Hilarious Cat Facial Expression Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 09/27/2022

By Lily Tipton
Viral Cat Expression Pet
@lindsayjamison.art via Instagram

Our adorable pets do the funniest things. From unusual positions to human-like behaviors, sometimes it must be seen to be believed. When we're lucky, we get proof of the antics on camera to show all our friends, a category of content that has proven to be viral-worthy over the years. When this Reddit user caught her cat's hilarious facial expression on camera, she knew she had no choice but to upload the results to the internet, allowing her and her feline friend to have their brief moment of fame. While she expected the photo to find some fans, she could never have predicted the internet's incredible reaction. 

"Sometimes she meows and gets stuck like this," huebnera214 captioned the hilarious photo of her fifteen-year-old cat Miracle. Crossed eyes with visible sharp teeth sticking out, the image went viral on Reddit within minutes, receiving thousands of upvotes and comments from entertained users. "That cat went full derp," laughed one user. "The longer I look at this, the funnier it gets," wrote another.

Viral Cat Facial Expression
huebnera214 via Reddit
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Talking to Newsweek, the anonymous Ohio owner behind the account discussed her adorable, famous cat. "She was found as a kitten abandoned in a Metropark while my family was horseback riding. So we picked her up and carried her to where we board our horses. She stayed there for about 12 years before we took her home with us for retirement. She now enjoys the easy life of sleeping on soft things all day, warm blankets, and eating soft food every morning," she said. 

As for the facial expression, huebnera214 explained it to be the result of various medical issues over the years. "Her eyes have always been a little wonky, but that doesn't bother her," she said. "About two years ago the vet noticed she had some reabsorption going on with some of her teeth. This can cause pain and infections so we decided to have her top canines and a molar removed that were affected by the condition. Her lip has gotten stuck every so often since then." Upon hearing the feline is not in any pain, fans felt comfortable making fun of the cat's expression. "I thought a few other people would get a giggle out of her face," huebnera214 admitted. "I didn't think this many people would enjoy it!" Well, who doesn't love an entertaining cat photo?!

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