25+ Pics of People Having a Bad Day


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2021

By Eliott Tanner
Mud Bad Day
Reddit via bagelbunny

Have you ever had a bad day and thought that no one else is as unfortunate as you are? Well, these people have proved to us that these types of unlucky incidents can happen to the best of us. So, check out this list of these unlucky souls in the most unfortunate situations.

Ladies and Gents, This Is Why Orientation Day Is Important

The first unlucky individual on our list is the inexperienced employee who has probably skipped the 'stacking goods' part of his/her training. Usually, spilling oil has environmentally disastrous consequences. But this particular oil spill had some economic consequences too. But after all, it can happen to anyone.

Supermarket Bad Day
Imgur via fabidaddy

According to our estimate, the employee had caused a $1700 worth of oil waste. Even so, imagine the cleanup job. Not only will it take hours, but also a lot of effort to wash the greasiness from the floor. Hopefully, the employee didn't get in much trouble!

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Going Nowhere Slowly

Of course, there are countless excuses for being late for the party. But have you ever heard someone say 'It's the limousine's fault'? Well, we cannot say for certain, but these people certainly could have used this explanation. After all, they truly had a one-of-a-kind experience.

Limo Bad Day
Reddit via LOLCAT 8

As we can see, not all vehicles can handle the abrupt gradients of San Francisco. More exactly, the limo bottomed out as it was moving up the hill. Luckily, the community got together to help the party-goers. After all, it may not have been a luxurious experience, but it was certainly a unique one.

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Don't Worry, It Only Lasts Two Weeks

What you need to remember from this accident is that tanning and crying don't mix well. Apparently, this unlucky woman was quite upset before she got her spray tan. Hence, she ruined it with her tears, making her even sadder. What a vicious cycle, isn't it?

Spray Tan Bad Day
Twitter via @yumraj_ji

After all, we must look at the bright side! Live everything else, this spray tan is a temporary disaster. And this unfortunate lady is also well-aware of this fact. That's why she was able to turn her tragedy into humor and take this ever-lasting, epic selfie.

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Meet the Latest Addition to My Car, Its Here to Stay

Were you ever in a rush and still couldn't find your keys? Usually, we are used to looking for the keys in the drawer, on the coffee table, or in our pockets. But who would think that you can actually find them inside the tire of your vehicle?

Car Key Bad Day
Pinterest via notinerd

After all, that's where this ill-starred motorist found the keys. More exactly, they were at the perfect catastrophic angle. And as the driver was backing up, one of the keys was firmly jammed into the tire. This left no space for air to get in or out. What a coincidence!

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Well, Damn!

All of us have climbed up a ladder at least once in our lives. And it's pretty terrifying, especially if you are not doing it daily. Now, imagine how this person must have felt when the ladder fell, and they were left alone on the roof.

Ladder Bad Day
Imgur via Jaditron

Fortunately, the ladder fell when they had already reached the top. What's more, this luckless individual had a phone. So, it was not a complete disaster. After all, he/she could reach out for help. Yet, this didn't prevent the rescuers to have a harmless, good laugh about it.

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And the Little One Said, 'Roll Over, Roll Over!'

Rena was a cargo boat sailing off the coast of New Zealand. However, due to strong winds and navigation miscalculation, she lost her balance and leaned heavily on one side. And evidently, the equilibrium is not the only thing she lost, but also the cargo.

Ship Bad Day
Pinterest via omg facts

What makes the situation even more horrible is that the cargo included oil and other hazardous material, and this spilled out. Fortunately enough, no one got hurt. But even so, the ship would eventually split in two, just like Titanic did. Hence, this photo is proof of the worst day ever.

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Well, Bottoms Up, Boys

Speaking of bad days at work, this handyman we got here definitely qualifies for the first spot. To be more specific, he is dedicated to saving the neighborhood from a flood by doing some maintenance as one can ever be. However, we believe he took things a bit too far.

Mud Bad Day
Twitter via @susaeah

Like an undercover FBI agent, the handyman got head-first into this deep hole just to explore. What he needed was someone to advise him to get out. But what he got was a person to capture his "moment of glory." After all, we got our laugh, and he hopefully got a warm shower.

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A Pain in the Butt, If You Ask Me

Anyone who has ever been near a cactus is well-aware of the simple rule. That is to stay away from this plant. Well, anyone except this poor individual. As we can see, he took a tumble into the bush and had to be rescued from the emergency services.

Cactus Bad Day
Pinterest via humo

After all, cactuses have been around for about 25 million years, so they've learned how to fight back. Once the SWAT team's hostage negotiation finished, the guy was released from the cactus captivation. He was fine and certainly learned not to mess with this plant ever again.

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Well, That Couldn't Have Gone Any Better

How quickly can a pizza go from a masterpiece to a disaster? Apparently, it's a matter of seconds. Initially, this individual made the ultimate best pizza, with a thin bottom crust and lots of extra toppings. But what he forgot were the basic matters of physics.

Pizza Bad Day
Twitter @ DeporteEnJuego

After all, we all love the extra toppings, but he went a bit overboard. With so much cheese, chunks of sausage, and vegetables, it's no wonder the pizza collapsed. Eventually, the would-be eater was left with nothing more than his epic photo. What a bummer!

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You Missed A Spot

We all have bad days at work but these hotel workers definitely had one of their worst. It was around January when Europe, and especially the Alps, was overwhelmed with snow. More exactly, snow cascaded into the entire resort, including the rooms, restaurants, pubs, stores, and lobbies.

Snow Indoors Bad Day
Youtube via Súper Mamás Panamá

So, the hotel workers had to shovel out the snow. And as we can see, it was far from a simple or an easy job. The avalanche covered entire neighborhoods and even alarmed the armed forces in Germany. After all, many individuals experienced a whole series of bad days.

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Honey, I'm Home!

Sometimes the stairs aren't the fastest or the most convenient way to come downstairs. And evidently, this individual has found the shortcut of the route. To be more specific, he walked on a damaged part of the ceiling. After this, he fell 60% onto the down floor.

Roof Bad Day
Reddit via Wellthatsucks

Luckily, he managed to grab on to the remnants of the floor and not break anything. Well, except for this large hole in his floor. Now, this is what we call double-trouble. Not only was he traumatized from the experience, but he also had to clean a mess that he wasn't responsible for.

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I'm Doing Just Fine!

We all want to eat healthy, exercise, and stay in shape. But sometimes, it's simply too hard! Take for instance this guy, who tried to make a quick meal, but ended up with this huge mess instead. We never knew that a simple smoothie had such extraordinary day-destroying potential. So, let's analyze a bit.

Blender Bad Day
Imgur via Haganblount

First of all, he overfilled the blender. Apparently, you need to leave more space at the top. Furthermore, the guy probably didn't supervise the blender as it was working. Thus, he ended up with a major cleanup. Even so, most of the treat survived the accident, so he can still enjoy it afterward.

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Dude, You Blow Me Away!

Imagine this; you're going on a field trip with your fellow students to learn about water and the awesome power of pressure. But what you see instead are these hilarious technicians, one of which gets pushed into the water. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Water Bad Day
Reddit via -AKDO-

To be more exact, one of the technicians stood on the edge when the pressure hose was pointed directly at his head. Once it was turned on, he got pushed by the overwhelming water pressure. Luckily, he wore a life jacket, so he wasn't hurt. Still, this couldn't save him from the embarrassment he felt.

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Oh, The Joy!

One of the hardest things you should do as a parent is to control your kids' sugar intake once you've passed the 'sugar exists barrier.' More exactly, once they taste sweets, it's impossible to make them stop. And probably that was the case in this picture.

Children Bad Day
Pinterest via shitmykidsruined

As we can see, all these kids wanted to do is prepare some chocolate milk. However, they ended up with something that appears as an archeological excavation in the kitchen. Evidently, the Nesquick box was well hidden. And who doesn't love a chocolate sandbox in the middle of their house?

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Oopsie! Good Job Karen!

Passing the driving exam is quite difficult. But what is impossible for some people is parallel parking or even parking in general. As we can see from this picture, the lady missed some key points, such as the parking spot itself. Fortunately enough, no one was hurt in this exhibition.

Car Crash Bad Day
Pinterest via blog sfgate

Even more, the boat was perfectly parked to save the woman from more trouble. If it wasn't there, the lady would have driven into the water. After all, she probably needs to retake her driving exam. But she's still smiling, so probably the day was not as tragic as it seems.

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Can I Get My Apple Warranty to Cover This?

Have you ever considered what falls under your Apple warranty? Well, it certainly doesn't cover a candle burning a hole through your laptop. And that's exactly what happened to this individual. At first, it seems like a weird scenario. Why would anyone leave a candle this close to a device?

Laptop Bad Day
Pinterest vianomegusta it

No matter the case, such an accident may happen to anyone. Luckily, the candle didn't burn the whole house down. And hopefully, the laptop owner didn't lose any important files. Even so, we suggest you put on music anytime you need some ambiance. Or at least, make sure to watch the candle.

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Ahh, I Think It Will Be Just Fine!

Airplane flights get delayed daily and for a multitude of reasons. Usually, the reasons behind such happenings are the weather, the passengers, or some minor mechanical issue. However, it doesn't happen often for the luggage-towing vehicle to get crashed into the plane's engine.

Airplane Bad Day
Reddit via xsited1

But as we can see, this may also be a major delay causer. This accident caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Even more, the driver of the luggage-towing vehicle got his punishment, and lots of people suffered the consequences, including the passengers waiting for the plane to take off.

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I Was Only Fishing

All of us animal lovers can understand the special relationship people develop with their pets. And speaking of bad days, we cannot imagine anything worse than watching your dog suffer, just as this person has seen. More exactly, this poor dog went on a fishing expedition, for which he wasn't ready.

Dog Bad Day
Reddit via Wballstein

Something inside the fishbowl caught his attention. So, without a thought, this adorable pet went for it. But once it stuck its head inside, the dog saw that there was no way out. Well, at least until his humans saw him and got the fishbowl off of his head.

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Quite the Pressure Situation, If You Know What I Mean

Not all of us possess cooking skills, so it happens quite often for us to witness cooking disasters. But this epic fail was not caused by a person, but by the pressure cooker itself. More exactly, it was defective, so it exploded. Hence, it sent the pot through the stove, and its lid went right into the ceiling.

Pressure Cooker Bad Day
Reddit via Equipment Failure

What's more, this was quite a regular happening during 2015, when a Florida couple sued the pressure cooker's manufacturing company. However, others stood by the well-functioning of the device. No matter the case, the explosion certainly ruined someone's day.

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Smile and Wave Boys, Just Smile and Wave

Even if yellow was this girl's favorite color, she must have changed her mind after this horrible day. Are you wondering what happened? Well, this employee was using the paint shaker when the lid flew off, and she got sprayed all over her body.

Paint Bad Day
Twitter via @Marshallridley

Can you imagine the face of the supervisor, or her boss, when he saw her colored in fresh, bright, yellow paint? After all, she was wearing her uniform, so she didn't ruin her clothes. No matter the case, we are still able to get a good laugh out of it!

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Do You Believe in a Greater Power?

A transport truck carrying pizza is generally considered a fortune. After all, there is not an individual in the world who doesn't like pizza. So, we can all agree on the disaster degree of this picture. All these tasty pizzas squashed and flung into oncoming traffic, what a tragedy!

Pizza Bad Day
Twitter via @WinnieWright

Are you still questioning what happened? The transport truck that was carrying the frozen pizza was part of an accident. The police quickly came on the spot, but this disaster was more of an emotional setback than an actual collision. Admit it; you would get hungry for a slice or two as well!

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Well, She Does Look Comfortable

Here is one more lady who didn't get off to a good start of the day. As we can see, the woman missed the floor signs' Wet Paint'. In her defense, janitors usually put up one of those wet-floor hazard signs when they leave the floor wet. Hence, the painters could have done so as well!

Bench Bad Day
pinterest via guff

Nonetheless, she probably realized what she had done, but it was already too late. And sometimes, it's better to accept the circumstances, and at least take advantage of the situation. Hence, she decided to own it and take a break on the bench, as she initially planned to.

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Snow Does Make Things Seem More Festive

Our first guess would be that this is the aftermath of a harsh storm. But weirdly enough, the guy with the shovel seems quite happy and wears a T-shirt. So, upon further inspection, we clarified that this wasn't snow, but flour instead. Can you guess what happened?

Snow Bad Day
Reddit via Antmf

The incident took place in the flour mill, when the product transporting pipe broke, thus leaked tons of flour. The white substance then covered the entire workspace, forcing its employees to clean out space. And that's how a workday can go from decent to dismal in a matter of seconds!

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Belly Flop for the Records

The question of what fell apart is quite simple. The first thing that fell apart was the diving board. Evidently, this ruined the whole swimming practice of the diver. Usually, this doesn't happen when one tries to jump in the pool, especially not for experienced guys with a perfect pre-dive position.

Diving Board Bad Day
Reddit via Diggajuu

The question of why everything fell apart is another story. What can we say except the diving board couldn't take it anymore, so it broke in half? Most probably, it was due to wear and tear. But no matter the case, we assume the diving board company got an angry call from an unsatisfied client later that day.

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This Pic Speaks 1000 Words

It's an understatement to say this woman is having a bad day, especially if we take a look at the sadness, disappointment, and anger on her face. It's truly all there! And what can we say? This picture is the ultimate disaster for all cake-lovers out there!

Cake Bad Day
Twitter via @uni_compare

At some point, we've all been there in life. Not only it sucks that she lost the cake, but to make things worse, she now needs to clean the kitchen floor. After all, a part of the cake may still be salvageable. But we cannot say what she decided to do with it.

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Your Shipment Has Arrived

Usually, when a transport truck pulls over, someone has to get out and unload the cargo. But, there is another method of which we were unaware. In this instance, the driver pulled up at Ansley Mall in Atlanta and shoved all the crates of products onto the parking lot.

Truck Bad Day
Reddit via askthepoolboy

Generally, we can say that this is a fast streamlined shipping service. However, it's pretty messy as well. And whoever was responsible for this accident certainly had a bad day. Fortunately, the bottles weren't made of glass. So, a bit of humor and good teamwork could quickly solve the disaster.

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Where Did You Want The New Road Sign?

What can you do with so many buckets of paint open at the same time? The painting company's employee training program didn't specify this issue. They may consider adding it to the curriculum after this disaster. Nonetheless, the employee has figured out a way to solve the problem.

Paint Bad Day
Reddit via askthepoolboy

As we can see, he used the paint roller pole to fish out the spilled paint buckets. After all, it was a genius way to tackle the mess without painting himself in the process. Eventually, he will get all buckets out. But how would anyone ever clean all this paint?

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Would You Like Some Shells With Your Omelet?

Are these employees trying to make one huge omelet for the entire firm? Or did they get into a disastrous mishap? Well, one thing's for sure, someone had a really bad day because of this accident. And hopefully, their boss didn't go too hard at these unfortunate people.

Eggs Bad Day
Reddit via htoadjc

In the end, accidents take place daily, and they may happen to anyone, or at least to people who try to achieve something. Hence, no matter if you are walking the stairs, preparing a meal, or working your assignments, you should be aware that a mishap is always a matter of seconds.

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Have Kids They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said

We all wanted to play with different kinds of toys as kids. Thus, we spent our days at the playground. However, some of us didn't stop even after we became full-grown adults. For example, look at this individual, a young spirit who wanted to give a try anyway.

Play Ground Bad Day
Reddit via IASIP

But despite his denial, he probably understood that some toys are not meant for adults. And even though he had his fun getting into the plaything, he is now stuck. So the only way out is to get cut out of the entertainment article. Even so, we appreciate his young spirit and this epic photo.

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Trying Out a New Hair-Curling Technique

Automatic cash-counting machines are extremely useful and convenient. Well, at least until your hair gets stuck in it. Are you having a rough day? Just look at this unfortunate lady, and be thankful that you are not in her place. After all, this situation amounts to trouble.

Money Counting Bad Day
imgur unknown author

Without a doubt, we can say that this young lady had a good-hair day, looking like a million bucks. And maybe that's the reason the cash machine mistook it for money. Fortunately, she had help from the guy gently untangling her hair, and we got the pictures from everyone else that was around.

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Not Your Fries

These creatures may look like innocent, harmless birds, but don't be fooled. Seagulls have the ability to transform your relaxing beach day into a crime scene in a matter of seconds. Just look at this woman enjoying her fish and chips, without a worry in the world. But before she knew it, things took a turn for the worse.

Not Your Fries Bad Day
Twitter via @arhomberg

This hungry seagull swooped in and snagged the plate of fried goodness before anyone could stop him. Even if the woman was able to shew the bird away, let's be real, the food's garbage after being handled by Mr. Seagull. Here's a tip for you all, guard your food very, very carefully when you're in the presence of aggressive birds.

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Tools on the Loose

After watching the vicious seagull swoop in on the woman above, we've accepted that birds come flying out of nowhere. But chances are, no one ever warned you that tools can fly too, and they don't hesitate to come in like a wrecking ball. In this case, a rusty hammer crashed through this windshield in the middle of the highway.

Tools on the Loose Bad Day
Pinterest via forkliftlabs.com

It looks like the person driving in front of this car didn't lock up their toolbox properly, and the hammer legitimately came soaring into the next vehicle. Now that's alarming! Luckily, the metal tool stopped at the dashboard and didn't hit the driver or passenger, but it still caused some serious damage.

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Intruder Alert

A few hikers went to explore the campgrounds before getting ready for dinner. The land is full of other people, so it never occurred to them that an intimidating wild animal would crash their party. However, when they returned, they were greeted by an uninvited guest.

Intruder Alert Bad Day
Reddit via Jaminator97

Maybe this big guy heard they were cooking steak for dinner and wanted to get in on the action. Or perhaps he just wanted a cozy spot to take a nap, and he surely found it on this purple blanket. Either way, the hikers must've been shocked to be welcomed back to the campsite by this animal.

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What Do My Parents Really Think?

Well, this might be a hard pill to swallow. It appears that this kid was snooping through their parents' bookcase and came across the book titled, Is My Child Stupid. There are multiple ways to view this scenario, really. For instance, the parents might've just been extra aware when raising their child.

What Do My Parents Really Think Bad Day
Imgur via seamusm1984

They easily could've bought every parenting book known to man to be prepared for anything. On the other hand, they could've suspected that something was off with their child, and started to worry about the future. What would you think if you found this book in your childhood home?

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Batman's Burn

It's sunburn season everyone, so beware of the potential damage that can be done to your skin before going outside. We're not exactly sure how this guy got this unbelievable Batman burn, but he's demonstrated some serious dedication to wearing the logo on his chest.

Batman's Burn Bad Day
Pinterest via @imkevdvdvd

Maybe he drew the Batman symbol using sunscreen, intending to burn it into his skin. Or perhaps he left a Batman icon on his chest before passing out for a nap. Now that's got to hurt! We highly recommend that the newest Batman use a lot of aloe to prevent peeling.

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Nightmare in the File Room

Don't you love it when your boss tells you they need one particular piece of paper, and it should be rather easy to find? And then you enter the file room and realize it's your worst nightmare. Well, here we have just that, an office's file room that clearly hasn't been organized in decades.

Nightmare in the File Room Bad Day
Reddit via almeldin

Where do you even start? Top to bottom? Left to right? Who knows! The only thing that could make sifting through these files even worse would be if the fan somehow turned on and blew the papers EVERYWHERE. We genuinely hope that none of you ever have to experience that sort of office nightmare.

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Goodbye, Keys

Locking your keys in the car is always a headache, but what happens when you lose them inside an indestructible truck? Behold, the worst nightmare when it comes to losing car keys, locking them inside an armored truck. If your plan was to break open a window, well, think again.

Goodbye Keys Bad Day
Pinterest via @Clover848

These hefty vehicles are specially built so that nothing can damage them. It makes a lot of sense when it comes to transporting large sums of cash or other valuables, but this guy's indeed found himself in a pickle. Hopefully, the locksmith didn't take too long to show up and rescue the keys.

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One Lucky Brother

We all know how competitive siblings can be growing up, but that goes away as you get older, right? Well, these brothers pose the ultimate test of competitiveness and jealousy, when they both won the lottery, but came out with very different winnings. Just look at the numbers on both checks.

One Lucky Brother Bad Day
CNN via Florida Lottery

Bob only won $7, which probably wouldn't even get him a pizza, while his brother, James, walked out a new man. After that lucky ticket, James probably bought a new house car, and maybe even a yacht! Let's just hope he invites his not-so-lucky brother aboard.

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Newest Walmart Representative

What happens when you bleach your hair at home and cover it with a plastic Walmart bag? Take a look, because the answer is exactly as seen in the photo. This girl decided to bleach her hair by herself and covered her head with a plastic bag to let the color sit.

Newest Walmart Representative Bad Day
Reddit via eyeyamstepig

But, she didn't realize that the ink from the bag would transfer straight onto her new hair. Now that is certainly a unique look! Do you think the blue ink eventually washed out? Let's hope so, but if not, this girl's just become Walmart's newest walking advertisement.

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New Chandelier

Remember the song Chandelier by Sia? Well, here you see a real-life demonstration of the song, and it doesn't look very comfortable. We're not sure if this human chandelier genuinely wanted to recreate Sia's vision, or was busting too many dance moves on the second floor, and simply broke the ceiling.

New Chandelier Bad Day
Reddit via DangerNoodleYT

What do you think really happened here? It looks like this guy was stuck for quite a while, so might as well string some lights around him and brighten up the room! While it might've made for a cool story, we do not recommend trying this at home, folks.

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Poor Car Salesman

Being a car salesman comes with a lot of responsibility. First off, they need to sell the vehicles to the customers, but plenty can go wrong even after making a huge sale, as seen in this photo. Take a look at the brand new blue and red Porsche diving into the Amsterdam River.

Poor Car Salesman Bad Day
gtspirit.com via Earl Karanja

It looks like someone forgot to switch on the emergency brake, and well, the car did the unthinkable. If you look closely enough, you can see a man reaching for the vehicle, trying to stop it from plunging into the water. Do you think he managed to save it in time?

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A Human, Not a Log

From first glance at this photo, we can't help but feel for this girl. Whether the dog belongs to her or the neighbors, getting mistaken for a giant log is never fun. This four-legged friend aimed right for her face, and well, you can probably imagine how that ended.

A Human Not a Log Bad Day
Pinterest via @awamaa

What started off as a relaxing day in the sun certainly took a turn for the worse. Do you think the dog really thought she was a piece of wood? Or maybe these two had some tension, and the dog wanted to get back at her. Either way, this was not ideal, and probably sent the girl straight to the shower.

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Who Said Riding a Bike's Easy?

Riding a bike's a lifelong skill, but evidently, some people get bored after a while and feel the need to spice things up a little. It looks like this brave biker felt like living on the edge, literally. After catching some serious air, well, let's just say he did not stick the landing.

Who Said Riding a Bike's Easy Bad Day
Pinterest via izismile.com

Now that's got to hurt! Poor guy, he couldn't even stay on his bike long enough to make it to the ground. Which do you think hurt more, slamming against the fence or landing on the ground? Let's just hope he didn't break anything, or advanced bike tricks could be over for him.

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Unwanted Swimmer

Floridians are used to spotting alligators from time-time, but when one of these killers actually goes for a swim in your backyard pool, now that's a whole other story. Can you imagine stepping outside for an afternoon swim and seeing that this guy beat you to it?

Unwanted Swimmer Bad Day
Twitter via @usatodayvideo

That is certainly a scary thought, but hey, at least these people snapped an epic photo! How exactly does one go about getting this new swimmer out? We're going to guess they made a quick call to animal control, and hopefully got Mr. Gator back into his natural habitat.

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Putting the Portable in Porta Potty

It's great to have a portable bathroom and all, but something tells us a portapotty is not supposed to move around while it's being used. Unfortunately for the person using this bathroom, the wind really picked up and took the entire structure off the ground.

Putting the Portable in Porta Potty Bad Day
Reddit via teea14

Between the unpleasant scent in the portapotty and the abrupt movement that causes a lot of nausea, we're not quite sure what would be the worst part of this experience. Hopefully, someone saw this portapotty on the loose and put it to a stop, and put the person out of their misery ASAP.

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Real-Life Rush Hour

Did you ever play the game 'Rush Hour' when you were a kid? The one where you had to maneuver the plastic cars until the red one was set free. Well, consider this photo a real-life rush hour scenario. The silver car in the middle is legitimately trapped inside a swarm of buses.

Real Life Rush Hour Bad Day
Reddit via BlueBokChoy

If the driver of this car had any plans for the night, it looks like they will not be making it. We can't help but notice that the driver didn't exactly park in a real parking spot, so some could see he was asking for it. Either way, this guy's found himself in a real pickle, and we hope he finds an escape route soon.

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Dinner Is Not Served

Dinner is, well, NOT served. Unless you like dirty pizza that's picked up off the floor of the bus. In that case, you'd be in luck! This hard-working woman was so tired after work that she couldn't stop herself from taking a little nap before diving into her delicious pizza once she got home.

Dinner Is Not Served Bad Day
Reddit via benevolentonion

It's too bad she was asleep and couldn't even snag a piece before it hit the floor. Waking up from a nap is rarely ever pleasant, but waking up to see that your dinner is no longer edible makes it a million times worse. Does anyone else suddenly have a craving for pizza?

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Man Down

Remember the hot summer afternoons spent swinging through the air with your neighborhood friends? Ahh, simpler times! Well, there's a reason that swing sets are meant for kids and not adults. Behold: an eager father wanting to swing just like his children.

Man Down Bad Day
Pinterest via kimmyadams

However, he probably didn't think he'd break swing, and especially not the entire structure. The poor guy just wanted to have some outdoor fun with his kids; He had no idea that this swingset's weight limit was real. How do you think he explained this one to his kids?

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Parting Ways With Your Luggage

Flying brings upon an immense amount of anxiety for a lot of people. From arriving at the airport on time to getting all of your belongings through security, making a flight can be quite a hassle. But you can't forget about one of the biggest travel nightmares; When your luggage doesn't make it.

Parting Ways With Your Luggage Bad day
Instagram via Nick Hugh

Just take a look at the photo above; This sad passenger is watching his bag tumble off the belt while having to accept that his belongings will not be going on vacation with him. Sure, there are certainly worse things that could go wrong on an airplane, but losing your luggage and watching it happen is never convenient.

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Don't Forget to Add Water

This photo is just filled with disappointment. From the expression on this boy's face to the mess in the microwave, clearly, something didn't go as planned. This little boy was heating up a cup of ramen noodles in the microwave for his after school snack, but he forgot to add water.

Don't Forget to Add Water Bad Days
Twitter via @DeDelaros

Did you know that ramen noodles are powerful enough to explode in the microwave? Well, when you don't add water, that is. Let this be a life-lesson for us all; Always add water to your cup of noodles, or you'll be in for a rude awakening. Chances are, this boy won't be making ramen noodles again anytime soon.

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Don't Clean Your Cash

With all of the chaos going on in 2020, some people have taken extreme precautionary measures to sanitize literally everything they put their hands on. This particular individual was told that microwaving cash sanitizes it, so why not give it a try, right?

Don't Clean Your Cash Bad Day
Imgur via seamusm1984

Well, you can see the end result of this little "sanitization" process, and it didn't turn out as expected. $600 have now been burned to a crisp. Do you think the bills are still useable? One can only hope! Well, at least the cash is cleaner now, at least that's what we're telling ourselves.

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But Where's the 4?

When one mother went to the store to buy supplies for her son's birthday party, she was not very happy to see that the candle number she needed was not in stock. If you guessed that her son was turning four, you were spot on, and it looks like she wasn't the only person with a four-year-old.

But Where's the 4 Bad Day
Reddit via Useful_Pineapple

So what do you do when the number you need simply does not exist? Well, it's time to get creative here, and this mother needs your help. Maybe reconstruct the number one until it looks like a four? Well, motherhood is a learning process, so we're sure she was able to come up with a solution.

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The Most Stubborn Stain

There's no stain like a red wine stain, and we truly feel for this woman after she ruined her brand new white blouse with a messy sip of vino. Chances are, that stain is never coming out, no matter how good of a dry cleaner she has. Does anyone have any tips for getting red dye out of fabric?

The Most Stubborn Stain Bad Day
Pinterest via @ThsGrandmaisFun

If so, please send them her way, it would be greatly appreciated. There's an ancient myth out there that salt and sparkling water do the trick, but do you think it's strong enough to tackle the remnants from this wine? Worst case, she could always tye dye the entire shirt and go for a whole new look.

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The Worst Kind of Splash

You know those movie scenes where someone's walking to the bus stop during a rainstorm, and then all of a sudden, a car cruises through a puddle and absolutely wrecks the person with a monster splash? That's precisely what happened to the girl behind the water, and we can't help but sympathize with her.

The Worst Kind of Splash Bad Day
YouTube via the gentle monkey

If this happened to you, would you continue on with your day, or just start running home and call into school or work sick? Some people might say, "Hey, it's no big deal just a little water," but in this case, being dramatic is totally understandable.

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Supposedly It's Good Luck

The first thing we noticed in this photo was the fear and sadness in this young boy's eyes, and can you blame him? He was just going for a stroll through the neighborhood until the pigeon flying above him decided to ruin his walk, and things got rather messy.

Supposedly It's Good Luck Bad Day
Twitter via @CrissFlores97

We're just hoping this cutie wasn't too far away from home so he could go wash up, and hide from the birds, of course. As unpleasant as it seems, some say that getting pooped on by a bird is actually good luck. Has anyone ever experienced this and had good luck after? Please let us know as we are very curious.

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