13 Funny Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

Eliott Tanner

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While sentimental gifts may tickle the heart, nothing solidifies a relationship like a lol-worthy present. Lucky for you, we've searched the web high and low to find some funny gift ideas that are available on Amazon: Scroll down to see (we dare you not to laugh).

Wine Workout Dish Towel

Price: $13.00

Wine lovers, rejoice! Our workout regime is finally getting the validation it deserves, thanks to shops like Design Moments. No longer will we have to feel the guilt after pouring a second (or third) glass, because this nifty towel is enough to prove that we're still doing the most. Allow us to explain...

Funny gifts ideas Wine
Designing Moments via amazon.com

Not only is this the perfect little kitchen accessory, but the nifty towel is also 100% wool. So don't be afraid to spoil the clear white, because they only get softer with each wash. With raving customer reviews and only $13 a piece, you don't want to miss out on this perfect gift. Get yours at Amazon. And while you're at it, don't forget about us...

Burrito Blanket

Price: $21.99

Have you ever stared at your burrito and wondered what it would feel like to be the filling inside of it? Well, whether you have or you haven't, there's no denying it would be snug. Especially inside the CASOFU Burritos Blanket on Amazon, boasting a velvety texture of wool on a double-sided print of a standard tortilla. Yes, ladies and gents, dreams do come true.

Funny gifts Burrito Blanket
CASOFU Store via amazon.com

Besides being a literal burrito blanket, this present has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The tortilla throw is 71 inches in diameter and brags 285 grams of high-quality flannel fabric. But wait, we're not done. The dye on the blanket is also eco-friendly, making it healthier for your skin. So what are you waiting for? You can find this quirky blanket on Amazon.

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Price: $12.49

While many of you may be working hard on your summer bods, this Beer Belly Fanny Pack is here to remind you that safety comes before style any day. With an easily adjustable belt and a 15 x 7 pocket, you can basically store whatever you want in this big belly. And don't worry, only the best materials have been used, of course. Did you expect anything less for a beer belly covered in hair?

Funny gifts ideas Fanny
A Aifamy Store via amazon.com

Made of leather and PU, nobody would ever want to steal anything from you while carrying this thing around. The illusion is so spot on that it's almost uncanny. Not to mention how easy it is to grab whatever you need, so take all your worries, along with your self-respect, and toss em' out the window! This fanny pack can be bought on Amazon.

Monopoly "Unicorns vs. Llamas" Board Game

Price: $19.71

Step aside, Plants vs. Zombies, there's a new Sherriff in town. Hasbro gaming has revamped the popular real estate game with a rainbow sunshine makeover. They also added Peru to the sugar, spice, and everything nice concoction by bringing llamas to the board. And besides, when has Monopoly ever been a bad idea for a gift? Our point exactly.

Funny gifts amazon Monopoly
Monopoly Store via amazon.com

In a move that could only be described as mixing business with cuteness, this Monopoly edition looks to be an extra colorful way to spend a weekend night with your family. We aren't going to spoil everything for you, but one thing that has us sparkling in glitter is the characters. Forget steel ironers and thimbles, unicorns or llamas colored in rainbow pastels are the options now. But who cares what we think, go buy it for yourself on Amazon.

Sloth Coffee Mug

Price: $12.95

A funny coffee mug is always a good idea for a funny gift, but this one might just be the ultimate winner. Sloths are widely regarded as the symbol of laziness because of their slow-paced movements. Much like what any coffee-consuming adult experiences before they've had their morning cup of java. Not that we're judging though.

unusual gifts Sloth Mug
Decodyne Store via amazon.com

There is also a cheeky little quote positioned right at the bottom which makes it clear what everyone can expect from you today. Oh, and did we mention that the mug is pretty enormous too? We would recommend giving this artifact to your closest and laziest, coffee-addicted friend. Preferably one who's still looking for a job, just to make things that much more ironic and hilarious. Find this funny mug on Amazon.

"Don't Speak!" Coffee Mug

Price: $14.99

Coffee lovers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They live in other countries and do different things for a living. Some of them are even in space right now, making a java brew on the International Space Station. But there is one thing that they can all probably agree on: The day only starts after a cup of the brown caffeinated potion of life. Can we get an amen?

Gag Gift Ideas Coffee
Humor Us Home Goods Store via amazon.com

Naturally, if the day hasn't started yet, then speaking isn't really an option... yet. So this coffee mug sure sticks to our rhetoric. As if it shows the birth of one's day at the office in caffeine sipping stages, the creator of this mug seemed to have our best interest at heart. So, if you're in the pursuit of getting your colleagues to like you, you can purchase yours over at Amazon.

Bag of Unicorn Farts

Price: $10.95

The internet just keeps on getting better. We don't know what's funnier, the fact that this seller is actually promoting unicorn farts in a bag, or that the shop's name is very appropriately called "Little Stinker Store." But don't let that take the attention away from what's inside the bag, cause it actually does have magical things in there: 85 Grams of pure cotton candy. Or "a rainbow of smiles inside," as Little Stinker writes.

Funny gifts ideas Unicorn
Little Stinker Store via amazon.com

Look, It makes sense that unicorns thrust out sugary goodness whenever they need to fart, so we think that the cotton candy filling here is pretty legit. What's better is that 10% of profits are donated to charities so not only are you bringing laughter, but you're also doing some good. Thank goodness there is a picture of a unicorn cause otherwise, we would be getting the wrong impression. Buy the bag of caloric magic on Amazon.

Corgi Butt Shape Silicone Mouse Pad

Price: $10.99 

Corgis have the most adorable bottoms. Looking like anything from two squished cotton candy pieces to puffy clouds, their butts are certainly a sight for sore eyes. But what if we were to tell you that it's possible to have the comfort of these cute dogs' behinds' at the palm of your hands? Literally? Well, doubt no more because it actually exists, and yes, the butt is entirely 3D. In case you were concerned.

Funny gifts ideas Corgi
123arts via amazon.com

For those who wanted a fluffy Corgi behind, you may be a bit disappointed. That's because this mousepad (or butt-pad if we may) is made out of 100% silicone. And while it may be a little awkward to rest your wrist on this, there's no doubt that you'll be comfortable as ever. Buy this funny gift on Amazon.

Bob Ross Bobblehead

Price: $5.86

Ah, Bob Ross. The sensational painter that has turned nearly every amateur artist into the next Claude Monet. After months of listening to his soothing voice over Youtube tutorials, this bobblehead just blew our iPhones right out the water. Now, you can hear the sweet sound of Mr. Ross with just the push of a button. And yes, the bobble head indeed bobbles.

weird gifts Bob Ross
Chia Store via amazon.com

Having many bobbleheads, or BOBbleheads, showcased on Amazon, you can grab one yourself for as little as $5.86. Some collectibles can go for $20 and upwards, but you'll definitely get your money's worth. The nifty set also comes with a booklet showing the painters' artworks, and apparently, it can also make sounds. But don't take our word for it, get yours at Amazon.

Chia Pet Sophia from The Golden Girls

Price: $26.18

The Golden Girls are going to get a whole lot greener, with some fiber and plenty of magnesium too. That's because this quirky little head statue is actually a planter that is perfectly crafted to make chia babies feel at home. What's even better is that the seeds eventually grow to become Sophia's afro-like do,' which we think is pure gold. See what we did there?

unusual gifts Golden Girls
Chia Pet via wallmart.com

Our favorite thing about these chic planters is that you can expect to see some growth in just 1-2 short weeks. Decorative planters are the new thing nowadays anyway, so why not make yourself hip by giving this nifty pot plant to a friend? Or even offer it as a garden gnome or scarecrow. So what are you waiting for? Get ya Golden Girl at Amazon and be sure to document her progress!

"Don't Even Ask" Measuring Wine Glass

Price: $12.99 

Wine stuff seems to be a popular gift option these days. It could be because our wine-lovers are at an all-time peak... or it's just been a pretty rough year. But can you blame them? Basically everything this past 2020 was shut down. And let's not even talk about how The Walking Dead was canceled... or we might need a bigger cup.

weird gifts unusual amazon
Funny Guy Mugs via amazon.com

The creator of this glass is clearly an experienced wine drinker. That's because the amount needed to be drunk directly links to how bad a day was, as proven by studies conducted by -ahem- us. That shouldn't stop you from buying this nice lil' gift for someone you love, or even for yourself. The science-backed markings of this glass make it pretty useful after a long day at the office. You can find it right over at Amazon.

Brontosaurus Paper Towel Holder

Price: $28.19

Feeling a little adventurous? Adding a touch of the Jurassic period in your kitchen has never been easier, thanks to this Brontosaurus paper towel holder. This 1.92-pound free-standing dinosaur mimics the prehistoric sturdiness of its real counterparts, allowing for a comfortable pull of any paper towel. The bonus? It won't bite you if you get too close.

White Elephant Gift Ideas
What On Earth via Amazon.com

But don't let the picture fool you into thinking this is a tiny little accessory, this towel holder is actually 17 inches tall, staying true to the figure of a Brontosaurus. Not only does this cute lil' thang offer an excellent solution, but it also gives some company for any kitchen goer. You can even give it a name and make it your pet because it's so adorable that it actually deserves it. That's at least what we think. But don't take our word for it, get your little Jurassic friend on Amazon.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Price: $14.99

If your friend is a crappy golf player, then look no further. It's time to let them practice their putting game while answering nature's call, all while giving them the gift of efficient time management. Intrigued? let us elaborate. We, for one, think that this is actually a two-way gift. Just think about the endless puns the giver could make about the receiver's crappy golf skills.

best gag gifts
fairly odd novelties via amazon.com 211

But that's not all. This golfing set is made from dense polyresin that can put up with bumps, falls, and even accidents. Making this gift toilet-proof, so the receiver won't have to worry too much about making their golfing crappier than it actually is. Remember how we said that there are endless puns that you could -ahem- let out? Well then, what are you waiting for? Their putting/pottying skills won't improve on their own and practice makes perfect! You can find this funny gift on Amazon, of course.