‘Favorite Words’ Prank on Husband Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
TikTok Funny Husband Challenge
@polinaraykov via Instagram

Who doesn't love a good viral TikTok trend and seeing which stranger can pull the best attempt out of the bag? As for the latest viral challenge, dog owners have gotten a rise out of their pups when using keywords they're familiar with, waiting for special reactions. Using words like 'walk,' 'eat,' or 'ball' in a story has proved to trigger a dog's reaction. However, this trick has been transposed to couples - telling stories in front of partners, talking about their favorite hobbies and so on… And it's as hilarious as it sounds!

The new challenge started off with dog - and cat - owners telling their pets a random story and recording the reaction, specifically using keywords to get them excited, angry, or even a little left out. Some pups have responded perfectly with confusion to words like 'grandma' and 'car ride,' feeling a little #fomo. But it turns out men are also pretty attentive... when they want to be. However, unlike dogs, they don't react to words like 'park,' 'walkies,' and 'treats,' but commonly are confused as to why they're not or weren't involved in such activities! Head tilts for days. 

Funny Couples Prank TikTok
@peter_obster via Instagram
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When grabbing the attention of our partner, TikTok user @stacy_no_e showed us how easy it is. Stacey is not overly famous on the platform but posts purely for entertainment purposes. She previously challenged her husband to open a can and pick up a coin with acrylic nails and even try a period cramp stimulator... now that's true love. When Stacey decided to take on the 'favorite word' challenge, it didn't take long to wind up her husband, Justin. After hearing words like Home Depot, fishing at the lake, and beers, Justin couldn't take it anymore and dismissively asked, 'who are you talking to?!' The video received 1.3M views (and counting). Other couples, like @himandherofficial, also graced us with this hilarious trend. When husband and wife - Ricky and Lesly - tried the challenge, Ricky responded with so much hype, he had to "take off his glasses to he could hear better," as pointed out in the comments!

@himandherofficial He is not a dog he’s my HUSBAND 🥰 #itsajoke #fyp #foryou #rickyandlesly #himandher #husbandwifecomedy #favoritewords #viral #funny ♬ original sound - Ricky & Lesly

We don't know what's more entertaining, pranks surrounding animals or humans! Both have incredible reactions, it's amusing to be on the receiving end of the confusion. Don't worry, no animals or humans have been harmed in the making. Not all couple accounts are trying to reach TikTok fame but are purely maintaining the love in the relationship through banter and being themselves. Keep it coming guys!

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