Family Rings in Spooky Season With Hilarious Decorations


| LAST UPDATE 10/13/2022

By Malikah Mcintosh
Skeleton House Charlie Brown
@skeletonhousesa via Instagram

It is officially Fall, meaning the leaves are turning bright colors, football is back in season, and kids are picking out their Halloween costumes. But for one Texas family, Fall means something different. It means it is time to decorate the house with skeletons!

The Dinote family has become known as the Skeleton House. "It started as a joke in October 2020 when everyone was home during the pandemic," dad Steven told TODAY. When Steven took his daughter, A.J., and son, Anthony, to a Halloween Store, they bought human-sized skeletons. Anthony propped his skeleton up against the lawn mower as a joke. Then, the family came up with new ideas every day. What began as a joke two years ago has now morphed into an internet sensation. Every day, Steven, his wife, Danielle, and kids decorate their front lawn with a new scene. Whether it be from a TV show, like Apple+'s Ted Lasso, or something familiar, like a family camping trip. They always come up with fresh and funny ideas to entertain their neighbors and themselves (and us!)

Skeleton Decorations Halloween Viral
@skeletonhousesa via Instagram
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They use the inspiration they have around them to get their ideas rolling. Steven explained the process, "We made a rollercoaster for the skeletons last year we named One Flag. I spray painted PVC pipes for tracks and made cars from cardboard boxes. My son decided the roller coaster needed restraints which we made from pool noodles." It is a team effort from everyone in the family! Sometimes neighbors even pitch in to help create the hilarious scenes. The family then uploads their daily decorations to a Facebook page called "Skeleton House of San Antonio" and an Instagram account so fans from all around the country and world can enjoy.

Fall festivities always bring out the best traditions, from trick-or-treating to now decorating the front lawn with skeletons. What an excellent way to join in on the festive spirit of Halloween! Is there a scene you'd like to see from the Skeleton House?

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