Grandma Shares 3 Hilarious Rules for Her Funeral


| LAST UPDATE 05/01/2022

By Riley Hammond
hilarious grandma funeral tiktok
grinvalds via Getty Images

Let's be honest: some of the funniest social media posts come from those you wouldn't expect to find using the internet at all. One TikTok grandma recently went viral on the platform after she posted a video telling everyone the hilarious rules she has planned for her funeral.

For centuries, crying has been a normal part of funerals across the world. Tears are shed as memories are shared, and hugs are exchanged. But 92-year-old Lillian Droniak's dream funeral is anything but traditional. "You can cry, but don't cry too much," the elderly woman noted, adding that she wouldn't want her guests to "make [fools] of [themselves]." Not at her funeral! Although she will be deceased, Ms. Droniak still wants her funeral to be filled with only good vibes - which might also explain her next hilarious rule...

@grandma_droniak it wont be any time soon but dont forget it #funeral #grandma #rules #dontcry #funeralservices #wake #greenscreen ♬ original sound - grandma_droniak
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Lillian Droniak's second rule tells us she definitely wants to keep the drama out of her funeral - literally. She told her TikTok viewers that "Bertha is not invited. Don't let her in." LOL. Apparently, Bertha is an actual person the elderly TikTok star is no longer friends with and wants to be sure is nowhere near her funeral. In a follow-up video, she explained that Bertha was a "trouble-maker" who tried to steal her husband and is apparently jealous of her. "Now she knows I'm a celebrity and she gets jealous," Droniak explained, adding, "If she comes to my funeral, take her out. I don't need her." LOL - grandmas always seem to have the juiciest gossip. Right?

viral tiktok grandma funny
Rosana Galão / EyeEm via Getty Images

As for her third rule? Well, Lillian Droniak would love if we raised one too many glasses in her honor. "You better get drunk afterwards," she said. "Take a shot for me!" The TikTok star, who has 4.2 million followers on the platform, explained the video in an interview with Insider. According to her, she wanted to be able to talk about death in a "lighthearted" way. "It doesn't need to be scary or taboo. It helps you live life better if you're not afraid," she shared. "I joke about death because it will happen to all of us, as scary as that is. Might as well laugh about it." The only thing better than this grandma's hilarious sense of humor is her words of wisdom. Be sure to check her out on TikTok and stay tuned for more hilarious news!

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