enough, there'll be a staircase in place of the man who is clearly struggling. We sure hope he managed to make his withdrawal.

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Hotel Room Goals

A Reddit user posted this picture, explaining that this was the beautiful view from his hotel room. This is possibly one of those moments when the product doesn't look as perfect as it did online. Many of us have fallen victim to this marketing trick, and in the hotels defense, they probably didn't make any promises that guaranteed every curtain would have a window.

Reddit via I_am_also_a_walrus

One kind of assumes that where there is a curtain, there is a window. Sadly, in this case, it was purely decorative and we just hope this guy had a sense of humor about it. On the plus side, it's this kind of hotel room that encourages one to get out and explore the city they're visiting.

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Best Seat in the House

Now this is probably one of those 'I want my money back,' moments. Buying the cheaper tickets to a show or a game always comes with the risk that you might be sitting somewhere farther back, but at least you'll still get to see. That is unless you're this guy of course...

Reddit via AyyBoss

He may look like he's happy, but we can almost guarantee he was pretty disappointed when he arrived to his seat and found the giant pillar he'd be sitting in front of. Whoever built this stadium was obviously having a rough day and didn't realize that this seat was bound to make a few people pretty angry.

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You Had One Job

We're sure that the person responsible for installing this soap distributor was told to put it up in the bathroom. The instructions probably left out the fact that there were many other spaces for the device that didn't including blocking the center of the mirror.

Reddit via GalacticGoose

Most bathroom goers won't care, but there will be those who wish to capture the perfect 'mirror-selfie,' and the soap is just spoiling the party. Just looking at this might make you want to move it yourself, but we should always pick our battles in life with caution. At least you won't forget to wash your hands!

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The Center of Attention

Pen to paper, this bathroom passes the standard checklist. The toilet is in it's own room with a door, so what could possibly be the problem? Oh yes... it must be the window putting the person that uses the bathroom in plain sight. This had to have been a mistake.

Reddit via wintrycliffside

We can only assume that there are very few people who enjoy being on full display while they use the bathroom. It also seems as though this picture was taken in an office. For the sake of those employees, we sure hope there's another available bathroom near by!

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The Wind in My Hair

Which do you think came first? Was it the fan that was mistakenly installed next to the giant pillar? Or, was the pillar positioned in-between the fan? We might never know the answer, but all we can say is thankfully there seems to be an air conditioner in this building, so the need for the fan isn't so urgent.

Reddit via kangcore

Hopefully the fan has been disconnected, otherwise that poor thing doesn't stand a chance against the pillar. We're sure the fan is just up, not because it's being used, but because no one bothered to take it down. It's still pretty annoying to look at though, just take the thing down.

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Make Yourself at Home

This little corner looks like the perfect spot for a waiting room, or even a comfortable sitting area for visitors. The two couches look pretty inviting, and the coffee table was even decorated with a beautiful vase of flowers. There's just one problem... Getting to the couch might be a little difficult.

Twitter via @columbiaskies

It's just a bit hard to get somewhere without the floor beneath your feet for security. However, we're sure this is just a display that was put on by the owners of the business. We have to hand it to them, it does look pretty cool. It would certainly be a first for many visitors.

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A Little Dramatic

It's not uncommon for a kitchen to have a specific area for the fridge. After all, it's probably the biggest appliance in the room. However, it seems as though the architect of this house took that one step too far. We're almost certain the home owners didn't expect this end result.

Twitter via @dizzylizzy017

Sure, it's a great fridge, and it certainly deserves its own little area. However, it's been situated right in the center of the house. It seems a little bit random and almost takes over the entire space. This plan was probably not thought-out too well. We're sure the homeowners will get used to it though.

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A Little Inconvenient

The Imgur user who posted this picture revealed that this was taken at a design school, which makes the mistake all the more painful. While the design may have been a good idea, they obviously didn't factor in this pathway. They should probably invest in a 'Mind your head' sign soon.

Imgur via raynehk14

Hopefully the students at this school don't mind the big pillars in their walk way. On the plus side, if you're ever running late to a class, you can always jump over the structure and look like a total superhero in the process. We won't even take credit for the idea, your secret is safe with us.

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In Case of an Emergency

Its essential to have a fire hydrant nearby, you never know when you might need it. It is usually recommended to have it positioned somewhere it would be easy to find in the event of an emergency. However, if you're looking for an example to follow, this probably isn't the best one.

Imgur via igotnothingtohide-

The railings were probably placed after the fire hydrant. We are almost aboslutely sure that this was a mistake, as the railings have totally blocked the hydrant from being opened. While it's all very well to have the fire hydrant available in an emergency, this pretty much defeats the whole purpose.

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Wash Your Hands

Now, it doesn't take an expert to know that when installing a bathroom, the tap needs to reach the sink in front of it. In this case, it's been positioned a little too far back and as a result, we have one of the most annoying bathroom features of all time. Just look at that splash zone!

Twitter via @marcvs93

We may have been getting too worked up about the positioning of the tap, that we almost forgot to question the size of it. Is it just us or is this the teeniest little tap in comparison to the large basin? This had to have been a mistake. We can only hope it's an easy fix!

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Little Spaces

If it weren't for the wall, this staircase would have been almost perfect. After all, it ticks off all the boxes on the check list. There are stairs, and a rail... What more could you possibly need? Oh that's right... A human sized space in which one can make an exit from those stairs...

Twitter via @Camicolada

Should you find yourself ever becoming the owner of this 'unique' staircase, we can only suggest telling your guest to breath inward when they're walking down. Maybe if they tuck their tummies in, they'll be able to fit through. Alternatively, you may want to seek a different architect.

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An Optical Illusion

It's great to put a carpet on stairs. Not only does it look a little bit more presentable, but it's also much safer, especially if there are kids around. It's harder to fall on stairs that are carpeted, that is unless you find the wackiest one of all time. We almost didn't see the stairs!

Reddit via u/kb3pxr

This isn't a fault of the architects, but rather, the interior designer. We are certain this wasn't a part of the plan, but the choice of carpet looks like such an optical illusion, it's easy to accidentally miss the stairs. This could be pretty dangerous for anyone who doesn't notice the step.

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A Tricky Exit

It's always good to have both options of a ramp, as well as, a staircase in whatever building is being constructed. However, this architect missed the point completely. Having both of these options, in this case specifically, is only going to make it more difficult to enter or exit.

Reddit via u/Ki_ro

Do you slide down the ramp and do a jump when going out? Or do you leap to the door when coming in? This is another fine example of a poorly thought-out plan. If there's anything we've learned from these construction fails, it's to always plan ahead. Don't you agree?

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A Work of Art

It's all about the details, and this building is a fine example of that. If you look closely, you'll notice that every inch of the outside has been given a little extra tender, love, and care. Especially the beautiful sculptures of lions. Well... except for one of them. This poor guy seems to have gotten the short end of the stick.

Funny construction fails Funny construction fails
kurskbomond via pikabu

Can you spot the difference? We're sure it goes without saying, but we have to point it out. This lion kind of looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas. We can only hope that they do some renovations before the festive season. This is the last guy you want to have around when Santa brings the holiday joy.

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Does Anyone Use This?

The most logical explanation we can offer here is that the upper level used to have some sort of deck or balcony, and the homeowners are in the middle of doing some renovations. But for the sake of fun, we're going to let our imaginations run wild and come up with a few alternatives.

Instagram via @realeastatesucks

It's possible that the upper level is some sort of escape room, and if things ever get too heated, there's an easy way out. After all, it doesn't seem like that far of a jump. However, we hope that door stays locked at all times, at least until they put in a balcony and finish what they started.

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What a Lovely View

Don't you just love big windows? Not only does it let in some beautiful natural light into the apartment, but there's usually a good view of whatever else is outside. There's no doubt about it, adding windows to the property is always a good move. However, this architect seemed to have missed the point.

Instagram via @benoark

We're assuming this is some sort of chimney? Whatever the structure was intended for, it seems as though this plan just wasn't thought out carefully enough. In the end, the windows were covered and the structure looks as though it's one strong breeze from tipping over. Yikes!

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The Hallway with Obstacles

It seems as though the architect and the construction team had a difficult choice to make. Were they going to have a nice empty hallway at the expense of not having any pipes? Or were they going to put the pipes in and turn the hallway into a cool obstacle course? Well, see for yourselves...

Instagram via @debrarolson

We can just picture how people would react when they walk through the hallway. This seems like it was just a huge mistake on the architects part. We're sure he had to take a big knock in the rent department thanks to this, as this would be one of those features that changes the whole discussion.

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Oh Dear

Here we have another door that leads to nowhere, letting us believe that these homeowners are ether in the middle of renovating, or are building some sort of scary escape room. On the more positive side, at least they don't need to buy a 'Welcome Home' mat any time soon.

Instagram via @cjedm

All we have to say is, this house is starting to look a little too similar to a horror film. We can only hope that the home owners put a ramp or staircase in there as soon as possible. Otherwise, they might have a lawsuit on their hands sometime in the future. Don't say we didn't warn ya.

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Mind the Fat Step

Well, pen to paper, this architect didn't really do anything wrong. After all, it's normal to have a step in front of a door and this idea truly should have panned out alright. However, the smallest mishap can turn into a catastrophe when it comes to building a property. Take this one for example...

Instagram via @lacripe

Well, there you have it folks... Possibly the largest front step that ever was or ever will be. This is what happens when you forget to measure correctly. As a result, these home owners are probably going to have to add another step just to make this situation a little safer. Planning ahead always goes a long way.

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How Convenient

The smaller details are usually the ones that go unnoticed. Like the distance between the toilet and the door. However, as you can see, this tiny detail can make or break the entire project. Having a bathroom without a functional door is certainly not an option. So, they had to make a plan B.

Construction Fails Construction Fails
Pinterest via solidsnake4545

The crew for this project decided to make the very creative decision to cut the door so that it would perfectly open and close while it bypasses the toilet. We have to admit it, it's not ideal, but its certainly not the worst plan B that they could have made for a situation like this.

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The Nosebleed Section

Now this stadium may not even realize it, but they've taken part in what looks like one of the most selfish acts of all time. Can you just imagine how you would feel if you bought tickets to a show or game, and found that you were sitting in a section that's been totally blocked off by a wall?

Reddit via downriverrowing

This would be one of those typical 'I want my money back' moments. We can only hope that once the stadium realized that they had made this area, it was locked and never used. We are sure they'll be able to find something more appropriate to occupy the space sometime soon.

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The Unaligned Door

Now, it doesn't seem like anything is even wrong when you first get a look at this house. It arguably looks like a really nice home. But there's one tiny/major detail that is certain to cause our friends with OCD a little discomfort. Let's see if you can spot it on your own...

Construction Fails Construction Fails
Reddit via u_Briank266

If you were looking at the front door that is a little too much to one side, then you can understand why this property landed on our little list here. This is possibly one of the more annoying ones, considering the flaw is so small yet so major at the same. We wonder if the home owners have even noticed this yet.

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The Pillar with No Purpose

It doesn't take an architect to know that a pillar is usually put in place to hold up a heavy structure. It could also be used as an ornament or monument, giving the structure an even more detailed look. However, there are those pillars that completely miss the point in both these departments...

Pinterest via Sultana Jogee

This pillar could have been a wonderful feature, especially with the blue mosaic pieces. However, it doesn't reach the roof, giving us the impression that this big thing is actually just taking up a whole lot of space. If they would take our advice, we'd suggest getting rid of it and replacing it with a soft serve machine.

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A Little Inconvenient

We're just going to go ahead and assume that there were several other places for this gigantic pillar to go, but the architect was just feeling a little sassy. Can you imagine the confusion one would feel when the moment to walk up the stairs comes along, and they're confronted by this pillar.

Pinterest via Billy McDowell

To be fair, we have to give the architect the benefit of the doubt, and assume that there was a heavier structure above which needed support. It seems as though the only place for it to go was right in the middle of the stairs. So, for the greater good, we can understand why this move was made.

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The Park That Hates Children

There's nothing like taking the little ones to the park for a fun afternoon of playing outdoors. Especially if there's a good jungle gym for them to enjoy. However, you might want to check that the structures are safe to use before assuming that everything is peachy. Introducing the slide that hates children...

Reddit via u_Damnit_Dogz

The only logical explanation we have for this one, is that there used to be water or a ball pool for a soft landing. However, whatever used to be there is no longer, leaving us with a super dangerous invention. We just hope that children notice the empty pit before playing on the slide!

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The Ultimate Studio Apartment

Indeed, someone actually thought this was a good idea when putting this structure in place. Initially, looking at this image can seem a little bizarre. You might think you just saw a shower, or a front door, but we're here to let you know that this is actually a two in one.

Instagram via @EugeneStone

Could you imagine having guests over and welcoming them inside through your front-shower? Studio apartments are usually designed to have everything one would need squished into one room. So, we've seen architects get pretty creative when it comes to putting a lot in a small space. This one takes the cake.

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There are some things in life that will leave you with no better reaction than to shake your head with disappointment, and this is one of those times. Before you look at the picture below, we must warn you, this might just squash any bit of hope you had left for mankind...

Facebook via Melody Elizabeth

Thankfully, the person who saw this little plumbing mishap wasn't the homeowner. She happened to install cabinets at someone else's apartment and couldn't help but notice this careless job. We don't know about you guys, but our OCD is acting up just looking at this.

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X Marks the Spot

Now this just seems unfair. If there's one thing we've learnt from our list over here, it's that some architects have a vendetta against windows and natural lighting. There had to have been a better place to put these rain gutters, it can't possibly be that the center of everybody's windows was the best option...

Instagram via @mr._randall_page

It would be a real bummer to try open your window and find that it's physically impossible. We can only imagine how disappointed these homeowners were when they realized that there was no way around this. Lets just hope it's always raining here, so there's not much need for an open window.

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This is actually one of the only construction fails we've seen that kind of works. While it may seem a little bit odd at first, it's sort of cool that there's a little wood house built inside the bigger construction. It's as though they saved a little piece of history while doing their renovations.

Tool32 via pikabu

We're just assuming that the rest of the building was made around this wooden house. However, we can't help but wonder if they ever considered just tearing down the Wendyhouse and starting from scratch. Surely it made things harder to build everything around that? We're just guessing.

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