Grumpy Tortoise Sets His Owner's Home On Fire

Taran Underwood

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One would think that a 45-year-old tortoise would have better things to do than cause trouble and set homes on fire. Well, that's probably because they never met Victor.

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This grumpy-looking tortoise is being accused of starting a fire in his owner's home in Duton Hill, Essex, England. The fire officials who responded to the scene say that the tortoise knocked over a heat lamp onto his bedding. The bedding then caught on fire and spread within the room. Unfortunately, Victor didn't call 911 on time but luckily, his neighbors heard the smoke alarms and call the emergency services.

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The fire crew who were on call, left their homes to proceed to the call. They rushed to the station, then rushed over to the house. Once they arrived, they managed to keep the fire to one room. Victor had stayed close to the ground in the room filled with smoked and thankfully, the firemen were able to save him.

"This tortoise has had a very lucky Christmas Day - he is 45 years young and will now hopefully continue to live a long and happy life thanks to working smoke alarms," the fire department proudly exclaimed on social media.

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Amongst the comments, the owner of the tortoise responded saying that he "goes by the name of VICTOR I am extremely grateful of all the crews hard work xxx," she wrote. Later she added, "I honestly don't know what I would do without him he really is my best friend your team are amazing merry Christmas xxx."

The department replied: "Ahh we should have guessed as much! You are more than welcome - we are just glad to have helped you get a happy ending this Christmas."

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And as for Victor... Well, he's pleading the 5th.