Dog and Dad Caught Snoring in Adorable TikTok Clip


| LAST UPDATE 05/26/2022

By Riley Hammond
TikTok viral hilarious snoring
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If you've ever shared a bedroom with another person, you probably know that snoring can become a real issue if you're a light sleeper. With every minute of sleep you know you're losing, you nervously check the clock only to realize it's inching closer to the hours of dawn. Thanks to a hilarious TikTok that recently went viral on social media, a few people who are familiar with the struggle got to see an even worse situation that probably had them counting their blessings.

After realizing she wouldn't be getting much sleep that night, a woman named Bailey Chambers decided she might as well show her TikTok followers the sleep-depriving situation she was in. Apparently, the only thing worse than sharing a bedroom with a loud snorer, is sharing one with two. In the hilarious clip, Bailey's boyfriend is fast asleep, snoring away into the night, with her English bulldog echoing his heavy breaths right beside him. Across the screen over the video were the words, "When your boyfriend and dog snore on opposite breaths, so it's constant snoring all night," she wrote on-screen. LOL - poor Bailey.

viral snoring hilarious TikTok
Kittiwat Kasamesuppakit / EyeEm via Getty Images
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Make sure to turn up the volume for this video because it seems almost as though the doggo and his dad intentionally synced up their alternating snores. As soon as Bailey's boyfriend finishes one of his loud snores, her bulldog, Kelso, is there to pick up where his dad left off. "I just don't sleep," Chambers hilariously informed her viewers in the comments section of the video, adding that she would definitely need a sound machine and earplugs to get her through the night. She also joked that she's so used to the sound of double snoring in her bedroom by now that it's become her own version of white noise while she sleeps.

@baileychamberz No wonder I’m an insomniac #kelsothebulldog #englishbulldog #snoring #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #findyouredge #10MillionAdoptions ♬ original sound - baileychambers

While we're sure Bailey wasn't too thrilled about the situation, people on TikTok were definitely entertained by the funny clip. "That dog snores like he works 12-hour shifts and pays bills," wrote one user - LMAO. Another person said, "If this isn't the perfect advertisement for separate sleeping rooms… idk what is," while another hilariously commented, "nah that’s when i send my bf to the other room." The clip, which has gained 700,000 likes, left its viewers in stitches. At least one good thing came out of that sleepless night! Be sure to stay tuned for more hilarious stories...

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