State Trooper Shares Hilarious Carpool Lane Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Lily Tipton
funny viral highway patrol
Bob Carey / Contributor via Getty Images

No, this is not a promotional post for James Corden's next episode of Carpool Karaoke. This is one driver's hilarious attempt to get into the carpool lane. Those HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes are a lifesaver for any carpool parent or bus commuter as they conveniently bypass the traffic through the adjacent unrestricted lane. As recommended, most people find a friend and carpool to take advantage of this time-saving exemption. This driver, however, decided he'd rather build himself a friend out of plastic to get into the fast lane. That is certainly one way to avoid the awkward small-talk on the way to work!

As reported in a tweet on Tuesday by the Washington State Patrol Trooper, Rick Johnson, a driver was pulled over on the southbound Interstate 405 in the Coal Creek area when they realized his 'carpool buddy' was, in fact, a plastic skeleton in a hoodie! With the caption #GottaBeAlive, Johnson has seemingly decided to see the funny side to this incident. Whether or not the comedic value was enough to get the driver out of the ticket, we'll never know. You can't blame a guy for trying!

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This tweet was instantly met by multiple replies, with users laughing out loud at this driver's trickery ways. "Okay, this made me chuckle," appreciated one user. "I've felt like I've sat in traffic that long before. Are you sure the passenger wasn't alive when the journey started?" another user quipped. "Dude needs to tint his windows," laughed another. These responses are almost as funny as the episode itself!

funny viral tweet driver
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Some people were in admiration of this guy's attempts and went as far as to congratulate the driver on his idea. "Give the driver credit; that's a pretty good one!" noted an admirer. "A+ for creativity," another user wrote. It seems those eagle-eyed Twitter users couldn't help but notice another hilarious detail. "Look at all those air fresheners hanging from the mirror!" one user joked. "I guess with a dead guy in the passenger seat, you might need a lot of those little trees." another laughed. LOL. Though something tells us Rick Johnson doesn't quite share our amusement... Don't try this at home, folks.

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