Groom-To-Be Is Dared To Sing Jess Glynne Track In Front Of His Flight

Taran Underwood

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If there's one thing noisier than sitting next to a crying baby on a flight, it's sitting next to a celebrating-bachelor party. However, the passengers on Jordan Hogg's flight probably enjoyed every second. Just before the flight took off, the groom-to-be was dared to sing a Jess Glynne track in front of the Jet2 plane.

Jordan, 24, was flying to Prague along with his best friends, to celebrate his upcoming wedding. The bachelor party were all coming in hot from Carlisle in their matching t-shirts which read: 'text the stag a dare' and a phone number.

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On the 30th of May, the boys received a text message from the pilot of their flight saying: "In flight, the stag must come to the front of the aircraft and sing to everyone over the PA system. Preferably, Jess Glynne, 'Darling Hold My Hand', the Jet2 song."

Hoggs needed the lyrics to refer to but, he pulled off a performance the passengers will never forget. Of course, the moment had to be posted to social media for all their friends to laugh. Tom Newton, a good friend of the groom, later said: "While boarding the plane the pilot asked if he could take a photo of our t-shirts to show his friend."

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"But once we had taken our seats my phone had a message from him suggesting his dare for our stag. We found it a hilarious idea that we couldn't miss out on. The general reaction of the group along with other passengers was brilliant, he took it in his stride really and once singing the chorus a lot of people joined in with him. To my amazement when he had finished I stood up and turned around to 90 percent of people taking photos which was hilarious."

Tom continued: "The stag party was a fantastic weekend from start to finish, we dressed him in various outfits such as a school girl. He is a huge Liverpool supporter so we made him wear a full Spurs kit on the Saturday. One night we hired a beer bike event, one lad was that drunk he fell off backwards whilst the bike was going around a corner."'

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"We had a couple of others dares such as 'smell a women's hair and comment on it smelling like peaches'. Also, at breakfast 'stand on a table and shout random words', however, the pilot's was by far the best dare we received. The best man's speech will definitely feature the dare from the pilot I hope, I would also like to think it's possible we can play it on a big screen for others to enjoy."

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Well, thankfully, Jordan is now safely back at home and preparing for his wedding to fiancée Lauren Wright.