Father-To-Be Announces Baby Like A Draft Signing

Taran Underwood

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The announcement of a new member of the family can be one of the most exciting things a family can experience. For one father-to-be from Kent, UK, simply announcing it wasn't going to be special enough, he had to deliver the message a little differently.

On the morning before the 12-week scan, Gillingham FC Sean McHugh had the idea of announcing the new-born as if he were a football player.

"In the morning the idea popped into my head to announce our big news as if it were a football player, it was just spontaneous," Sean said. "Amy agreed to the idea, after a bit of persuasion.."

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He went straight from the scan to the Gillingham FC megastore, where they purchased the incoming newborn his very first shirt, "I started to panic because I needed to get the surname and number printed on the back of the shirt in time to do the post - they told me it takes 24 hours to print and I started to think that my idea wasn't going to work.

"Luckily I found an embroidery shop to do it last minute, we couldn't have had the shirt without a name."

Not much is known about this talented young signing, though he/she is expected to be a competent dribbler.