Haircut Gone Wrong Leads To Terrifying Act

Scarlett Adler

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We've all had our fair share of bad haircuts. Self-made bangs? Unexpected bob after going in for a trim? Trust me. We've all been there...

But one woman's new 'do was so horrifying, it's probably going to be a while before she lives this one down. Oh, and did we mention it was streamed on national television for viewers near and far? Definitely going to be a while...

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Turkish's hit tv show, Kuaförüm Sensin, a.k.a 'you're my hairdresser', is Turkey's latest take on American Idol, only they've swapped microphones for scissors. This reality contest follows aspiring hair stylists on their journey as they compete for a grand prize. 

On one particular episode, though, aspiring hairdresser Bilal Ağın's vision didn't exactly go his way, to say the least. The contestant had planned to cut a good chunk of his model İlayda's hair, in support of the “Let My Hair Be Your Hair” campaign for cancer survivors. However, after failing to fill the model in on his plan, it's safe to say her reaction wasn't as positive as he was expecting...

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In perhaps women everywhere's worst nightmare, the scissor happy stylist chopped off about 12 inches of her long, luscious hair, leaving a drastic bob in its place.

After İlayda was shown this transformation, she yanked off her barber cape and burst into tears, as she began to run off the set in protest. Within seconds, though, viewers were left stunned, as the model dropped to the ground, unconscious...


The clip has since gone viral, with millions of viewers globally. Of course, while many have found amusement in the shocking event, many have also taken to Twitter to express their criticism. One user @sudezby, complained, 'why would someone who doesn't want their hair to be cut go to such a competition?'

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