Dog 'Disciplines' Sibling in Hilarious Clip


| LAST UPDATE 03/31/2022

By Riley Hammond
funny viral dogs tiktok
Instagram via @ citirthelabrador

Most dog owners know that part of being a fur-parent means dealing with your pet's mischievous behavior every now and then. And sometimes, it means getting to laugh at it as well...

A naughty Labrador named Nutmeg has become famous for her mischievous behavior after one TikTok video of the canine went viral on the social media platform. In the video, her owners watch the dog carry around her bowl of food in her mouth, jumping from one couch to another. And apparently, someone else was keeping an even closer eye on the sneaky dog - her older sister Paprika had let out a barely audible bark from behind the couch. However, the warning had gone unnoticed by the energetic Nutmeg, who carried on with her living room mayhem. "Nutmeg does not give a cr*p," the man in the video can be heard laughing. But although the owners didn't look too disturbed by the chaos, Paprika felt a little differently...

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Nutmeg's older sister apparently wasn't having it. After giving the naughty dog a few reproachful looks from behind the couch, she decided to break her silence. Stepping into the spotlight, she let out a stricter bark that hilariously startled the golden lab, causing her to jump off the couch and drop her bowl in the process. It fell to the floor with a crash, followed by the hysterical laughs of the two dogs' owners. "When your sister catches you misbehaving," read the text over the hilarious video, which has gained nearly a million likes since it was posted on TikTok.

viral tiktok labrador retriever
Mario Forcherio / EyeEm via Getty Images

Users shared their thoughts of the amusing clip in the comments section of the video, which has now been video more than 6 million times. "The fact that the other dog is disciplining and not the owners makes it 100 times funnier," wrote a user named @kel_kel_18. Another commenter named Mollie-Lucy Aldrich noted that it seemed almost as though the older sister was warning Nutmeg, "don't make me come up there." LOL. But our favorite comment was from Calli Villanueva, who joked, "I got off the couch and she wasn't even barking at me." Relatable, if you ask us. What in the world would we do without social media dogs? Stay tuned for more laughs.

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