29+ Dogs Caught Napping in Hilarious Places


| LAST UPDATE 06/26/2022

By Arianna Morgan

After a long day in the dog park or a walk around the neighborhood, it seems these pups will fall asleep just about anywhere. Here are some of the funniest moments of dogs snoozing in unexpected places!

Defying Gravity

Dogs are always looking for a comfortable place to rest their heads (and whole bodies)! It looks like this pup might have just been wandering around and found a rather (un)comfortable place to stop.

Dogs Napping Funny ViralDogs Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/soniakaponia

This Reddit user uploaded the hilarious photo of her dog with the caption, "My dog can't get gravity right." LOL. Could it be possible that the dog was just looking for a place to stretch and instead ended up falling asleep backward? Or perhaps is he upside down?

Turn Up the Heat!

This must have been taken during the winter season because this puppy is looking for some serious heat! It's hilarious to see how some dogs can fall asleep, but it looks like being warm was the most important for this pup during his sweet slumber. How adorable!

Cute Dogs Funny PictureCute Dogs Funny Picture
Reddit via u/formight

Due to its tiny size, this puppy must be just a few months old! The pup was doing everything he could to get close to the heater and warm up his little paws. We're hoping his owners gave him a cute little winter sweater for the super cold days to follow! How adorable would that be!

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No Sleeping on the Couch!

This pup is testing her limits! According to the Reddit user who uploaded this picture, they gave their dog some rules about getting on the couch. "We told our dog she couldn't sleep up on the couch," u/blacksunrize wrote, but it looks like this dog found a solution!

Dogs Napping Funny ViralDogs Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/blacksunrize

This gorgeous Golden decided the best way to get in her afternoon nap without fully disobeying her owners was to go for the half-on, half-off approach. Smart dog! It looks like the tennis ball next to her must have tired her out, and she was too tired to even care about falling asleep with her whole body on the couch.

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Getting a Tan On

This dog has the right idea! What's better than falling asleep under a ray of sunshine and waking up with a nice tan (or not-so-lovely sunburn)! However, it looks like this gorgeous doggo is getting the perfect amount of sun and shade in that nice patch of grass!

Dogs Napping Funny PetsDogs Napping Funny Pets
Instagram via @ollie_lexi_whippy

The Instagram account, @ollie_lexi_whippy, is dedicated to "two whippets living their best life," according to the bio. "We like cheese. And bully sticks. And anything the hoomans leave out to chew on," the bio continued. The user uploaded this adorable picture with the caption, "Did summer finally arrive???" Looks like it did!

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Chillin' Out Maxin' Relaxin' All Cool

This dog found the best seat in the house (or the park) to fall asleep. Why find a place for one to rest when instead there's room to snuggle with a pal - and by pal, we mean this dog's owner! It looks like this pup positioned himself just right, belly up, and fell fast asleep!

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/Guygan

Besides the position, this adorable doggo fell asleep in, check out those cool sunnies! Not to mention, the owner looks satisfied with his dog taking a nice nap while he can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and scroll on his phone simultaneously. Win-win situation. LOL!

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Stop and Smell the Flowers (or Fall Asleep)

Bulgogi, the corgi, is enjoying smelling the flowers! However, the flowers made his fall asleep from all those yummy scents! We can appreciate a beautiful arrangement of plants as much as the next guy, and it looks like this pup decided to take a look... and then just close his eyes for a lil nap.

Dogs Napping Funny CorgiDogs Napping Funny Corgi
Instagram via @gardener.bulgogi

This amused dog mom uploaded her photo of Bulgogi the corgi to Instagram with the caption, "My favorite part of my garden are the Peperomias! They're pet friendly!" Which is great; we wouldn't want Bulgogi to get into any dangerous plants in the garden!

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Living My Best Life

Bulgogi, the corgi, is a dog of many talents. Not only can this pup fall asleep in the middle of his mamma's garden, but he also managed to fall asleep completely upside, belly up! This is definitely a lot of dogs' go-to sleeping positions - and maybe even some humans too!

Dogs Viral Funny CorgiDogs Viral Funny Corgi
Instagram via @bulgogi.the.corgi

The dog owner behind the Instagram account uploaded the adorable photo with the caption, "Living my best life," next to it, with the location in Orange County, California. What's not to love about living in the OC? Endless sun, beautiful beaches, delicious food... and cute dogs!

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Play Hard, Sleep Harder

Looks like this dog had a hard day in the office! LOL. There's nothing like being exhausted and having a little cat nap (or dog nap) in the car. This dog owner snapped the adorable pic of his pup, writing, "When your dog park experience exceeds expectations…"

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Imgur via LosPer

There must have been a lot of dogs ready to play that day, leaving this whippet absolutely exhausted! The owner captured the perfect shot of his dog, chilling in the front seat, knocked out, tongue out, and in the middle of a deep, deep slumber! Talk about the good life!

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After a Long Day’s Work

Talk about being able to fall asleep anywhere. It looks like this pup was so exhausted; he just needed a place to put his head (or jaw) down and just fall right asleep! Nothing could get in his way of getting some shut-eye; now that is a true skill!

Dogs Napping Funny PetsDogs Napping Funny Pets
Reddit via u/highimallaudin

This Reddit user uploaded the hilarious photo, writing, "My buddy's dog sleeping on the Mule steering wheel..." So maybe the slumber was after a hard day's work, and instead of going inside for a little nap, decided to fall asleep on the tractor, with his jaw overlapping the steering wheel!

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A Yummy Nap

This dog found the perfect shady spot to lay his head! It may be hard to spot him under the cartons of fruits and vegetables, but maybe this is a clever spot for the dog to snag some leftover produce potentially! Talk about thinking a few steps forward.

Dogs Napping Funny AnimalsDogs Napping Funny Animals
Instagram via @dog.napping

The pup looks calm and cozy tucked under the fresh produce, but we can imagine it would also spark some hunger! The geotag for this photo is in Playas El Rincon del Mar in Colombia, a place known for the beautiful beaches (and now their very cute and sleepy dogs).

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Three's Company

These Pitbulls have found the ideal rest spot! These adorable Pitbulls found each other just in time for a nap and used each other as the perfect pillows and blankets. What's cuter than seeing three Pitbulls piled on top of each other in a deep sleep?!

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/turbojammer

"Neighbors' dogs having a nap in my garage," the Reddit user wrote, captioning this adorable puppy photo. So these dogs aren't even hers; she just has a very comfortable couch, it seems! We're wondering if this is an everyday occurrence, and if so, we're hoping for some more pictures ASAP!

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Legs Up!

There's just no way this can be comfortable, even for a sleeping pup! It looks like he is doing some very sleepy yet intense yoga, with his paws sticking up in the air like that! His tiny body looks like he's doing a workout, but his cute lil face says he is fast asleep!

Dogs Napping Funny ViralDogs Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/vividlee

The Reddit user behind the image had the same question as us, making the caption, "Is that comfortable…?" and fellow Reddit users joined on it with the comments. One commenter wrote, "That's some good stretches!" while another wrote, "Sometimes I wonder how dogs can sleep the way they do." Agreed.

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Do Not Disturb

This Siberian husky fell asleep mid-chew! We can relate to falling asleep mid-bite after a long day (or night), but this hits a little differently. This adorable puppy must be only a few weeks old and going through the teething phase before all its teeth come in!

Dogs Funny Viral OwnersDogs Funny Viral Owners
Reddit via u/GeorgiaLAX

Apparently, this position is relatively common for dogs to fall asleep in, according to Reddit users. u/GeorgiaLAX uploaded the photo, asking, "Does anybody else's dog sleep like this?' and surprisingly, this husky is not alone. One user even wrote that her husky often sleeps with "a mouthful of blanket" in her mouth!

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This small doggo has achieved the ultimate chill status. It looks like this pup decided it was time for bed but was also looking for an afternoon meditation at the same time - so combining them together would be most effective! That's really the way to do it. Right?

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Flickr via lynda k kierans

It looks like this dog had a tough yoga session and finally made it to Shavasana. LOL. Flickr users found this picture adorable, commenting, "This one made my day!!" and "Oh! Lynda, I love the pose really looks chilled out :)))" And we totally agree!

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Ruff Night Out

We've all been there. This dog must have had a long night out and was desperate for some water and a nap! LOL. It looks like the decision was too quick to be made, and instead of finding a dog bed, this pup decided to just plop down her head first into the bowl!

Dogs Guilty Funny PicturesDogs Guilty Funny Pictures
Reddit via u/yayadee17

"So my friend's dog fell asleep with her face in her bowl," the Reddit user who uploaded this photo wrote as the caption. "There's no shame in that, sweetie," one commenter wrote in response. It seems like this commenter also just gets it, which we appreciate!

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Pretzel Twist Pose

This might take the win for the, um, weirdest position to fall asleep in. Whatever is comfortable, right? With that in mind, we can't even figure out where the dog's head is, let alone how he managed to get himself into this position - and more importantly, how he's going to get out!

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/pinkilevinki

According to this Spanish greyhound's owner, this is how he sleeps, and we're also not the only ones who are confused by this pretzel sleeping position. Other Reddit users wrote, "It took me a full minute to sort that tangle into a dog," while another admit, "Why can't I figure this out?" Same.

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The Perfect Hiding Spot

Another position we are utterly confused by - but hey, if it makes the pup happy, so be it! Personally, it looks the complete opposite of comfortable, but it seems this golden retriever has found the ultimate hiding (and sleeping) spot in the house! A+ for creativity, right?

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/ImQueative

According to this Reddit user, this is where her golden likes to sleep - under the toilet! Maybe the cold porcelain and small hiding space are ideal for this doggo, especially in warm climates! Not to mention, this looks like the ultimate hide-and-go-seek spot!

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Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

Looks like this dog is having a rather glamorous nap in a beautiful home! In fact, half of the comments on the original Reddit thread are commenters complimenting the owner's house! LOL. We agree, though; it looks like a beautiful home with a beautiful doggie!

Dogs Napping Funny PicturesDogs Napping Funny Pictures
Reddit via u/probmatic

This dog has one leg pointed up like she is ready for the ballet, and the online audience is loving it. One commenter wrote, "must be dreaming of suitors, 'paint me like one of your french girls,'" and we can totally see it! We aren't sure how comfortable it is, but if it works, it works!

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Cranky Canine

"It was slightly unsettling to look back and find my dog sleeping like this," teased the Reddit user who hilariously uploaded this photo. We can only imagine what it was like for the dog owners in the car to turn around and see their dog in this funny sleeping position!

Funny Dogs Cute PetsFunny Dogs Cute Pets
Reddit via u/deleted

Look at those sharp teeth! At least we know this dog's owners are taking great care of his dental hygiene. LOL. One Reddit user wrote, "That's what I look like when I have a window seat on a plane," which we can totally relate to, while another wrote, "Funniest thing I've seen all day, yet adorable at the same time."

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Suitcase Snuggles

Animals love hanging out (and falling asleep) in suitcases! The Instagram user @awesomepawsome's dogs, Truffles and Lapis, are two adorable pups based in the "rolling green hills of Ireland," per their Instagram. Their bio explained, "a pair of twins who were born to ride the world of pawblems," with how cute they are!

Dogs Napping Funny SuitcaseDogs Napping Funny Suitcase
Instagram via @theawesomepawsomes

"We KO while waiting for grandpa on our birthday," said Truffles and Lapis alongside this adorable photo of the two pups snuggled up against each other. Looks like they really found the perfect place to take a nap before the birthday celebrations begin!

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You Good?

It's hard for us to imagine sleeping like this, but according to this dog's owner, falling asleep like this is "the most comfortable way to take a nap." This dog must be exhausted to fall asleep in this tangled position, but clearly, it's working for this pup!

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/milcientoonce

This pup almost looks like he's stretching in preparation for an intense workout. "Looks like this pup is hanging from invisible monkey bars," one user commented on the picture -and we totally see it! His front legs look like they are prepping for some swinging!

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Deep REM

Falling asleep in this position honestly just takes talent. Some of these dogs should win an award for their ability to fall asleep in the most obscure positions and places! This looks like it takes an insane amount of core strength to even be in this position for a short amount of time - let alone to fall asleep in!

Dogs Napping Funny PicturesDogs Napping Funny Pictures
Reddit via u/ConnardDeBase

According to her owner, "she decided to sleep like this," she wrote. This dog must have had a crazy day in the dog park to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable and awkward position - though she really looks like she is in deep REM! So hey, if it works, it works!

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Frenchie Farts

Yet another interesting way to fall asleep for this pup! This little french bulldog found a great little nook to lay his body down and catch some zzz's, but unfortunately for the person he chose to lay on, things might have gotten a little tricky (or stinky).

Dogs Napping Funny PlacesDogs Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/Hammelicious

This Reddit user uploaded his photo with the caption, "My GF's dog likes to sleep on my lap and constantly fart in my face," as he covered his nose with his t-shirt. LOL. Unlucky for the person who reaps the farts of this pup, but this Frenchie is just enjoying an afternoon snooze!

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Falling Asleep Anywhere

This dog might have also had a long day at the dog park and was just looking for anywhere to put her head down! There seem to be little limitations on where these pups are falling asleep, but it's giving us a giggle! We wonder how the owner reacted to finding their dog upside down on the step.

Dogs Funny Pictures RedditDogs Funny Pictures Reddit
Reddit via u/CommodoreGonzo

"My dog will sleep in any position. Apparently, this is comfortable," wrote the Reddit user who uploaded this hilarious picture. So if this pup is falling asleep upside down on the steps, head first, we can only imagine the other positions she'll fall asleep in!

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A Gentle Sleep

There's nothing like the bond between a dog and its owner - even when it comes down to slumber time! It looks like this pup just loves his owner so much, he can't bear to be without her, so why not snuggle right up against her and fall fast asleep? How cute!

Dogs Funny Bull DogDogs Funny Bull Dog
Reddit via u/Carbman

His cute little face looks so at peace with his tiny paw tucked right underneath his face as he's resting on her shoulder. How could one not capture this adorable moment with a photo! We're wondering how long he was able to sleep all squished like that for - and how long she could sit there with her dug tucked behind her for!

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Meet Lolly

"I'm Lolly, I sleep in funny positions," wrote this Reddit user, and we agree. We can't figure out exactly how Lolly was able to contort her body into this wild position, but she looks like she's hit REM and is dreaming of a doggy wonderland! Night, night Lolly!

Dogs Napping Funny AnimalsDogs Napping Funny Animals
Reddit via u/electroross

This whippet owner uploaded a series of photos of her cutie doggie Lolly falling asleep in hilarious positions and places, but it looks like Lolly cannot be bothered! Lolly falls asleep just like the rest of us, with two stuffed animals right by her side.

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Bae Caught Me Slippin'

Look at all those chins! That's just a whole lot of chins and no bones. This doggo must have been exhausted from a long day of hard work and play and found the perfect position in a corner somewhere to rest his whole body against and take a nice nap.

Funny Pet Owners ViralFunny Pet Owners Viral
Reddit via u/RawberrySportcake

"Bae caught me slippin," this dog's owner hilariously wrote as the caption alongside the Reddit photo! It looks like he's just too tired to be bothered and too content to worry about the overwhelming amount of chins taking over his body. It's very cute, though!

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Looks Like a Seal

This must be a flexible and tiny dog if he can fit underneath a chair like this! According to this pup's owner, "Ollie only sleeps under chairs," which is hilarious! We're wondering, what exactly about sleeping under chairs is so comfortable for Ollie?!

Funny Dog Pictures ViralFunny Dog Pictures Viral
Reddit via u/SteeVeeJoeReport

Reddit users were getting a kick out of Ollie's sleeping tactics, commenting, "Looks like a seal" and "What an adorable little goofball," on the hilariously adorable photo. This little goofball seems to be taking a pretty serious snooze; no goof intended.

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The Downward Dog

This dog has found the ultimate stretching position! Talk about downward-facing dog! This big pup must have been struggling to decide if he wanted to fall asleep on the couch or on the carpet - so instead, he went for both and landed up in downward-facing dog!

Funny Dog Sleeping RedditFunny Dog Sleeping Reddit
Reddit via u/EnglishLFC

According to the Reddit user and dog owner, this doggo fell asleep "snoring too." Aw. Fellow Reddit users were going off in the comments regarding the dog's yoga pose, commenting, "downward dog is hard, needed a nap to complete" and "downward dog + child's pose= downward puppy." Seems like the ultimate zen position!

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Sid, Is That You?

This sleepy pup looks oddly like Sid from Ice Age, and it seems like the whole Internet agrees! However, it doesn't look like a comfortable position to fall asleep in at all, especially for the pup's very long neck! Even the owner agrees as the only caption for this photo is "long."

Dogs Sleeping Funny ViralDogs Sleeping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/smilkcake

The comments section on this Reddit thread was going off as users pointed out how much this dog looks like Sid the Sloth! One user wrote, "uncanny resemblance here." Another joked, "That's my spirit animal," continuing the laughs on this long-necked dog who doubles as Sid!

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