Meet the Hilarious Bodega Manager Taking Over TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 01/17/2022

By Kayla Black
viral bodega akhi way
Instagram via @arabziiee

We've all heard of dinner and a show, right? Well, what about breakfast and a show? That's exactly what's in store for people who hit up the humble Red Hook bodega in Brooklyn, New York. For it's not just the sandwiches that are bringing hundreds of people through the door each day - it's the hilarious manager and lead chef who goes by the name General Ock.

General Ock, or as he's known outside of the bodega, Rahim Mohamed has gone from bodega worker to internet sensation because of his infectious positivity - and willingness to whip up just about anything on the grill, of course. As he told the New York Post, "you want it, I'll make it!" The 32-year-old experimental sandwich connoisseur has been known to whip up wild combinations that have included Pop-Tarts, mozzarella sticks, Rice Krispies Treats, and more! But while the eyebrow-raising ingredients have varied from order to order, there's one consistent part of every customer's request: They want it the "akhi way." What does that mean exactly? Well, in Mohamed's home country of Yemen, akhi means brother, so the akhi way just means giving the sandwich that extra bit of love.

red hook bodega viral
Instagram via @yoitschefp
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The viral chef has built up a huge internet following in just a year and a half, with his TikTok follower count well on its way to three million. People from all over the world tune in to watch the crazy combos that are filmed daily on his platform, with many driving miles - and even flying overseas! - to get a chance to experience the hilarious chef's special service. In fact, if you catch just one of his hundreds of viral TikToks, it comes as little surprise that this man has been dubbed the most entertaining bodega worker in all of New York City! And with over a reported 8,000 bodegas spread across the Big Apple's five boroughs, that's one serious reputation to uphold!

@rah_money1 Egg and cheese Onna strawberry pancake the OCKY wayyy #fypシ #viral #generalock #ockyway @moe_money01 @djislessthan ♬ original sound - General ock

And it doesn't look like General Ock's planning on slowing down anytime soon. You can catch him bringing laughs and unique sandwiches on the grill at 603 Clinton Street - or on TikTok at @rah_money1!

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