‘Getting Krissed:’ Inside the Meme Taking Over Twitter


| LAST UPDATE 06/19/2022

By Riley Hammond
funny viral tiktok krissed
Instagram via @ellishaemurphy

TikTok trends never seem to end - every other day, there seems to be a new challenge, prank, or audio that goes viral on the social media platform. "Getting #Krissed," which is the TikTok version of "Rickrolling," has recently become increasingly popular among TikTok users, and it's the inspiration behind amusing TikTok pranks and hilarious Twitter rants alike...

It's almost impossible to scroll down your For You page without getting Krissed these days. But for those who are unfamiliar with the trend - it involves a clickbaity video with a misleading headline that leads the user to believe they're about to learn some juicy gossip. However, much to their dismay - or amusement - the TikTok then skips to a short video of Kris Jenner dancing to Christina Aguilera, Mýa, Lil' Kim, and P!nk's "Lady Marmalade" from ten years ago. The trend began when a user named @wandakardashian posted a TikTok alleging that Pete Davidson cheated on Kim Kardashian. Sure enough, seconds later, there was the Kardashian family matriarch in her now-famous green sequin dress, lip-synching to "Lady Marmalade." Apparently many users who've been pranked one too many times are now taking to Twitter to post hilarious memes expressing their frustration.

funny tiktok trend krissed
Instagram via @kamani_behm
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One user, named @hdxqi, has probably seen every #Krissed TikTok there is on the platform. They tweeted a hilarious throwback photo of rapper Cardi B sitting on the floor, arms crossed, staring at a pile of cash. The caption over the tweet read, "Me if getting krissed was a job" - LOL. Honestly, sign us up - if we're getting Krissed on the internet either way, we might as well get paid for it. Another user hilariously tweeted a photo of Kermit the Frog hugging his knees and looking down sadly, with the caption, "I'm always getting krissed but never kissed…" It looks like getting Krissed really is becoming the bane of every Twitter user's existence at this point!

One funny tweet, posted by @bwscalifornia, referred to another hilarious "Getting #Krissed" TikTok that misled viewers to believe Zendaya was pregnant. In @bwscalifornia's tweet, a picture showed a panic-stricken person appearing to do some research on a laptop, followed by a second photo in which they appear quite bemused. "ZENDAYA IS PREGNANT," read the caption over the first photo, followed by a "you just got krissed" over the second one. LOL. Something tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of these hilarious memes circling the internet. Stay tuned...

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