8-Year-Old’s ‘Old Man’ Birthday Wish List Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 02/22/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious tiktok kid viral
Instagram via @kaylanjen2.0

If you're looking for a good laugh, look no further than this mom's Instagram reel about her son's birthday wishlist. Apparently, the little guy has some pretty unique tastes when it comes to gifts. Forget the typical NERF blaster or Roblox gift cards – this kid wants a hat, a pen, a back scratcher, a typewriter, and a suitcase. And naturally, his mom had a few questions about the list...

Where did he plan to go with that suitcase? And why on earth does he want a typewriter in 2023? But perhaps the most perplexing item on the list was the pen – seriously kid, what are you planning to write? LOL. Despite her confusion, the mom did her best to appease her son's unusual requests. She bought him a back scratcher and hoped for the best - LOL! And hey, maybe he really is just an old soul who loves nothing more than sitting by the fire with a cup of mint tea (like another parent shared about their own child). Many have drawn their own conclusions as to what the wish list could mean – perhaps he wants to be a writer or maybe he's planning on moving off-grid somewhere cold and isolated to write the great American novel.

funny tiktok parents viral
Instagram via @kaylanjen2.0
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Other parents chimed in with their own stories of children making totally random "old man" birthday requests. One parent shared that their son asked for a green scarf so he could sit by the fire and drink his mint tea at Christmas when he was just five years old. Another revealed that their six-year-old asked for a first-class flight to Hawaii! It seems like there are plenty of young souls out there with an appreciation for life's simple pleasures. What's truly heartwarming about this story is how much joy this little boy brought to people with his quirky wishlist. The viral reel has been liked nearly 80,000 times and has gained thousands of comments from people who find the whole thing hilariously wholesome.

All kidding aside, though, this story serves as a reminder that sometimes it's the weird and unexpected things that make life so fun and interesting. So here's to embracing our inner old souls – may we all find joy in life's quirks (and maybe get ourselves a backscratcher while we're at it)!

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