First Day School Photos Go Viral for Hilarious Reason


| LAST UPDATE 10/02/2022

By Lily Tipton
Funny Viral School Pictures
@misterperry via Instagram

Every parent knows the hard work and dedication it takes to get a good photo of their child. Whether they can't stand still or refuse to pull a regular smile, kids don't make it easy to capture their most memorable moments. When it comes to the iconic first day of school pictures, the pressure is on like never before. But while parents may recognize the importance of the day, kids often don't get the memo. So when one boy wouldn't smile for the camera, his dad was forced to get hilariously creative to capture the perfect shot…

After Adam Perry instructed his son to smile for the camera on his first day of school, he pulled an awkward, unnatural expression. One minute later, Perry had a perfect shot - a natural, gorgeous smile on the boy's face. How did he achieve this? Well, he yelled out the word "poop!" Posting the two side-by-side photos of his son to his Twitter page, along with the caption, "My son when I tell him to smile vs. when I yell out 'poop!'" the tweet instantly went viral. 

Viral First Day School
@misterperry via Instagram
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Talking to Good Morning America, Perry explained the story behind the photos. "We always take pictures on the first day [of school], and we were in a bit of a hurry and having a hard time getting good pictures," Perry noted. "My son always has the funniest smile when he's trying too hard. I learned at some point that if I just yelled out 'POOP' and snapped the picture quick, it always worked out way better. In this case, it was a pretty dramatic comparison, so I thought I'd share it."

Praising the dedicated father in the comments section, many parents couldn't wait to try the method out on their children, with many returning to confirm their success. "I expected 5 to 10 people to like it. Then it kept climbing ... and climbing ... it's now at 297k likes. Then it went first page on Reddit and viral on Instagram and Facebook," a shocked Perry told GMA. Ultimately, he is delighted to hear how well this approach resonated with people, and he hopes it continues to spread smiles and laughs!

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