Twitter to the Rescue: #GoogleDown Meme Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
google down viral meme
Westend61 via Getty Images

What does one do when their primary source of information is suddenly not available? On the 9th of August, Google experienced some extreme technical difficulties (which we believe has never happened before). So, considering this day and age, Twitter users jumped at the opportunity to take this situation and, of course, turn it into a viral meme. Here's what you missed.

As we already know, whether it's on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, users typically enjoy sharing their thoughts and opinions on any given matter. But, what are we meant to do when the server for all of our answers experiences the ultimate '502 error?!' We couldn't research why or how it was happening. There were no answers available. It turns out, the largest server of all time was experiencing a malfunction in its software update - and "over 40,000 cases of issues were reported with Google search." Still, after trying "30 seconds later" repeatedly, nothing was happening. It was official: Google was down. But, if there were any platform community that could entertain any situation, it would be, of course, Twitter users. It didn't take long for someone to start the ultimate thread and trending hashtag #GoogleDown.

Google Down Twitter Meme
@AlMaXx8017 via Twitter
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It was a search engine suffering like no other. Yet, while computer users waited out the problem, memes upon memes were flooding through Twitter. Users really go to the extremes when it comes to memes. These images were made fresh from scratch! We have to credit these users because the memes are pretty hilarious. Some even involved feud images between Instagram and Spotify going head to head - who can entertain us more in a time like this? Some users took real-life events and compared them to the situation where one man had fallen off his bike and crashed down to the floor, but in this case, he was covered by the Google logo. Creativity really kicks in when the internet is down! LOL. But, in the meantime, we can appreciate the memes that took over Twitter.

While these memes got us through the terrorizing period, Google miraculously returned. While some users took the situation lightly and humorously, others weren't too pleased. The Google error sparked some serious outrage with numerous users complaining about the malfunction. There's only so much a technical team can do until the "multinational" search engine for the entire world shuts down. So, let's cut the engineers some slack. Hey Google, thanks for answering all our questions - and for providing us with some meme-worthy laughs.

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