Doggy Forced To Wear Sunscreen After A Bad Haircut

Taran Underwood

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Is there anything more annoying than going for your haircut, asking for a trim and getting shaven bald in return? Well, every dog has its day and little Nanuk got more than what he bargained for when he went for his summer trim.

Nanuk is a 7-year-old Samoyed. So his white fluffy coat is the first thing you notice about him. The groomer was asked to simply 'tidy him up' and he came home looking rather unusual and well... bald.

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For those of you who are familiar with the Florida sun, you can understand why Nanuk's owners had to take drastic measures when taking him out, now that he didn't have his thick coat protecting his skin. He was given a jacket and some sunscreen to protect him from the sunny climate.

As for his owner, Carley Coca said that she couldn't help but laugh once she saw how Nanuk looked. This is what she got after she requested that the groomer simply "trim of his upper coat". She walked straight past him at first because he looked nothing like her Nanuk.

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It took him nearly a year to grow his coat back.  Carley said that "When I went to pick up Nanuk from the dog groomers, I literally said out loud, 'That's not my dog.' The groomer assured me it was Nanuk and I even had to call him to check, but he looked like a complete different breed. Nanuk seemed to love the haircut - he acted so proud. But he'd never looked like that before, I was so shocked."

She continued, "Even as a puppy, he'd always been so fluffy. He's got a hilarious personality - he's just one big stubborn goof and without all his fur? I couldn't stop laughing - I remember saying, 'Can you just trim the long hairs off his feet and ears?' It was awful really because the man who had groomed him was obviously so proud of his work, so I felt like I just had to smile and let it go."

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She then concluded, saying that "You do have to be careful with Samoyed fur, and they shouldn't be cut like that really, but he was never cold - he honestly seemed to love it."

Well... at least Nanuk is happy.