Hilarious 'Bin Isolation Outings'

Scarlett Adler

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With just about the entire globe in a stringent lockdown, it leaves very little excitement when it comes to planning our daily attires. I mean, it's not like anybody's going to be seeing them, right?

Well, one now-viral star, Danielle Askew, has just changed things for everybody. After her 'bin isolation outings' took the online world by storm, people everywhere felt inspired, unraveling a hilarious new challenge.


It all started when the Queensland, Australia native uploaded a picture of herself in over-the-top attire - all while taking out the trash. Not before long, people followed in her steps, sporting the most extravagant of gowns and ensembles.

In fact, she's since started a Facebook group, where users can share their own attires, as they maintain amusement during these dark times. So far, it's gained massive attention, raking in over 215,000 eager members.

Facebook via Mirror

Just like this humorous woman, Sharron Turgeon, who opted for a sparkling ballgown which she'd borrowed from a friend's bridal shop. Of course, it's no surprise that Danielle's upload garnered a very positive reaction.

Safe to say, if you guys are looking for a good pick-me-up during these trying times, you might want to give the hilarious page a look.