Happy New Year From Comedy!

Natalie Hines

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Elsa _ Staff via Getty Images

As 2020 (finally) comes to an end, let's take a look back through some of the funny highlights that occurred this year! First off, comedian Kevin Hart took home the Comedy Giant Award at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

While accepting the award, Hart said, "Thank you all for supporting me, loving me, and holding me down. I love you, I appreciate you...I do it for you guys; this is big." The award came to Kevin after he managed to broadcast his 2020 Netflix special, Zero F**** Given, from his living room.

Mark Fitzpatrick via Comedy Wildlife Photography

Next up is the winner of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Competition. As the New Zealand Herald described, they looked for "Great photography that has captured a wild animal doing something so funny that makes us snort into our cup of tea," and boy did Terry the Turtle deliver!

Third, we have the hilarious Instagram account @onadventurewithdad, who spent 2020 posting silly edited pictures of his adorable baby like the one above. In an attempt to trick his mother, this baby probably had the time of his life!

Then, KFC released a surprise of their own that made us all hungry. In 2020, KFC introduced us to the KFConsole. The chicken restaurant teamed up with Cooler Master to launch a gaming console capable of allowing players to play, all while the device keeps your chicken warm! And, all we have to say is, thank you.

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And last but certainly not least, 2020 brought us Borat 2. The movie follows Borat on his crazy-funny adventures as he travels from Kazakhstan to the United States for some more shenanigans. If you haven't seen it yet, Hollywood's own Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan highly recommend that you do!