Grandma Shocks Her Family With Hilarious Comment On Her 94th Birthday

Taran Underwood

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When we're young, birthdays can be the most exciting day of the year. As you get older, it becomes a little less of a thrill. You get fewer presents, fewer birthday cards and well... older. After 94 years of celebrating, grandma Kay had had enough.

Pauline Kay posted a TikTok video of the family singing happy birthday to their 94-old-grandma. The video has since reached over 13 million views and it's not because Grandma was overjoyed by the candles or singing.

The entire time, she stared blankly ahead without even suggesting a smile. However, her comment at the end of happy birthday, had TikTok viewers laughing in hysterics.

She said: "Well thank you very much, I hope this is my last".



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It took the family a minute or two to realize what she had said because just after her comment someone offered to cut her a slice of cake.

Viewers left thousands of comments saying "Grandma is tired of everyone's bs". Another commented, "the delayed reaction in the back I haven't laughed that hard in a minute".

Pauline has since posted a few other clips of her sarcastic and witty grandma. It's safe to say that TikTok viewers have fallen in love with her. One of the viewers commented "I wish she was my grandma LMAO"

Well, we wish Grandma Kay a very happy birthday and many returns.