Fancy A New Look? DON'T Try This At Home...

Scarlett Adler

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Urban Spa Salon

With just about every establishment on lockdown during these trying times, many people have taken much-needed haircuts into their own hands. Let's just say, folks, please don't try this at home...

I get it. I mean, I can appreciate a good haircut much like the next guy. But putting those tricky scissors into your own hands? Perhaps not the best idea guys.

Over the last few weeks in quarantine, people have taken to the online world to share their haircut horror stories, and they're just as horrifying (or hilarious) as you'd expect.

Maddison, a 24-year-old hairdresser from Essex explained to UNILAD where people have been going wrong: "[The] biggest mistake is cutting it when wet, it springs up when it dries and ends up too short," she revealed.


At the same time though, "if you are happy to let it grow for a while, do the same, let someone just trim around your ears so it’s less annoying for you," Maddison continued.

Safe to say, if you guys - like myself - are having trouble staying entertained at home, best swap that scissor for a new Netflix binge. Trust me, your hair will thank you...