Funny Ways People Have Gotten Revenge


| LAST UPDATE 02/28/2022

By Scarlett Adler

It's nearly impossible to avoid irritating neighbors and siblings' schemes, but there's always room for payback. Take a look at some of the most hilarious ways people have gotten revenge, and maybe you'll even find some inspiration!

New Donut Flavor

To the guy in the office who repeatedly snags all the donuts before the other employees can grab one; You've been caught. Someone noticed that you steal all the good flavors from the conference room before the office is full of people, but just know, revenge is coming.

New Donut Flavor Sweet RevengeNew Donut Flavor Sweet Revenge
Twitter via @malsmade

We get it; You like to grab the chocolate frosted and the sprinkled donuts before the morning rush, so you don't miss out, but this little game is about to end. One angry employee decided to create a new flavor; mustard. Get ready, because these fluffy donuts will no longer be filled with sweet cream.

Special Fish Tacos

No matter how clearly people label the food that they leave in the office kitchen, somehow, something always seems to get stolen. And the excuses people come up with are out of this world - from not seeing the label to hoping the person wouldn't notice their lunch was gone - things get pretty wild in the kitchen.

New Type of Fish Tacos Sweet RevengeNew Type of Fish Tacos Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via JessLPhotos

So, this employee took matters into his own hands to get some sweet revenge on the person who continuously snags his lunch. Looks like fish tacos are on today's menu, filled with a very special type of fish. Let's just say it's an acquired taste and is probably preferred by four-legged friends.

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Cats Fight Back

It's no secret that dogs and cats tend to beg for "people food" from time to time, so sometimes, putting them in another room during meals is the easiest thing to do. This particular woman locked her cat in the bathroom while she was cooking so the cat wouldn't bother her, and she was surprised when she let him back out later.

Cats Fight Back Sweet RevengeCats Fight Back Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via bmarinich

Clearly, this little guy was hungry and bored, and maybe even a little upset at his mother, and took his anger out with the roll of toilet paper. Maybe the woman should've left the little fella some snacks or a toy so he wouldn't notice he was locked in a bathroom during dinner time.

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Hotdogs Become Ice

We've got a question for you; After you boil hotdogs, what do you do with the water? Many of you would probably just pour it down the sink, but this guy found a much better use for the meat-infused water. He wasn't in the mood to entertain guests, so he decided to create his own fun, that no one else would be clued in on.

Hotdogs Become Ice Sweet RevengeHotdogs Become Ice Sweet Revenge
Imgur via tbrdie

We proudly present to you the hotdog ice cubes. Simply pour the leftover water from the pot into the ice tray, stick it in the freezer, and mix up some tasty beverages for your unwanted guests. Hopefully, the water's color won't change so you won't give away the secret, and just wait to see if they notice the funky taste.

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Wrapping Paper Mishap

Many people find gift wrapping to be therapeutic, fun, or a way to get into the holiday spirit. However, not everyone likes to take the time to make their gifts look nice, and look at this task as a way to challenge their friends and family by making it nearly impossible to open the box.

Wrapping Paper Mishap Sweet RevengeWrapping Paper Mishap Sweet Revenge
Reddit via Mathew Rogers

After a boy's brother wrapped his Christmas gift in duct tape last year, he decided it was time to get him back and make the wrapping even harder to get off. So, he wrapped his brother's present in some good old concrete, and something tells us, opening that won't be easy. Good luck!

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Getting on Grandma's Bad Side

As many people get older, they start to think about leaving their valuable possessions to younger family members. For this clever grandma, she'd had enough of hearing her family talk about who's going to get what in the future, so she found a way to get them to leave her alone.

Grandma's Bad Side Sweet RevengeGrandma's Bad Side Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via Mark Taylor

She published the above advertisement in some local newspaper and essentially told her family that she's just going to treat herself and enjoy life while she can. Now, that's a bold move, grandma! Do you think this will finally get her family to keep quiet?

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Extra Spooky Halloween Decorations

For some reason, when October comes each year and people start to put pumpkins on their front porch for Halloween, these decorations often go missing. Sometimes the pumpkins are taken by wild animals, but occasionally, they're snagged by a human, and this individual's had enough of the robberies.

Extra Spooky Halloween DecorationsExtra Spooky Halloween Decorations
Pinterest via @hardcorechic138

After their pumpkin was stolen, this person decided to give the thief an extraspecial surprise. They covered the new pumpkin in thumbtacks, so whoever tries to steal it next will likely be caught off guard. Do you think they took things too far? This neighborhood's certainly getting in the spooky Halloween spirit.

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Spicing Up the Ice Cream

Many chefs like to get creative and whip up unique ice cream flavors, even with savory ingredients to be out of the box. Here's one of those chefs, dying to surprise his fans and create delicious combinations of flavors. Actually, this guy's just getting revenge on the person who keeps stealing the ice cream from the communal freezer.

Spicing Up the Ice Cream Sweet RevengeSpicing Up the Ice Cream Sweet Revenge
Pupperish via UnusuallyCalm

Next time the ice cream thief scoops out a bowl of cookies and cream, they'll be in for quite a treat; A limited-edition flavor that only certain people get the chance to try. What should we call this flavor? Perhaps, spicey oreo? Unless they like spicey dessert; That would certainly be a plot twist.

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Something Smells Fishy

Air freshener certainly has its perks, but it's also often overused. Have you ever walked into the restroom and nearly choked on the flowery scent that's taken over the small space? Well, here's your chance to teach your friend who goes overboard on the air freshener that less is more.

Something Smells Fishy Sweet RevengeSomething Smells Fishy Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via mountainwitch83

This guy was getting sick of drowning in a surplus of misty meadows after his roommate used the bathroom, he decided to try out a new scent. He peeled the label off the sweet-smelling bottle and pasted it on a can of bait spray, typically used for fishing. Let's just say he didn't love using so much of the spray after that.

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Tragic Parking Job

We get it; Sometimes, you're n a rush and have to settle on the first parking space in sight. But, occasionally, this "parking spot" isn't actually a place to leave your car, and evidently, some employees from this grocery store had had enough of putting up with lazy shoppers.

Tragic Parking Job Sweet RevengeTragic Parking Job Sweet Revenge
YouTube via Demotivateur

Take a look at how they fought back; Now that's a lot of shopping carts. How do you think the shopper reacted when they saw that their car was literally barricaded inside the parking lot? Cleanup on aisle 12; This mess might need a whole lot of manpower to get it cleaned up.

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Definition of a Paper Napkin

Have you ever heard that moms have their own sense of humor, and no one else funds it funny except for them? Well, this seems to be a prime example of that. This mother wasn't too happy when her child said they were too old to receive notes in their school lunch.

Definition of a Paper Napkin Sweet RevengeDefinition of a Paper Napkin Sweet Revenge
Imgur via andrevang6

So, what does mom do? Just be aware, this "note" that you see is absolutely not a note, and it's not a reminder of love either. This piece of paper is simply a paper napkin that was also used as a notepad, perhaps. Looks like mom didn't have any time to buy more napkins, but this will do, right?

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Fresh Brown E's

There's nothing worse than sitting in your history class all afternoon, thinking about the fresh brownies you're going to eat when you get home until you discover your roommate at the last of them. But don't worry, it's payback time. This individual waited till their roommate got home to offer them some delicious Brown E's.

Fresh Brown E's Sweet RevengeFresh Brown E's Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via madisonbeaudry132

Their roommate was expecting to see a plate of chocolatey goodness, and when they went to the kitchen for dessert, a plate of Brown E's was waiting for them. Now, isn't that ironic! Next time you need to get back at someone for eating all the dessert, just resort to an arts and crafts project on a plate.

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Battle of the Noisy Houses

Have you ever lived next to an extremely noisy neighbor who kept you up multiple nights of the week? That's exactly what happened here. After a man respectfully asked his neighbor to stop his dogs from barking every night, he was left with no choice, since the barking never stopped.

Battle of the Noisy Houses Sweet RevengeBattle of the Noisy Houses Sweet Revenge
Reddit via eyedontnowutimdoing

The man's son just so happened to ask for a drumset, so he thought this would be the perfect time to encourage his son to become a musician. So, the boy began making incredibly loud music on the drums and even incorporated a trumpet into the mix. It's like the barking dogs weren't even there anymore!

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Stay in Your Lane

Ahh, another incident involving a person ignoring the labeled parking spots and creating their own. This individual parked their car partially in a handicapped spot and on the crosswalk. But this time, they weren't trapped in the lot; They just had some jam thrown at their car by some angry people at the mall.

Stay in Your Lane Sweet RevengeStay in Your Lane Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via jayneselo

In many cases, angry pedestrians leave a note to show their concern with parking issues, but it looks like this person was feeling rather abstract. It's almost like the vehicle's a canvas, and the jam was used as paint. Or, some might think the red liquid looks like blood, and there's a lot more to the story than being in a rush.

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How to Irk a Neat Freak

If your significant other is an absolute neat freak, and can't stand the thought of an unmade bed or wrinkles linens, then take a look at what this guy did. After getting in a fight with his wife, he didn't yell or argue at all, really, he just did something that would do more than any dialogue.

How to Irk a Neat Freak Sweet RevengeHow to Irk a Neat Freak Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via kevinseawrightt

Rather than making the bed as usual, which means pulling the blankets from both sides up to the top, he only did this for his side, and we can't help but laugh. What would you do if you walked into your bedroom to find this little situation? Hopefully, this didn't cause too much tension between the couple.

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To Whoever Finished the Oreos

When one member of this family finished the mega stuffed Oreos and left the empty package in the pantry, another person was left distraught. He opened the box, excited to eat a delicious cookie, but had been the victim of a prank, or maybe just pure laziness.

To Whoever Finished the Oreos Sweet RevengeTo Whoever Finished the Oreos Sweet Revenge
Twitter via @JacksonRayMill

There was only one thing left to do in this kid's eyes; Payback! What's the closest-looking thing to oreo cream? Toothpaste. So, he scarped all the filling out of the cookies, and replaced it with some minty toothpaste, and then waited eagerly for his brother to bite into one of these bad boys.

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Regifting at Its Finest

There's nothing like the satisfaction that comes along with regifting an unwanted present. As long as the person you're giving it to doesn't find out, of course. This clever individual thought it would be funny and environmentally beneficial to give their neighbor back all of the cigarettes they'd thrown on the ground.

Regifting at Its Finest Sweet RevengeRegifting at Its Finest Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via eBaumsWorld

Can you blame the person for being irritated? He had gotten sick of cleaning them up himself and didn't want his dogs or other animals to eat these old and dirty cigarettes. So, he gathered them together, wrote a lovely note, and regifted all of the trash to its rightful owner.

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Delicious Bowl of IDK

For anyone who has a significant other or even a friend that can never make a decision, this might be just the trick for you. This guy was getting tired of his girlfriend never wanting to decide on a meal, a TV show, or really anything. So, one day he asked what she wanted for lunch, and she said, "I don't know."

Delicious Bowl of IDK Sweet RevengeDelicious Bowl of IDK Sweet Revenge
Twitter via @maNgcobo77

And can you guess what her boyfriend brought her for lunch? I delicious bowl of "I don't know." We've got to hand it to him, that was extremely clever. Do you think his girlfriend will finally start making decisions after she was literally served up some fresh "IDK?"

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A Hidden Treat

After this little girl spent hours perfecting her chocolate truffles for the school bake sale, she couldn't wait for her dad to come and buy some. However, he couldn't make it in time, but his daughter promised to bring him leftovers. She decided to make a little change in the recipe, though.

A Hidden Treat Sweet RevengeA Hidden Treat Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via mayra_reg14

As a little bit of revenge for skipping the bake sale, the girl covered some brussels sprouts in chocolate and sprinkles and presented them just like she had with the delicious truffles. What do you think her dad did when he finally bit into one of these treats? Who knows, maybe chocolate goes well with vegetables!

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Punishment for Parking in 2 Spots

Here we have another example of an angry pedestrian, getting quite frustrated by a car taking up two parking spaces at the grocery store. We've already seen a strawberry jam attack and a shopping cart barricade, but this person thought a bit more out of the box.

Punishment for Parking in 2 Spots Sweet RevengePunishment for Parking in 2 Spots Sweet Revenge
Twitter via @ckrajci

They whipped out a few zip ties and attached a shopping cart to the car door, assuring that the car's owner will have a difficult time getting out of the parking lot. Let's hope there's a pair of scissors nearby, or else this shopper might be driving home with some extra baggage.

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Sonic vs. McDonald's

There's rarely a shortage of competition in virtually every industry, whether it's restaurants, retail, or really anything else. In this case, Sonic employees decided to go head to head with their competitor, McDonald's, regarding who has better ice cream.

Sonic vs. McDonalds Sweet RevengeSonic vs. McDonalds Sweet Revenge
Reddit via kissmoni91

So, they put up this message, assuring customers that their ice cream machine is fully functional. However, this bold message didn't go according to plan, hence the image on the right. Looks like the corporate team had no interest in starting drama, and the branch's employees were disappointed.

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Saved a Little Bit of Everything

When a boy's brother wasn't able to attend the family's Thanksgiving dinner, he made one simple request to his brother; "My brother had to work, so he asked me to save him a little bit of everything." Being the loving brother he is, he did just as he was asked and set aside a little bit of everything.

Saved a Little Bit of Everything Sweet RevengeSaved a Little Bit of Everything Sweet Revenge
Reddit via Seely2593

But something tells us when his brother returned from work, tired and hungry, this was not the plate he was expecting to see. This looks more like an art project than a Thanksgiving meal; The specs of food are so small we couldn't have identified them without the labels.

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The Grinch Who Saved Christmas

The holiday season is known for bringing joyful energy and spirit to people worldwide, especially through vibrant decorations. However, when this family's friendly reindeer decorations were stolen from their lawn, their joyfulness was pretty much sucked out of them.

The Grinch Who Saved Christmas Sweet RevengeThe Grinch Who Saved Christmas Sweet Revenge
Flickr via Greg Boasberg

Out with the reindeers, in with, oh, you know that grumpy old guy; The Grinch. And let it be known that the Grinch stole Christmas, so these people were ready for the bashful character to make a grand entrance. But, this time, The Grinch didn't quite steal Christmas; he saved it. Since no one wanted his face on their lawn, at least.

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Not Your Spot

Finding a parking space in many cities can be a nightmare, especially on the side of the road with limited spots. When the person who lives in the house behind this telephone pole discovered that someone had taken up their parking spot without a permit, it was payback time.

Not Your SpotNot Your Spot
Pinterest via jennifertru0035

Rather than leaving a note or causing any damage to the car (some people would resort to that, believe it or not), the person decided to have some fun. She plastic-wrapped the car to the telephone pole so tightly that untangling this mess would be quite a headache. Do you think the guilty parker learned their lesson?

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Not All Soap Eliminates B.O.

For anyone who didn't already know, nail polish can be used for a lot more than just painting your nails. Especially the clear kind; It pretty much seals anything shut, and it's transparent so you can't see it. In this case, a girl wanted to get her brother back for his endless pranks and used clear polish to her advantage.

Not All Soap Eliminates B.O. Sweet RevengeNot All Soap Eliminates B.O. Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via rannese

She applied the polish to the bar of soap and put it back in the shower, so it appeared untouched. However, when her brother used the shower soap, it didn't actually clean his skin, but he didn't notice yet. Not until later on, when he couldn't understand why he smelled funny, even after using perfectly good soap.

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Very Wet Cleanup

While water doesn't stain as other liquids do, and it's often used to clean up unwanted messes, it can also create its own mess. Like in this case, where a girl thought it would be funny to leave her dad a reminder to stay hydrated and drink water when really, she was just leaving him her spillage to clean.

Very Wet Cleanup Sweet RevengeVery Wet Cleanup Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via clochette0707

How does one even go about cleaning up this water while minimizing spillage? More importantly, how do you create this display in the first place? Anyone who's into physics and water displacement, this might be your time to shine, as the girl's dad really needs to get this water back in the sink.

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Don't Come In

Does anyone here have a nosey younger sibling who can't seem to stay out of your business? And, it doesn't help when the lock on your door is broken, and you literally can't keep them out of your bedroom. But, have no fear, because this guy found a way to keep his little sister out.

Don't Come In Sweet RevengeDon't Come In Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via unicorn4560

He snagged one of her many bottles of hand lotion, which happens to be very greasy, and rubbed it all over his doorknob. Once it was rubbed in enough to appear clear, he closed the door and just waited for his sister to barge right in. Except, something wasn't right, and she couldn't get in. Mission accomplished!

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Vegetables In Disguise

Whether you have children of your own or you're just babysitting for another family's kids, getting them to eat vegetables can be a difficult task. When you were younger, would you have chosen to eat chicken nuggets or a bowl of vegetables? Many of you probably said chicken nuggets, and we can't blame you.

Vegetables In Disguise Sweet RevengeVegetables In Disguise Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via emilyhuehl

Next time you're taking a road trip with the kids, fill up a box that appears to have unhealthy food with vegetables and get ready to see their reaction. The individual who invented this trick found that eventually, her kids were hungry enough to eat the vegetables, and didn't even dislike them. Win-win, am I right?

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Pearly Blues

It seems impossible to turn on the TV without seeing a toothpaste advertisement. I mean, who doesn't want to polish their pearly whites and have a listening smile? But have you ever thought about trying something new? Such as turning those chompers into pearly blues.

Pearly Blues Sweet RevengePearly Blues Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via phunrise

This boy had had enough of his sister accidentally using his toothbrush, so he decided to give her some long-awaited revenge. He put a tiny bit of blue food coloring on the toothbrush's bristles and then patiently waited for her to discover a brand new smile. Do you think he went too far?

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Laundromat Rebel

Believe it or not, some of the most dramatic fights go down in the laundromat, especially on college campuses. There never seem to be enough empty machines, and if you don't wait for your clothes to finish, then chances are, someone will toss them to the curb if you're not there to defend yourself.

Laundromat Rebel Sweet RevengeLaundromat Rebel Sweet Revenge
Pinterest via aparkerd12

That's precisely what happened here, and the wash cycle hadn't even finished. Clearly, the person who ended the cycle to put in their own clothes had absolutely no patience, nor did they care for other people. So, the victim got their revenge by tossing the other person's clothes outside in the freezing cold.

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