Gen-Z vs. Millenials: Viral TikTok Showcases the Difference


| LAST UPDATE 01/01/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
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For those 90s kids - or any era before - it might be hard to recognize that we live in a completely different world today. For all those kids who have heard their parents' stories about time before the iPhone, without computers, and even those long-dreaded walks to school. Now, a TikTok that has gone viral is facing the facts.

It's completely natural that technology has revolutionized. We wouldn't be where we are today without advanced machinery. From planes to mobile devices, desktop computers, and auto-driving cars, it's almost hard to believe what time was like before this! Although, if you were born in the late 90s, you might vaguely recognize the slow transition into the Gen-Z era. With social media on the go, we're inevitably losing touch with old-fashioned reality. In a recently uploaded TikTok, one parent decided to put their child to the test. In the clip, a young girl born in 2017 went head-to-head with a millennial. They were asked to pose using imaginary technology, a phone, and a camera. We know the truth hurts, but watching the difference just proves how quickly time is flying by, and TikTok user Yadira Zarata is here to prove it!

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@yadirraaa___ via Instagram
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Yadira Zarate has accumulated 30.5K followers from posting a lot of P.O.Vs and other hilariously relatable footage, most of which include her, what seems to be, younger sister, and boyfriend. In the clip that went viral, she asks the young girl, "how do you talk on the phone?" The young girl folded her fingers as if she was holding onto a classic iPhone format. However, when Yadira asked her boyfriend the same question, "born in 1997," he confidently closed his first three fingers into his palms while his thumb and pinky were spread out to the side. It gets better. When the 2017 youngster was asked, "how do you take pictures," it didn't take long for her to strike a pose holding her arm up in the air, mimicking a classic 2010 selfie move. That one really got to us. The clip then cut back to the boyfriend, where he thankfully got out his invisible Kodak film camera and clicked down on that shutter button. While these features were just 20 years apart, they really put things into perspective. Talk about 3.7 million views into perspective.


Everone has to try this its too cute 😂😂

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As we sit and watch these comparisons rolling in, there's only so much more than can change in another 20 years. Who knows how children of the future might react to an iPhone 14? With that in mind, users commented on the video, wanting to see more. The insightful yet comedic clips turned out to be a hit. Users asked, and Yadira delivered. Until next time, stay tuned.

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