Every Kid's Nightmare Comes True For One Boy

Scarlett Adler

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Facebook via Wayne Lee

Back in the day, when you heard the words 'I'm gonna count to 3!...' you knew that by three, your a**was to be fully obliged to whatever orders thrown your way. Nowadays, I'm afraid it ain't the case.

You see, kids have uncovered our secret truth. And that is, that by the time we hit 3, we have no freaking idea what we're actually going to do.

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And so, parents have been left scrambling, constantly looking for new ways to reprimand their misbehaved little ones. One parent in specific, Becky Crandley, has taken the whole punishment job to a savage new level.

Crandley, a mother of 5, is no rookie to dealing with misbehaved children. So after 12 year old son, Harley, began acting out in Math class, she knew she had to act fast.

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On Friday, September 20th, Crandley took matters in her own hands. Doing the unthinkable, the British mom paid a surprise, brutal visit to Harley's Sittingbourne Community College. No, we don't mean the dean's office or the secretary's desk, we mean, Harley's last period Math class.

Of course, Crandley's visit was met with sheer horror. Harley 'didn't have a clue, and was very embarrassed for sure, I was introduced as his mum,' the proud disciplinarian shares.

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After sharing her approach on Facebook, the Kent mom said she's received many positive and supportive comments from other parents.

Kids, if you're reading this, consider this your last warning.