29+ Golden Retrievers That Made Us Love the Breed Even More


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh

Golden retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States, taking the #3 spot, according to the American Kennel Club. Here's why we love these golden furballs so much - take a look.


Golden retrievers are incredibly active dogs who love to play around - and just like any canine, boy, do they love their food! Especially when they get their paws on food meant for their human parents...

Golden Retriever Funny FoodGolden Retriever Funny Food
@monte_thegolden via Instagram

When Monte spotted a delicious piece of steak on the counter, he seized the opportunity to grab the steak. Despite efforts from his owner, there was no way that Monte was letting go that easily. Literally. Monte ran away with the meat and quickly ate it.

Begging for Belly Rubs

Like most dogs, golden retrievers love to be pet, and Ryder is no different. In fact, this golden retriever loved getting pats and scratches so much that he fell off a bench waiting for one. Ryder was chilling on the front porch bench when the delivery man came to the doorstep.

Funny Dog Delivery ManFunny Dog Delivery Man
@ruffryderthegr via TikTok

The not-so-watchful dog saw the delivery man, and we know there was only one thing on his mind: belly rubs! In the video on TikTok, the delivery man says, "Don't fall down." However, Ryder was already rolling over for the pats, causing him to fall off the bench. What a silly, good boy!

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Stealing Their Owner's Thunder

Life's special moments are even better when shared with those you love, including man's best friend. This dog's dad pretended to set up his phone for a family selfie with his girlfriend and their golden retriever, Sonny. However, Sonny had different plans in mind than his dad.

Golden Proposal Beach ZoomiesGolden Proposal Beach Zoomies
@madisonbbm via TikTok

As his dad got down on one knee to propose, Sonny couldn't sit still. The golden wanted to play in the sand and run around the beach. Luckily, his parents didn't mind his case of the zoomies. In a video, Sonny's mom said, "It was the most beautiful day of our lives."

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Supervising the Humans

Golden retrievers are known for being gentle dogs with tons of patience and a loving disposition. These are just some of the reasons why they are such popular family dogs! A golden retriever named Taco displays the best traits of a golden as he watches his human sister.

Viral Dog TikTok PlaygroundViral Dog TikTok Playground
@mostlyadorable via TikTok

He goes to the park with her and supervises the entire time. With his tag constantly wagging, Taco goes with her up the stairs and then rushes to the slide, where he watches her go down. His dog parents posted the adorable interaction on TikTok, where it has received got over 800K likes.

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Stealing the TV Remote

It seems that this playful canine knew precisely what he was doing by the look on his face! Kobe, whose parents document his daily adventures on Instagram, had the television remote in his mouth, not allowing his parents to change the channel. While he looks innocent, we're not so sure he is.

Golden Retriever Breed DogsGolden Retriever Breed Dogs
@airbudkobe via Instagram

His mom uploaded the picture on Instagram and wrote the following caption, "Oh hey mom I changed the channel to animal planet I hope you don't mind." This isn't the first time that Kobe has caused some mischief, and we're betting it won't be the last.

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Convinced They're Lapdogs

One of the best parts of owning golden retrievers is how loving they are. They are adaptable dogs who become attached to their families. But, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. These dogs' mom experienced it firsthand, or should we say, first paw.

Golden Siblings Dogs HilariousGolden Siblings Dogs Hilarious
Loud-Establishment36 via Reddit

These two golden retriever dogs wanted to be as close as possible to their mom that they were practically sitting on top of her. They didn't seem bothered by it, though. In fact, they were perfectly at home, cuddling up close to each other on the outdoor sofa.

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Befriending the Cats

Bailey, the golden retriever, has an unlikely best friend. While most people use fighting like cats and dogs as an expression, that's the complete opposite of what these two besties do. Like most golden retrievers, Bailey is a friendly dog who can get along with everyone.

Cat Dog Friends UnlikelyCat Dog Friends Unlikely
@funnydogbailey via Instagram

Bailey's parents love showing her off on her social media accounts. Not only do they feature her best cat friend, but they also post photos of Bailey with other animals, like bunnies and dogs. Her easygoing nature makes her the perfect example of how loving and social a golden retriever can be.

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Goldens in Cowboy Costumes

Golden retrievers were bred in the mid-1800s in Scotland for hunting. They used to retrieve ducks and fowl for their owners. Hundreds of years later, goldens are a far cry away from this sort of lifestyle. Take this absolutely precious pup as an example!

Cowboy Dog Costume PartyCowboy Dog Costume Party
Panthers58 via Reddit

This golden retriever was all dressed up in his cowboy costume and ready to go to the party. We bet everyone at the party had a rootin', tootin' time with him. While he may not be chasing after prey, he is sparking joy for anyone who sees this adorable photo.

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Holding Onto Their Sticks

The bond between man and dog is strong. It dates back centuries and is so famous that dogs are called man's best friend. Yet, there is one connection that dogs have that runs so deep and strong that it may be more powerful than the bond between man and dog. It's the relationship between a dog and its stick.

Stick Dog Adorable LovableStick Dog Adorable Lovable
EmzX via Reddit

Nothing seems to be able to get in the way between a stick and the dog carrying it. Once they find the perfect companion, they never want to let go. It's something for "furever." Where's the romantic comedy about this loving relationship between a dog and its favorite stick?

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Resting Just About Anywhere

Golden retrievers require lots of activity and exercise. They have high energy levels, and they love playing games like fetch or going for long walks to keep the boredom away. However, this particular golden retriever had enough and was ready for a rest, no matter the circumstances.

Dog Mud Walk ViralDog Mud Walk Viral
@thecrazydoggirl via TikTok

The dog's walker posted this hilarious and messy turn of events on TikTok. While on a walk, the golden retriever decided this was the opportune moment to lie down in the mud. The walker narrates over the video, "Oh my god. What a turkey. I can't believe he's doing that." We can't either!

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Up to No Good

Golden retrievers are named after, well, retrieving things, and they take their jobs very seriously. Sometimes, too seriously. This puppy, for example, refused to let go of his mother's robe once he latched on. He had a jaw made of steel, and the result was a hilarious series of events.

Golden Retriever Puppy TroubleGolden Retriever Puppy Trouble
This is Bailey via YouTube

The puppy held on as his mom ran around the house. Throughout the video, the puppy's parents were laughing the entire time. It's just another day in the life of living with a golden retriever pup. Keep scrolling for more moments that will have you thinking, "That is so golden."

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Invested in the Olympics

Every couple of years, when the Olympics come around, it captivates the nation. From the impressive athletes to the dazzling opening ceremony to the fierce competition for gold, the Olympics are a must-see. This includes humans and dogs, apparently!

Olympics Dressage Golden RetrieverOlympics Dressage Golden Retriever
@WillowThePillow20 via TikTok

The golden retriever Willow was the number one fan of the Olympic dressage event. Dressage is an equestrian sport that involves horses performing specific movements. When Willow's family had the dressage event playing on the television, she was completely engaged and having a barking good time.

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Loving the Snow

When winter rolls around, there are many reasons to get excited. For us humans, we enjoy the festive holiday spirit, the chance to cozy up with hot chocolate, and the pretty lights that decorate the houses. Golden retrievers get just as hyped up, but for different reasons.

Snow Doggo Golden CuteSnow Doggo Golden Cute
@goose_the_golden21 via Instagram

Their thick double coats enable them to stay in colder temperatures without a problem. Also, the snow offers a new type of texture for them to play with, roll around in, and eat. While playing outside in the winter is super fun, just make sure not to eat yellow snow!

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Holding Their Owners Hostage

The golden retriever's playful nature and loyal companionship are typically amazing aspects of having them as pets. However, sometimes it can get in the way. When this golden retriever's parents tried to leave the house for a wedding, he protested in a big way.

Funny Viral Dog OwnerFunny Viral Dog Owner
@airbudkobe via Instagram

The dog went onto the driveway and laid down at the wheels of the car, not letting his parents go. In the video his parents posted on social media, his mom urges him to go back inside, but he stays put. While his behavior wasn't golden, resisting such a lovable pup is hard.

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Inspiring the 'Egg Challenge'

The golden retriever dog egg challenge became a viral sensation. When a veterinary technician read that goldens have soft mouths, she wanted to see if her dog would hold a raw egg. Since then, the craze has exploded all over the internet, and dogs of every kind are hopping onto the trend.

Egg Trend TikTok DogEgg Trend TikTok Dog
@golden_goose7 via TikTok

Goose, the golden retriever, didn't know what to do about the egg initially. He kept softly nudging it and pouncing around it. Unfortunately, though, the egg met its demise when Goose's paw landed on the egg and cracked it open. Uh-oh! While goldens don't have expertise in making omelets, we'd order one from Goose.

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A Surprising Favorite Word

Dogs have superb hearing. Through dedication and hard work, they can pick up on commands using actions and words. While they may not be able to speak the same language as us, they have an understanding of certain phrases. While most dogs love hearing the words treat or walk, this golden retriever has a surprising favorite word.

Dog Funny Viral RetrieverDog Funny Viral Retriever
@mavandmel via Instagram

Golden retriever Mav loves the word murder. Whenever his owner says the favorite word, Mav's ears perk up and his head tilts. His owner told Daily Paws, "It's very weird. He's a golden retriever with a happy-go-lucky personality, but you say that word and he goes nuts." We gotta give him points for originality! 

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Accidentally Calling the Fire Department

This doggie had a big apology to make. In Iowa, energetic golden retriever Birdie went to her daycare like any other day. However, on this particular day, she had more energy than usual. The dog, who already has a reputation for being "nuts," jumped up and accidentally pulled the fire alarm. We think we know what happened next.

Puppy Energy Doggo CutePuppy Energy Doggo Cute
@dogswoodslodge via Instagram

The fire department showed up, and no one knew how they were called. They only figured it out after they watched security footage. The daycare posted a photo of Birdie wearing a sign that read, "Dear Grimes Fire Department, I'm sorry I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie." All's forgiven!

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Mom Wanted to Play

Golden retrievers are a naturally playful species. Well into their adulthood, they remain full of puppy energy. This excited golden retriever wanted to play with her newborn puppies. However, the new mom didn't understand that her litter wasn't ready to play with her.

Puppies Mom Dog PlayPuppies Mom Dog Play
@eloisesmith_ via TikTok

Mila's owner, Eloise Smith, posted a video on TikTok showing the golden mom taking her frisbee to her pups. In the recording, Smith said, "I don't think they want to play, Mila. They're just not quite big enough yet." Mila dropped her frisbee near them and seemed confused when no one played back with her. How cute.

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Meeting Up for Play Dates

Eventually, Mila, the golden retriever mom, got to play like she wanted. Her human parents helped raise her litter, and they even had their own hashtag! The viral pups ended up finding their own human parents to take care of them and love them. But that's not where the story ends.

Doggie Playdate Goldens GoofyDoggie Playdate Goldens Goofy
@bodhi.mila.kendrick via Instagram

Although the puppies no longer lived together, they still kept in touch. Well, their humans remained in contact, and they were thoughtful enough to organize a huge family gathering for them all. The puppies were all grown up and had a big playdate. Where was our invite?

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A Golden Puppy Who Saved Lives

Golden retrievers are well-known for their alertness and protectiveness. They may not be the most fearsome watchdogs, but they are a breed that you want by your side, especially after reading what this next puppy did. Skipper's owner noticed that he was pacing and making weird noises. What could be going on?

Hero Puppy Golden RetrieverHero Puppy Golden Retriever
Viktoria Bzdyk via Pexels

His mom went to check what was wrong and saw a fire outside her window. She was able to get the rest of the family out and call the fire department. She told the local news station about her golden retriever pup, "He is a hero, and we all feel pretty fortunate that he was here."

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Enjoying Their Puppuccinos

A puppuccino has evolved from a secret menu item to a rite of passage for dogs and their owners. For those who may be unfamiliar, a puppucino is a small Starbucks cup that is filled only with whipped cream. As simple as it sounds, dogs lick it up. Literally.

Puppucino Starbucks Pup CupPuppucino Starbucks Pup Cup
@bowie.thegoldenbear via Instagram

This particular golden retriever pup seemed to enjoy his experience. Most of his puppuccino ended up on his nose and face instead of his mouth! So, next time you go to Starbucks with your pup, make sure to order a puppuccino for them. They'll enjoy their puppuccino, while you enjoy your cappuccino.

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Falling Asleep Anywhere and Everywhere

Sleep is a precious part of everyone's day, especially a dog's. Golden retrievers usually sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day. This one golden retriever will not let anything get in the way of his beauty rest. The golden's human posted a video on TikTok sharing all the strange and hilarious ways that he's fallen asleep.

Golden Asleep Funny PositionsGolden Asleep Funny Positions
@thegoldiehocksfamily via TikTok

He's fallen asleep trying to get on the couch and trying to get off of it. He's also dozed right off as he's on neighborhood watch duty with his head resting on the windowsill. Other positions include while he's on his way up the stairs, with a toy in his mouth, and on top of his dog brother.

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Doubling as a Delivery Service

Golden retrievers' high level of intelligence, easygoing temperament, and excellent sniffing abilities make them prime candidates for many occupations. This golden retriever has one specific job, which harkens back to her ancestors' roots. She is excellent at retrieving food delivery!

Delivery Dog Viral ChickenDelivery Dog Viral Chicken
Chick-fil-A at Carraway Village via Facebook

Ellie loves to pick up the food delivery for her human. Employees from the Carraway Village Chick-fil-A in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, posted a video of the golden retriever running to the employee. He gave her the food delivery, and she bounded back to her owner. Now that's a good girl!

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Eating Her Owner's Passport

My dog ate my passport! That's no laughing matter for one Boston couple. Good Morning America reported on a couple who realized their golden retriever puppy had chewed up one of their passports weeks before they were meant to fly to Italy for their wedding. Uh-oh.

Dog Passport Adorable ViralDog Passport Adorable Viral
Good Morning America via YouTube

The one-year-old pup, Chickie, short for Chicken Cutlet, realized she messed up quickly. Her dad told ABC News, "She kinda knew what she did and all of a sudden, she got really cuddly, you know, head on the lap kind of thing." Life with golden retrievers can be "ruff."

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Double the Trouble

Mom and Dad were confused about how their toddler ended up wandering the halls of their home at night. Was a ghost helping her? There was no way she was able to manage this escape plan all on her own. When they watched the footage from their baby cam, they saw how she got it done. Spoiler alert: She didn't do it alone.

Dog Siblings News HilariousDog Siblings News Hilarious
@cheesepups via Instagram

The family's two golden retrievers busted into her room, barging the door open. They woke the sleeping toddler up, their tails wagging. Afterward, the toddler followed her two golden siblings out of the room and into the halls of their home. There was no need for Scooby-Doo and the gang in this mystery.

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Obsessed With Tennis Balls

Finley, the golden retriever, has an impressive resume. He's a Guinness world record holder! This paw-some pup holds the title of "Most Tennis Balls in the mouth by a dog." He fit six tennis balls into his mouth at the same time. No matter rain or shine, Finley is always down to play.

Tennis Balls World RecordTennis Balls World Record
@finnyboymolloy via Instagram

His parents made him an Instagram account, documenting Finley's daily adventures, usually accompanied by at least one or two tennis balls in his mouth. This golden retriever shows just how playful, fun, and youthful this lovable breed can be. Who is ready to play fetch? Finley definitely is.

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Joining the Festivities

Will this golden retriever end up with a new toy or a lump of coal from Santa Claus? Joey, the golden retriever, apparently thought that his family's Christmas tree was a massive toy meant for him. He kept tugging on the branches and stealing ornaments for himself.

Dog Ornament Stealing FunnyDog Ornament Stealing Funny
@pup.o.joe via TikTok

His human parents documented his antics on their phones and posted the videos online. One of the clips shows Joey biting on a star ornament. The golden retriever kept tugging until it was finally released from the tree, and he quickly ran away with his new present.

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More Socializing With the Cats

As we've mentioned, golden retrievers are an extremely friendly breed. They love to play around and socialize with practically everyone they meet. This golden retriever even crossed enemy lines and became best friends with his cat brother, and he's loving every second of it.

Cat Golden Retriever FriendsCat Golden Retriever Friends
@borisxgregg via TikTok

No matter what his cat brother does to me, he has no care in the world. Whether he is kneading his fur, sleeping on top of him, or playing around, they remain as close as ever. Golden retrievers, if trained properly, can be such great additions to any family. It's why they are such a popular breed.

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They Love to Give Hugs

This pooch is a recognizable celebrity in the streets of New York City and the feeds of Instagrams everywhere. Louboutina is a golden retriever who loves to give hugs. This lovable canine loves to spread, well, love! She is known as "the hugging dog."

Hugging Dog NYC CelebrityHugging Dog NYC Celebrity
@louboutinanyc via Instagram

Louboutina, or Loubie for short, is verified with a blue checkmark on her Instagram account #celebstatus. She has 179K followers on Instagram and is another fantastic example of how affectionate, warm, and irresistible this breed can be. Her owner told Today, "She's just a love bug."

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Goldens Who Want All the Pets

It's no big secret that dogs love being pet by humans, and Sparty is no exception to the rule. The golden retriever loves to get pats, scratches, and belly rubs. So, when her human decided to have friends over, there were plenty of opportunities for potential petters to give him what he wanted.

Pets Golden Retriever AdorablePets Golden Retriever Adorable
@goldie.swag via Instagram

The entire party, Sparty maneuvered his way into the strangest of places so that people could pet him. From leaning his head on one guest's knee to cuddling up on the couch next to another, Sparty made sure that he was in an optimal position for some loving!

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