We’re Heading Back to School in the Latest TikTok Trend


| LAST UPDATE 01/25/2023

By Arianna Morgan
high school wrapped tiktok challenge
@katelynonpointe via instagram

If you've been on TikTok recently, you've probably seen "high school-wrapped" videos. This trend originated when a TikTok user decided to stalk her former high school classmates and compile their life updates since graduation into an entertaining video. So, let's take a closer look at what's going down with this trend!

High school-wrapped videos are funny compilations of updates about your former high school classmates. The idea is that you stalk your old classmates on social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—to find out what they've been up to since graduating high school. You then curate this information into a hilarious slideshow format, pairing the update with a fitting song!

TikTok Trend High School Wrapped
TikTok via @avaisabellacole
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Rhiannon Cunningham recently spent countless hours stalking her high school classmates, carefully compiling extensive data for an epic high school-wrapped video. After researching more than 140 out of the 153 people from her 2016 graduating class, Cunningham collected information on their whereabouts, occupations, key life moments, and even how 'hot' they looked now compared to in high school. And before she started to put the pieces of the puzzle together, what shocked her the most wasn't who won prom queen or had a baby; it was literally just how many people stayed in Australia! "It was just scary to see how many people literally looked exactly the same," she laughed.

@rhiannoncunningham Idk if this made me feel better or worse about myself HAHA #aussieintheuk #australian #spotifywrapped #datingwrapped #wrapped #highschool #rhiannoncunningham #dejavu ♬ original sound - rhiannon ✨

Following Cunningham's viral video, that's now scored over 14.1 million views, TikTokers everywhere have given the trend a go, thanks to their humorous nature and nostalgia factor! Many viewers find themselves relating to the people featured in these videos and enjoy peeking into their lives post-graduation without having to do any of the research themselves! 21-year-old Ava Cole jumped on the trend, admitting she couldn't find information on almost a third of the 330 students she had in her graduating class. However, she found out that a lot of people from her class viewed the video! "Both people with kids saw it and commented... other people from my class commented as well," she told Insider. And luckily for her, the feedback was mostly positive... Stay tuned for more lighthearted fun.

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