Funny Video Shows Dog 'Pretending' His Ball Fell in the Tub


| LAST UPDATE 09/08/2023

By Riley Hammond
funny viral dog TikTok
@just_tiff7 via TikTok

Besides all the love and loyalty that comes with having a dog, you can also count on them bringing a ton of laughter into your life! For example, take this pupper, who just couldn't seem to wait until his mom was finished taking a bath to play with his ball.

In the now-viral video, a dark-brown doggo with ears for days appears to stand over the edge of the bathtub, holding a green tennis ball as his human records him. Clearly, the poor little dude wanted to play, but had strict orders from his mama to wait until she was out of the bathroom. But, understandably, he didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so he got a little sneaky. "My dog keeps pretending that his ball 'accidentally' fell into the tub," reads the text on the video. "He thinks I'm not watching him." LOL. We love a sly pupper with good intentions. Besides, you can tell he really, really wants that ball to fall into the water.

hilarious dog bathtub ball
@just_tiff7 via TikTok
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At some point, the dog releases the tennis ball from his mouth and sets it on the edge of the tub, while his human narrates the whole scenario from behind the camera lens. "Mom's not looking, here's my chance," reads the text over the video. He then nudges the ball with his nose, knocking it into the water, and glancing at his owner for just one-tenth of a second to see if she noticed anything weird. "The side eye 😂," the on-screen text continued. LOL.

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Of course, TikTok then did its thing, and the clip has now been viewed over 25 million times, with more than 2.6 million likes. Users flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the canine's hilarious behavior. One person wrote, "Sneaky baby," while another said, "He smiled after it fell in." One user shared, "I love how they truly have their own unique personalities there’s so much more behind those eyes that a lot of people don’t realize." Dogs truly are the best companions to have around. Stay tuned for more hilarious content!

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