Elderly Labrador Finds His Best Friend In An Orphaned Kitten

Taran Underwood

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We shouldn't love people for what's on the outside right? Just ask Paxton, the 12-year-old Labrador who has found a best friend in an orphaned Kitten named Polly. The very unusual friendship has proven to go beyond skin deep since the two of them never leave each other's side.

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When Paxton's owner, Morgan Webb, found a tiny kitten crying in her backyard in Delaware USA, it was love at first sight. Morgan brought the days-old kitten inside, gave her a bath whilst Paxton sat and protectively watched.  "I was so glad we picked her up because I don't think she would have made it. She was only a day or two old. She couldn't see, her ears were still folded and she was starving," she said.

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Apparently, it was milk that brought the fluffy buddies together. When a few droplets of milk splashed onto Polly's little body, "Paxton would lick, lick, lick her, and he fell in love," Ms. Webb said. "I think that is where their relationship really started."

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"Paxton got to meet Polly right after her bath. He fell in love with her at first because he got to clean her after every bottle feed and she loved it because she didn't know any different." Since then, Morgan created an Instagram handle filled with adorable pictures of the two BFF's. They currently have over 5k followers and have built quite a fan base who can't get enough of this bizarre friendship.