50+ Colleagues That Just Couldn't Resist a Hilarious Office Prank


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2021

By Scarlett Adler

Office jobs can get tiring from time to time, so occasionally, there’s no better way to spice things up than playing a good old office prank on your colleagues. Check out some of the most epic pranks and jokes these employees took the time to put together.

Forever in the Friendzone

What do you think happens when you have a room full of intelligent people working on the same team? Well, many times, they each try to prove who’s the smartest. If you don’t believe us, see what happened to this innocent guy, after trying to make conversation about dates.

Dating Cans Office NotesDating Cans Office Notes
Pinterest via @maryki2003

In this case, he really did put his best foot forward when cracking a joke, and it was pretty creative. How do you think he did? Something tells us that whoever wrote the initial reminder about dating cans didn't expect this kind of response. Let's just hope the comic got a few laughs at lunch.

Respect the Programmers

Programmers go through all sorts of headaches and internet investigations to give us the digital content we love. These guys and girls spend years studying the art of computing, which is virtually another language! Did you also know that these languages can't be spoken and can give you a migraine if you try?

Respect the Programmers Office NotesRespect the Programmers Office Notes
Pinterest via @drivepedia.com

But according to this note on the door, these extremely bright workers are easily spooked, and apparently, very emotional. So it looks like it might be best for us all to keep calm and carry on unless you happen to know the lyrics to Ava Marie. Would you start harmonizing in order to get the attention of a programmer?

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The Printer's Jammin'

Now that's one way to look at a jammed printer! Many of us find ourselves getting frustrated with printing delays, but just remember, "Every little thing is gonna be alright." Let's hope this particular printer could cheer up a few grumpy office members and help them see the bright side, even with a jammed printer.

The Printer's Jammin' Office NotesThe Printer's Jammin' Office Notes
Pinterest via @cheezburger.com

This guy's sense of humor is so iconic that he mentioned not only one, but several Bob Marley's songs. So next time your printer is jammed, and you find yourself in a time crunch, remember not to stress, and don't even worry about the ink! No matter what, "Everything you print… gonna turn out white."

Sandwiches Have Names Too

So apparently the new trend is naming sandwiches and other lunch foods? No satire of corporate culture will ever be deemed complete if you don't mention the community lunch settings, so that's what this office has done. Honestly, how would you feel if someone stole your roast beef sandwich that you waited all morning for?

Sandwiches Have Names Office NotesSandwiches Have Names Office Notes
Pinterest via @blazepress.com

Even with this, the sad reality is that food theft is on the increase in the workplace. The hope is that if everyone labels their own food, then there will be no issues, right? Let's hope there's only one Kevin, or else this tuna sandwich could've gotten into the wrong hands.

Check Before Exiting

It's no secret that some of the most inconsiderate business of an office goes down in the restroom. Between forgetting to flush or leaving the seat up, true colors are often shown in this very place. You might think it's common sense to flush the toilet, but apparently, not to everyone.

Check Before Exiting Office NotesCheck Before Exiting Office Notes
Pinterest via @cheezburger.com

And what do you know, this reminder even struck some employee interaction and feedback! Just check out the numerous tick marks on the paper. But what about the lonely 'x' next to 'flushed'? Do you think the person who wrote it was rebelling? We sure hope it was just another form of crossing off the task.

No Comic Sans, Please

First impressions are everything, and sometimes a first impression stems from a piece of paper. So the reception at this particular company decided to be very upfront about how they prefer their printing. So here's a heads up, if you're planning to use a fancy font, it's probably better if you just don't.

No Comic Sans Office NotesNo Comic Sans Office Notes
Pinterest via @mcneal0014

Straight forward, bold, and in your face. That's how this company likes its printing. In a way, it's sweet that the receptionist was looking out for all of the hard-working employees and their preference to read certain fonts over others. It looks like the lesson here is to save the swirly letters for after-work activities.

Disastrous Combo

What's worse, unplugging the coffee maker or using whimsical fonts? Chances are, everyone has their own opinion on the matter, and many might find the two to be completely unrelated. But in this particular office, employees feel strongly about both, and can't stand the thought of either one.

Disastrous Combo Office NotesDisastrous Combo Office Notes
Pinterest via @viralsmoke

Luckily for this employee, someone decided to combine both issues and create an ultimate disaster. This must be his worst nightmare, especially if the coffee machine's completely broken now. Painfully whimsical print and a lack of coffee; Let's hope the company can survive!

The Dish Handicap

One of the greatest struggles most people suffer from in the office is dishwashing. We get it, these people have intense jobs that are considered a lot more vital than scrubbing a mug until it's squeaky clean. But think about it, if none of these hard workers wash their dishes, then it looks like they won't be drinking any more coffee.

Dish Handicap Office NotesDish Handicap Office Notes
Pinterest via @blazepress.com

As for the clever individual who made this little sign, well, we're impressed. But do you think they noticed that the sink is actually circular and not square? Either way, maybe this served as the much-needed reminder that every employee should wash their own dishes if they wish to continue drinking coffee.

Beware of the Licked Pens

Whoever is the mastermind sitting at this cubicle may have known about Coronavirus before all of us, and definitely took that to their advantage. In this day and age, using a pen that's been licked by another person is just nauseating. So you can probably imagine where this warning note came from.

Beware of the Licked Pens Office NotesBeware of the Licked Pens Office Notes
Pinterest via @someecards

Most people won't even use a pen that's just been touched by a coworker, forget licked! So, we're guessing this note was a success. Chances are, this employee no longer had to worry about his pens getting stolen from his desk. How far would you go to keep your writing utensils where they belong?

Debbie Does the Fridge

In case you didn't already catch on to the message in this picture; None of this food belongs to Debbie, and she would like you all to know that. We're not sure exactly who it does belong to, but it's certainly not the one and only Debbie. So does this mean it's all up for grabs? Not sure whose leftover they are, though.

Debbie Fridge Office NotesDebbie Fridge Office Notes
Pinterest via @JosephBurkeArts

How would you react if you opened the fridge for lunch and saw all of Debbie's notes? Maybe she and Kevin - from the earlier note about the sandwich - should combine forces. It's great that she pointed out what doesn't belong to her, but Kevin might want to make everyone aware that his food is valuable too.

Ice Master

It looks like we've finally met the real-life ice Queen, or perhaps King. Apparently, this mythical creature doesn't just exist in Disney movies. We're dying to know whether or not this office has a working ice machine or even some ice trays for starters.

Ice Master Office NotesIce Master Office Notes
Report via joemonster.com

Bringing a bag of ice from home seems like a lot of effort, so it must be essential. We're guessing this ice master didn't plan on being judged by his or her colleagues, especially with a hand-typed letter. But hey, as long as they have their ice, then who cares! Do you find this as strange as the writer of the note did?

Can Hardly Tell the Difference

If the person who pulled this prank was trying to be sneaky, well, he or she may have to work a little harder next time. We'll admit, the sketching on the paper Redbull can is pretty detailed, but maybe try using some colored pencils next time. With a touch of red, blue, and silver, everyone will be fooled.

Hardly Tell the Difference Office NotesHardly Tell the Difference Office Notes
Pinterest via @fella_homes

Do you think anyone believed this was a real can of Redbull, even for just a few seconds? If the paper can was heavy enough, then chances are, at least one person grabbed it without looking while rushing off to a meeting. Let's hope they could laugh about this little prank rather than get angry about their absent energy drink.

Stinky Tuna

In Tony the Tuna's wise words, "Don't leave parts of my body in the sink! I stink!" Have you ever come across some day-old tuna in the sink? If you have, then you probably know that it certainly doesn't smell like roses. And if you've fallen guilty to this act, then take this time to be advised by little Tony.

Stinky Tuna Office NotesStinky Tuna Office Notes
Pinterest via @boredpanda

Even the ones who take a late lunch and assume no one else will enter the kitchen the rest of the day, you might want to dispose of your leftovers in the garbage. You'd be surprised how far the scent can travel, and chances are, your co-workers won't be happy. So thanks to Tony and the kind person who wrote this note.

No Large Jobs

Anyone who either works in an office or just owns a printer knows that printing can be expensive. So you can probably understand why this company requested that its employees refrain from printing large jobs. But the thought process of this one person has us hysterically laughing!

No Large Jobs Office NotesNo Large Jobs Office Notes
Pinterest via @darkroastedblend

They might have been thinking, "Hey, why not take a moment to get a few laughs and honor the iconic Steve Jobs at the same time?" So here you have it, a large printout of the Apple founder himself, which serves as an example of what not to do with the printer. At least they didn't use colored ink!

Incase You Forgot

To this individual's co-workers, if you forgot, they will be out of the office due to their grandmother's passing. So if you were planning to do something nice, it seems like that will not be preferred in this very situation. Way to be straight forward and tell it like it is!

Incase You Forgot Office NotesIncase You Forgot Office Notes
Pinterest via @teamjimmyjoe

Do you think anyone really would've pulled a naughty prank during a time like this? We'd like to believe that this person's colleagues know better than to mess around after a loss, but hey, some people think that laughter is the best medicine. Hopefully, they wouldn't get too upset over some flowers, those are harmless, right?

Holy Diet Coke

We've now gotten a glimpse of how far corporate employees will go to protect their foods from getting stolen. We saw what Debbie had to go through, as well as Kevin with his sandwich. Now, apparently, even Jesus is keeping an eye on this person's precious diet coke.

Holy Diet Coke Office NotesHoly Diet Coke Office Notes
Pinterest via @matthewkisser

So I guess the lesson here is if you're thirsty, the first thing you should do is give Jesus a call. And if you decide to crack open one of these glistening cans, then you might be in for some bad karma. This gets us thinking, whatever happened to communal office beverages?

The Ketchup Apology

There’s a reason why most offices have a separate lunch area. Who wants food residue ending up on their desk or stuck in the crevices of their computer keyboard. We all know how that could end up smelling days later. This company even went the extra mile to keep trash from lunch away from the working area.

Ketchup Apology Office NotesKetchup Apology Office Notes
Big Global Travel via Robert Dylan

Except there's one detail we forgot to mention here; This company uses the newsroom as the cafeteria. So, there's even more emphasis on properly disposing of trash after lunch. One person decided to rebel and give everyone a whiff of some good old ketchup the next day. But hey, at least they apologized!

Take a Number

Is it just us, or does it seem like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Who would voluntarily ask for criticism from all of their colleagues throughout the day? Unless, of course, this is just a sarcastic way of telling the other employees to mind their own business.

Take a Number Office NotesTake a Number Office Notes
Pinterest via @dailymail

Something tells us this particular employee has been butting heads with their co-workers quite a bit and has quite frankly had enough. Do you think they're actually expecting a line of complainers at their cubicle? Who knows, maybe this could be a useful tactic for conflict resolution. We've got to figure out how it went!

Microwave Rules

Ahh, what a generous move to provide not one, but two microwaves in the office kitchen. That way, you can heat up last night's leftovers for lunch at the exact same time as your cubicle neighbor. Except, in this case, it seems that it is forbidden. Do you think there was an incident that caused this note to go up?

Microwave Rules Office NotesMicrowave Rules Office Notes
Pinterest via @Cheezburger.com

And the response isn't very positive either. We can't help but agree with the individual who questioned why there are two microwaves if only one can be used at a time. Maybe one specializes in meat while the other is an excellent soup heater? We're not quite sure. What do you think?

Where Is Everyone?

At first glance, the top note taped to the door totally makes sense, right? The most logical thing to do when you're looking for someone in an office is to check with the reception. But what happens when the receptionist is also absent? Now we've got a situation on our hands.

Where Is Everyone Office NotesWhere Is Everyone Office Notes
Pinterest via @teamhellions

What would you do if you desperately needed to locate a specific person and virtually everyone who could help you was missing in action? We've got to give this individual some credit, as they truly followed the provided instructions. But now it's time to locate the desired employees. Where could they be?

Spoon Etiquette

Even when selecting a spoon to stir your coffee or eat your soup with, a protocol is expected to be followed. And if you weren't aware of this before, don't worry, we're here to help. Shout out to the employee who made this note, which instructs the entire office to pick up a spoon using the spoon scoop.

Spoon Etiquette Office NotesSpoon Etiquette Office Notes
Pinterest via @monkeyqueen992

Seems simple enough, right? But what happens if you reach for the spoon scoop and accidentally touch one of the plastic spoons in the drawer? Just hope no one catches you in the act because that pretty much ruins the communal scooper's purpose. At least this company is trying to be extra sanitary!

Paws Off the Pens

Apparently, there's something about working in an office that gets people overprotective about their pens. We're not sure if the person who made this sign is trying to prevent Coronavirus or they're just really attached to their specific pens, but clearly, a point is being made. What do you think the reasoning is?

Paws Off the Pens Office NotesPaws Off the Pens Office Notes
Pinterest via @nightbird0

Whatever the reason, it must be valid, since this person's threatening to consume your soul if you touch their pens. Yikes, that's harsh! On the bright side, at least they threw in a "Thank you for understanding." That makes everything better, right? Better go and get your own pens!

Missing Bananas

This looks like one massive misunderstanding. Once upon a time, someone was encouraging their co-workers to eat something in the kitchen, we're just not sure what. Somehow, some bananas got misplaced in the 'free for all' spot, leaving one employee hungry and unhappy.

Missing Bananas Office NotesMissing Bananas Office Notes
Pinterest via @MSSPURR

Luckily for this angry employee, Steve was able to clear things up and point out how the bananas went missing. But hey, at least there are some overly ripe green apples left! Those always make for a satisfying snack, if you're able to look past the bruises, that is. I guess they'll have to wait another day for bananas.

Bottle Talk

Now, what do we have here? There appears to be an intimate gathering of glass milk bottles in the kitchen sink. Forget angry employees; This time, we have a squad of angry milk bottles. They seem baffled as to why they've been abandoned and left in the sink. Clearly, they're dying to make their way into the clean cabinet.

Bottle Talk Office NotesBottle Talk Office Notes
Flickr via @passiveagressivenotes

There's just one problem. These bottles need to be personally escorted into the cabinet, which means first being carefully cleaned. We genuinely hope that the clever soul behind the speech bubbles in the sink was able to get their point across, and maybe even get a chuckle out of some employees.

Lonesome Hair

There's definitely something gross about coming across a hair that's not yours, especially when it's in your food. Luckily, in this case, the lost hair appeared on the wall, and no one's meal was harmed, but one employee seems incredibly bothered by it.

Lonesome Hair Office NotesLonesome Hair Office Notes
Pinterest via @staceycanaley

If you noticed a hair hanging on the wall and continued to walk past it every day for six months, would you throw it away? If this person is so disgusted by the strand of hair, you'd think they would've picked it up with a tissue right? Or maybe even point it out to the cleaning crew since apparently they haven't noticed either.

Forbidden Microwave

How tempting do you find it to touch something when you're strictly instructed NOT to use it? The more specific the order, the more we want to get our hands all over the object, right? Well, that's precisely what we've got here. For some reason, this microwave is completely off-limits, and one employee had a hard time accepting that.

Forbidden Microwave Office NotesForbidden Microwave Office Notes
Pinterest via @dailymail

I mean, can you blame this guy for wanting to use the microwave so badly? What could possibly be so dangerous, or maybe even state-of-the-art about this contraption. Maybe it has some sort of elite superpowers. I guess we'll never know unless someone rebels and uses it.

Hummus Patrol

It looks like HR is about to start interviewing candidates for a new role: hummus patrol. You may never have pictured someone actually doing this as a full-time job, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And in this case, the broke junior designer is desperate for a nutritious meal.

Hummus Patrol Office NotesHummus Patrol Office Notes
Daily Mail via TNI Press

So to the person who stole the hard-working junior designer's hummus, you better fess up! There's an investigation going down, and we're determined to get this guy some hummus for his lonely carrots. Or if you're too scared to show your face, it sounds like anonymously replacing it will suffice.

Frozen Central

I think this is one concept we can all relate to, ever since Disney released the incredibly popular film, Frozen back in 2013. People of all ages saw the movie, and after leaving the theater, it became nearly impossible for many to stop singing the songs. So, we understand the meaning behind this note.

Frozen Central Office NotesFrozen Central Office Notes
Pinterest via @lhamlin1

Five days without singing a single Frozen song actually seems like quite an accomplishment. Just picture a middle-aged man belting out Let It Go in the middle of the conference room; That sounds like an epic sight. Evidently, this company' had enough of Elsa and Anna's lyrics, so hopefully, this sign did the trick.

Coping With Cake

Losing a valued employee can be tough on any company, and sometimes it takes a while for the rest of the staff to fully accept this loss. But when the employee who's leaving brings a cake on their last day, well, let's just say, there's no longer much sadness in the air.

Coping With Cake Office NotesCoping With Cake Office Notes
Reddit via @fatboyslim27

It was pretty smart of the individual, leaving the company, to bring a sweet surprise for their colleagues. But let's just hope the cake didn't take away from any extra attention the long-time worker should've been getting on his or her last day. Definitely must've been a bittersweet day for all.

Preventing Depression in Kittens

Before you read any further, just take a look at this adorable little kitten. Did it melt your heart yet? Well, whoever decided to use a picture of a baby animal to manipulate employees into washing dishes is genius. If this loveable little guy doesn't like dirty dishes in the sink, then we don't like dirty dishes in the sink.

Preventing Depression in Kittens Office NotesPreventing Depression in Kittens Office Notes
Flickr via Jeff Keyzer

This certainly isn't the first office dishwashing scandal, but the unique strategy to solve the problem might have worked this time. Would you give your dishes an extra scrub after seeing this adorable face above the sink? Something tells us that no one's wishing for crushing depression in kittens.

Weakness Leaving the Body

Who doesn't want to eliminate the weakness of their body? Especially after a long day of work, nothing could be better. Well, it appears that the person who wrote this note discovered that the best way to do this is in the bathroom. So when it's time to do this, you better take advantage!

Weakness Leaving the Body Office NotesWeakness Leaving the Body Office Notes
Pinterest via @derechyman

Be sure not to let any haters get in the way of your time, no matter what hour of the day this occurs. The next time you see a sign like this on the bathroom stall door, just walk right past it and let your colleague properly eliminate their weakness. After all, everyone needs some time for themselves.

Passive-Aggressive Overload

Ahh, it's about time someone finally addresses the surplus of passive-aggressive office notes. It's too bad this office no longer has a functioning ice machine; Maybe they should ask the fellow who we saw bring his ice from home earlier in the text. But the person who wrote the bottom note really got their point across.

Passive-Aggressive Overload Office NotesPassive-Aggressive Overload Office Notes
Pinterest via @fotospecial

Believe it or not, there once was a time when sticky notes didn't exist, and co-workers resolved their issues face to face. This person's probably either talking about the Pepperidge Farm staff, or maybe an incident regarding Pepperidge Farm cookies went down in the office kitchen. What do you think they're referring to exactly?

Bring In the Cow

It seems like more and more people are taking the organic route these days, with some folks going more extreme than others. It appears that one particular employee thought it would be funny to take a jab at Chad, who we're guessing takes pride in milking his own cow.

Bring In the Cow Office NotesBring In the Cow Office Notes
Pinterest via @johnp3902

Or maybe Chad actually brought some fresh milk in the cow-shaped container on the right. What do you think's going on in this corporate refrigerator? Just take a look at the image on the left. One employee seems completely unamused by Chad's effort to share organic milk and has suggested bringing in a cow for the company to milk.

Stellar Spelling

Just from reading this boldly printed office note, we're already sensing some tension among this company's employees. It sounds like the sarcasm is at an all-time high, and apparently, not everyone is on board. Who knows, maybe a good old poster to track the sarcasm-free days will do the trick.

Stellar Spelling Office NotesStellar Spelling Office Notes
Pinterest via Viviana Pico

Clearly, whoever spotted this poster first decided to throw in some daily sarcasm and point out the spelling error. Did you notice the mistake? We're not going to be as witty as the individual who left their commentary in the blue marker. Let's face it, spelling errors happen to the best of us, just try using spellcheck in the future.

Pizza Thief

We're not sure if the guilty individual who ripped off a section of this pizza slice was being considerate by not taking the whole thing, or just didn't like it after the first bite. What do you think? Either way, this person was caught red-handed, we're just dying to know if hey ever revealed their identity.

Pizza Thief Office NotesPizza Thief Office Notes
Pinterest via @ellegitimate

The slice owner doesn't seem too upset about it, maybe just confused about the thought process behind this refrigerator incident. By the wording of the note, it sounds like the person hoped for a response from the pizza thief. Evidently, there's always a lesson to be learned, even over office pizza.

How to Get Ants

First thing's first, we must ask you: Do you really want ants in the trash? If your answer to this question is no, then why would you ever leave donuts in the tech office? We're sure that some of the hard workers in the tech office enjoy eating donuts and don't purposely attract these little critters.

How to Get Ants Office NotesHow to Get Ants Office Notes
Pinterest via @Cecilia269

Perhaps a more encouraging note could get better results. Do you think this rhetorical question got the job done? It may have scared a few employees to eat their donuts elsewhere, or it could've gotten these people angry and wanted to leave extra crumbs lying around.

Crying Over Spoiled Milk

This might be beneficial information for those of you who aren't milk-drinkers and are not well-versed in keeping dairy fresh. Truth be told, milk does indeed spoil when it's left out of the refrigerator for too long. Even if it's in the refrigerator, but the door isn't shut, you're pretty much doomed.

Crying Over Spoiled Milk Office NotesCrying Over Spoiled Milk Office Notes
Pinterest via @judybellacole

And it seems like the person who wrote this note on the fridge feels very strongly about their milk's well-being. Whatever you do, do not even think about leaving the refrigerator door open at all. They say you shouldn't cry over spilled milk, but people can apparently cry over spoiled milk.

How Do You Like Your Strawberries?

You know what they say; Beggars can't be choosers. Especially when it comes to stealing someone else's delicious strawberries straight from the refrigerator. And what a kind offer that the original strawberry owner made? Even after being robbed, they're willing to make a fresh batch of chocolate-covered berries.

How Do You Like Your Strawberries Office NotesHow Do You Like Your Strawberries Office Notes
Pinterest via @locatable

The person who wrote the original note was being just a little bit sarcastic, and it looks like not everyone understood that. The strawberry thief requested a different type of chocolate, and they even asked for the ingredients to be purchased at a particular store. How would you feel if you found yourself in this scenario?

Secret Ingredient

Here we have another employee who's suffered from the robbery of her lunch. If there's one takeaway here, it's that once you open the office refrigerator, no one's safe. It looks like the person who brought the soup has already done some investigating and keeps a close eye on the kitchen thief.

Secret Ingredient Office NotesSecret Ingredient Office Notes
Pinterest via @melissakrepp

You might be wondering why the soup owner revealed their latest secret ingredient rather than watching the robber suffer. Well, it looks like this person has a kind heart. Plus, it sounds like they just really want to eat the soup. No Oxy-Powder soup for me, please!

People Know

Word on the street is, if you work for this specific company, you know better than to touch this guy's mug. You know, the one with the reindeer on it. Well, he felt the need to protect it with his life, so that's where this hanging reminder came from. Please be respectful.

People Know Office NotesPeople Know Office Notes
Pinterest via @ebaumsworld

Apparently, he was wrong. Evidently, his colleagues got great joy out of touching the exclusive reindeer mug. It doesn't look like anyone actually used the mug or poured any coffee in it, but surely, some fingerprints were left behind. How do you think the mug's owner reacted to this photo?

Everything Is Temporary

Before you go ahead and read this office note, just know there are many different ways to think about it. Saying that we're all here temporarily could mean here at this specific office, in a particular city, or maybe something even deeper. Regardless, the person who made the note about the printer probably didn't expect this response.

Everything Is Temporary Office NotesEverything Is Temporary Office Notes
Pinterest via @comedyguys

Maybe the person who wrote the message on the sticky note was having a rough day and wanted to lay all his thoughts out. Or perhaps this individual just thought they were funny and witty. What do you think the meaning behind this note is? Well, hopefully the office gets a permanent printer soon!

Thanks, Mom

Don't you just love it when your mother makes an appearance just to embarrass you? Chances are, her intentions are good, but her overprotective nature and desire to treat you like her little baby come off a little embarrassing in front of your colleagues.

Thanks Mom Office NotesThanks Mom Office Notes

What would you do if you walked into the office kitchen to fund this note from your mom? We've got to admit, that was an incredibly sweet gesture. Who wants to clean dishes when mom will voluntarily do it, anyway? At least there was no awkward run-in in the hallway in front of your boss, right?

Office Platenapper

Attention readers, we've got a situation on our hands. It appears that one employee's precious green plate has gone missing, and we must find it. It looks like the plate owner kindly asked for the person who used it to return it, with no questions asked. As for the response, well, see for yourself.

Office Platenapper Office NotesOffice Platenapper Office Notes
Pinterest via @larsbredahl

How long did it take you to read that uniquely printed note above? The author of the letter has been named a crazy typewriter, and he or she has an ulterior motive. $100 for a plate? Now that seems a little crazy! Unless, of course, it's an extremely valuable plate that everyone at the company's after. I guess we'll never know!

Expressing Love

Well, this is pretty awkward. Why would someone wish failure upon a colleague, especially after working together for so many years? The person being honored with the cake is leaving the company, and clearly, their co-workers aren't too happy about it. But this is definitely an interesting way to show it.

Expressing Love Office NotesExpressing Love Office Notes
Pinterest via @someecards

The truth is, people show love in the strangest ways, right? We're just going to tell ourselves that this misleading cake comes from love; it's just extremely unique. Do you think this is too drastic for a going-away party? Hopefully, the guest of honor knew it was all in good fun. Well, it was, right?

Someone's Hangry

Who knew that people could get so fired up about lunch? And we're not even talking about any gourmet cuisine here, just a simple turkey sandwich. This employee has taken revenge to a whole new level, and we can't help but worry for the poor soul who steals the sandwich next.

Someone's Hangry Office NotesSomeone's Hangry Office Notes
Pinterest via @banorama

But have no fear, as you can see here, those mouth sores are probably nothing! Reassuring, right? Maybe more employees should start labeling their lunch clearly to avoid this recurring issue. Or perhaps, they should go out for lunch, that way no food has the potential to be stolen.

Meet the Dishwasher

Listen up readers, it's your lucky day! That's because you're about to learn the basics of a dishwasher and how to operate it. First thing's first, the office dishwasher is not called Brian, and it does not resemble a human with a bald head. Brian may be an expert on scrubbing those cups to perfection, but it's not his job.

Meet the Dishwasher Office NotesMeet the Dishwasher Office Notes
Pinterest via @randomlyfunnyst

Believe it or not, the dishwasher is an inanimate object that can't speak or walk and must be operated manually. To be more specific, it's the white machine with the buttons on it, and its sole purpose in life is to get your dishes squeaky clean. Let's all give Brian a break from doing the dirty work. How does that sound?

Toilet Possession

Sometimes, the best way to get a message across is to be as straight forward as possible. It might be more comfortable to beat around the bushes with certain topics, but this employee didn't hold back. Can you blame them? You've gotta do what you've gotta do, right?

Toilet Possession Office NotesToilet Possession Office Notes
LOLWOT via Cranky Notes

We can probably all understand this guy's concern, which he made very clear on the note posted on his co-worker's computer screen. The bigger question here is, though, does the office only have one toilet? The best solution might be to add another one, and these awkward situations may not occur as frequently.

Sneaky Chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road? Come on, let's hear your best answer! This time, it wasn't just to get to the other side. In this instance, the chicken crossed the road to catch the office rat in the act. This juicy piece of fried chicken might be very tempting, but be sure to eat it with caution.

Sneaky Chicken Office NotesSneaky Chicken Office Notes
Atchuup! via Roy Reid

Hopefully, there's no rat poisoning hidden in the meat; Otherwise, disaster could be in this office's future. That is if an employee decides they want an afternoon snack. Would you help yourself to the chicken, or would the note scare you off? It's hard to tell the exact meaning behind this letter, but the chicken definitely looks good!

Flushing the Bread

Could this be the newest trick to sticking to that gluten-free diet? This definitely takes some will power, as we all know it can be nearly painful throwing away a loaf of freshly baked bread. How far would you go to cut gluten and carbs out of your diet?

Flushing the Bread Office NotesFlushing the Bread Office Notes
Reddit via @Wackaflocka_lane

It appears that Vince wasn't able to see the upside of this bread down the toilet. Based on the note he left, he sounds extremely angry, and we're dying to know why exactly. Do you think he's just mad he can no longer eat this bread for lunch? Or maybe he's worried it will break the toilet.

Need for Change

We're slightly overwhelmed by the wild array of colored sticky notes and the range of food groups being discussed on this office refrigerator. For starters, it looks like someone's very angry about their missing juice. Can you blame them? Fresh juice can be hard to come by at times.

Need for Change Office NotesNeed for Change Office Notes
Pinterest via @cheezburger.com

And apparently, there's a hotdog thief on the loose? Better secure your dogs before it's too late; No one wants a barbeque without a juicy hotdog. The yogurt is also missing, and last but not least, someone isn't happy with the snack selection. Change is healthy, and in this case, these employees want a radical change in the kitchen.

Mind the Toaster Strudel

In case you haven't yet realized, many employees from all different offices are very territorial over their lunch, and even their snacks. And evidently, just because you brought food from home, that doesn't mean it'll be waiting in the fridge for you at lunchtime, no matter how many passive-aggressive notes are left in the kitchen.

Mind the Toaster Strudel Office NotesMind the Toaster Strudel Office Notes
Pinterest via @theCHIVE

This particular employee may not have taken the time to prepare their own food at home, but it looks like they had no problem devoting the afternoon to an arts and crafts project. I mean, just look at the variety of carefully cut letters, that must've taken hours. At least someone enjoyed the delicious strudel.

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Unacceptable Handicap

If you find yourself feeling slightly guilty after reading this office note, just know that we've all been there. The handicap bathroom is extra roomy, even containing its very own sink, which is often too tempting to overlook. Sometimes making small talk with your co-worker while washing your hands just isn't ideal, we get it.

Unacceptable Handicap Office NotesUnacceptable Handicap Office Notes
Pinterest via @boredpanda

Unfortunately, in this specific office, it appears that far too many employees spent their breaks in the handicap bathroom, probably to escape their cubicle neighbor. Well, everyone, from now on the handicap bathroom is reserved for those who need it, and nobody else.

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Toilet Paper Can't Change Itself

For anyone who was under the impression that toilet paper rolls change themselves when they run out, well, you're in for a rude awakening. But thankfully, little Miss. toilet paper sent a kind message to the office, without the threats that some people used about stealing food.

Toilet Paper Can't Change Itself Office NotesToilet Paper Can't Change Itself Office Notes
Pinterest via @dumpaday

It may be hard to believe, but this inanimate object doesn't have an automated setting to refill the empty roll. Next time you're using the restroom and finish the roll of toilet paper, be the kind-hearted person we all know you are and replace it for the next person.

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Too Lazy to Recycle

Many homes and offices make an effort to bring in recycling bins and intend to do their part to help the environment, but in many instances, laziness gets in the way. At least this office acknowledged that to recycle, you've got to take a few extra steps, 10 to be exact, but the employees were certainly put off by this.

Too Lazy to Recycle Office NotesToo Lazy to Recycle Office Notes
Pinterest via @HomeGoddessPro

One eager employee took the time to measure the distance from the regular trash can to the recycling bin and was shocked by the discovery they made. Not only did the company tell a little white lie, but they expect the employees to walk precisely 26 steps just to recycle some paper. Apparently, that's just too much walking!

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When There's No Door

Whoever invented the term 'common sense' may want to think again about the meaning behind it. Let's be real here, even the most seemingly obvious things in life just don't register with some people. Here's a perfect example: If a bathroom stall is missing a door, would you still use it?

When There's No Door Office NotesWhen There's No Door Office Notes
Imgur via @igobananasforyourcoconuts

If you said yes, we're hoping you have a good reason for that answer. I mean, if all of the other stalls are filled, and you desperately need to use the restroom, then we can't really blame you. For the future, though, if you find a ladder blocking you from entering, it might be best to wait for the next available restroom.

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Conditional Candy

When it comes to eating candy, it's crucial to leave things as simple as possible. That means if you're going to eat some, you are absolutely forbidden from overthinking what may be in it, or how it could impact your body. Candy is candy, something sweet that's supposed to bring you joy.

Conditional Candy Office NotesConditional Candy Office Notes
Pinterest via @caramelcreams

We've got a few rules for all of you candy consumers, thanks to the lovely people from this office. First off, you're more than welcome to help yourself yo the sugary snack. But here's the catch, under no circumstance can you mention your diet or the extra while digesting the candy. Sounds fair, right?

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Who Ruined the Candy?

Here we have another scenario where one questionable employee utterly disrespected the office candy supply. "I put a bowl of Skittles, M&M's, and Reese's Pieces in the break room this morning. Went in there at lunch to find this," explained one outraged employee.

Who Ruined the Candy Office NotesWho Ruined the Candy Office Notes
Reddit via @Lavaswimmer

But can you blame them for being upset? This is just not proper candy etiquette, especially since the naughty employee mixed candies that are not meant to touch one another. Well, that's what the candy provider thinks, at least. How would you feel if Reese's Pieces got mixed in with Skittles?

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Banana Behavior

Look what we have here, another issue involving food robbery in the office. This person seems to be very protective of their banana, even taking the time to let everyone else know that they can't have it. Perhaps labeling it with a name could've been better, but that's not the funny part.

Banana Behavior Office NotesBanana Behavior Office Notes
Pinterest via @boredpanda

Which of these two notes do you think came first? We're going to take a wild guess that it was the blue one, which surely makes a statement about proper banana behavior. Did you know that bananas should never ever under any circumstance? Congrats, now you'll never make the mistake this person did.

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Toilet Wars

This is something I think we can all relate to, whether in the office or at home. Especially when your office has a small bathroom where all genders use the same one. Most females like to think that the proper restroom etiquette means their male coworkers must put the toilet seat back down after using it.

Toilet Wars Office NotesToilet Wars Office Notes
Pinterest via @asianelvis

Evidently, the men in this particular office feel differently about the matter. They've decided to voice their opinion once and for all. While we can understand that no one ever wants to touch the seat, someone's got to compromise. What do you think is the appropriate choice?

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Please Turn It Back On

The person who wrote the note in the top part of this photo brought up a very valid point that often gets overlooked. Plenty of times, we're informed that something's broken and will not be operating, but then we're left in the dark. Some people just want answers!

Please Turn It Back On Office NotesPlease Turn It Back On Office Notes
Pinterest via @funmemepics

We get it, the sink was turned off due to leakage, but when will it be turned back on? Will the 'fixage' be happening anytime soon? We feel for this curious guy, I mean, he just wants to know when he'll be able to use the sink again! Do you think these employees ever got an answer?

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Crime Scene Investigation

Attention everyone, by viewing this image, you're approaching a crime scene, so please be cautious. It may not look like your typical crime scene you'd find on one of these TV dramas, it's actually bigger. The person who committed this crime has most likely gone into hiding, as the punishment for the incident might be harsh.

Crime Scene Investigation Office NotesCrime Scene Investigation Office Notes
Twitter via @cogworks

Anytime someone drips their coffee on the counter AND doesn't clean it up, now that just doesn't go unnoticed. Yes, the outraged employee who took the time to print the yellow signs could've wiped up the stain in less time, but that would just be no fun. We've got a situation on our hands!

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Don't Waste Labels

Label makers are quite a fun toy to mess around with, but beware, these machines are meant strictly for business, not pleasure. We're not sure if people get so possessive over their label makers because the ink and the paper are expensive, or they just don't want to share with their coworkers.

Don't Waste Labels Office NotesDon't Waste Labels Office Notes
Pinterest via @allwomenstalk

To the individual who printed the label stating "OK," you definitely gave us a good laugh. On the one hand, it's always good to provide a clear response to instructions, but it doesn't look like this was the desired format. Let's hope the rest of the employees didn't hop on this bandwagon and waste even more labels.

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Any Other Requests?

It's one thing to make a simple request in the office; Paperclips, more milk for the coffee, or maybe even some fruit. But in this office, it looks like the employees are getting pretty demanding, starting with diet creme soda, which doesn't even seem too bad once you see the rest.

Any Other Requests Office NotesAny Other Requests Office Notes
Pinterest via @martinprint

Next, we have coconut water, which is getting a little fancier, but hey, some people are rather particular about their water. This person even drew a palm tree, proving their dedication to the request. Take a look at the bottom note and let us know what you think. People sure are needy!

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Emergency Exit

Every office has an emergency exit that's clearly marked, so it's easy to find in case of emergency, of course. Some companies find it necessary to give people the proper warning about what might happen if the door is accidentally opened, like this one.

Emergency Exit Office NotesEmergency Exit Office Notes
Pinterest via @cheezburger

As clearly stated in the photo, this door is alarmed, so beware before opening it. But apparently, the door isn't the only thing in the office that's alarmed. All this talk about escaping during an emergency can be pretty alarming, so we can't blame the individual who left the second note on the door.

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No GOT Discussion

For anyone who's a dedicated viewer of any TV show, you can probably understand the pain that the person who wrote this note is feeling. There's nothing worse than walking into work, and overhearing your coworkers reveal the latest event from the show you haven't had a chance to watch yet.

No GOT Discussion Office NotesNo GOT Discussion Office Notes
Twitter via @jordancampb

And when it comes to Game of Thrones, fans seem to be even more engaged than other shows, so this problem might be hard to avoid. DVR is great and all, allowing you to record and watch the episode at the time that's convenient for you, but once you walk into the office, nobody's safe.

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When Will the Prints Come?

Believe it or not, printing papers on top of papers can be an exhausting and mentally draining task. For some reason, there always seems to be an error occurring with the printer, and getting to the bottom of the issue is more complicated than one might expect.

When Will the Prints Come Office NotesWhen Will the Prints Come Office Notes
Pinterest via @dumpaday

And that's what makes the sign that's hung above the printer in the photo so relatable. Printing a document doesn't just mean pressing a button and moving on with your day. The ink cartridge could be empty, the paper tray could be jammed, or you could just get an 'error' message with no explanation.

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Poor Positioning

Do you think anyone considers the aftermath of spraying an air freshener, other than coating the room with a fresh scent? Like for instance, the fact that if this substance gets in your mouth, it could leave you with a horrible after taste. Floral scents are nice at first until they wind up in unwanted places.

Poor Positioning Office NotesPoor Positioning Office Notes
Pinterest via @kevinseawrightt

Please take a moment to read this personalized note from someone who claims to be taller than average. When these automated contraptions spray sporadically, anyone in the splash zone is in for a rude awakening. So, for the sake of the tall folks, it might be time to relocate the air fresheners.

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Out of Order

It was very kind of the person who made this sign to warn their coworkers of the broken chair, but evidently, the message did not come across as planned. Instantly, another employee noticed the spelling error and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Out of Order Office NotesOut of Order Office Notes
tumblr via @fetusandgod

So if you come across this particular broken chair, please do yourself a favor and be cautious. You may not have noticed at first glance, but the chair is not usable, and sitting on it will put your life in danger. Do you think the writer of the bottom note considered simply correcting the spelling, with no other commentary?

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Sink vs. Trash

The purpose of this image is to give you all a quick refresher on everyday bathroom items since, apparently, it can get confusing for some people. The white bowl with a faucet above it is called a sink, and it provides you a place to wash your hands, with soap and water, of course.

Sink vs. Trash Office NotesSink vs. Trash Office Notes
Instagram via @jlujano93

So, you can understand why something here seems slightly odd. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That paper towel in the sick should probably be moved a bit to the right, inside the hole that contains all of the other used paper towels. Thank you to whoever put together this diagram, it definitely made things more clear.

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Apologies for Improving Your Life

It's always a nice perk when an office provides its employees with an outdoor area to get some fresh air during the tiring workday. Who doesn't want to eat their lunch on a nice sunny patio and catch up on the office gossip? Some people even use it as a place to de-stress, in whatever way they prefer to.

Apologies for Improving Your Life Office NotesApologies for Improving Your Life Office Notes
Pinterest via @themetapicture

But as soon as mealtime begins, the patio transforms into a strictly non-smoking area, and it sounds like not everyone in this office is happy about that. If you read the sign, you'll understand that this company is genuinely just looking out for its employees' well-being and helping them live even longer.

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