Funny 'Dogs versus Mop' Video Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/31/2021

By Molly Houghton
Funny dog video viral
Instagram via @lifeofsterlingnewton

Meet Sterling Newton, the self-declared comedian (according to his Instagram bio) that's sparking laughter across the internet. And yes, he is a golden retriever. The gorgeous pup and his adorable little brother Colin are no strangers to going viral. But their latest video might just be their best one yet...

Funny dogs viral video
Instagram via @lifeofsterlingnewton

Sterling and Colin Newton live as happy as two doggos can be in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada. Although we wouldn't be surprised if they make their way to New York City to join the comic scene there any moment now. The two furry friends have over 300K followers on Instagram and more than a million on TikTok.

Viral funny video
Instagram via @lifeofsterlingnewton

And just when followers thought their page couldn't get any more adorable (and funny), Sterling and Colin met... a mop. The video of the two canines interacting with the household cleaning product has the social media world in splits. The video has over 150,000 views so far on TikTok alone and over 20,000 likes on the Gram - and counting.

There's a clear age difference between the pups. And while it was previously evident thanks to their differing sizes, their approach to meeting the family mop also shows some differences. While Sterling seems concerned for his family's safety as one of them fights the mop later in the video, all Colin wants to do with the tool is play and slide around the hardwood floors. Check out the hilarious clip for yourself above.

Sterling and Colin go on all types of adventures. Like that time that Sterling and his dog mom dressed up like Thelma and Pawlise and went off on a road trip looking absolutely fabulous in their headscarves. That's one travel companion we wouldn't mind sitting in the car with for hours on end.

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There are also all of those trips to the pet store that Sterling made throughout his last three years of life. And lucky for us, the dog's mama recorded plenty of it. Watching Sterling grow up and learn to catch treats in the air has us feeling all the feels. You can give the funny pups a follow on Insta or TikTok.