Does Your Partner Have Selective Hearing? This Study Thinks So...

Scarlett Adler

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Are you tired of your significant other never listening to you? Even though they insist that they 'never actually heard you'? Well we've got some news, folks. And you men may want to listen extra carefully for this one...

A study from Scrivens Hearing Care reveals that men typically use selective hearing at least seven times a week. This finding means that yes, men employ this irritating strategy almost four hundred times a year. Let that one sink in.

But don't think ladies are off the hook on this one. Apparently, the same study also discovered that women too don't listen to their partners at least 339 times a year.

And while you may think the finding's amusing, audiologist Kirran Saimbi seems to think otherwise. While most of us have been subjected to 'selective hearing' - either being the victim or the guilty party, 'selective hearing' could suggest the onset of hearing loss.

'Left ignored,' Saimbi warns that 'hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression and a link to dementia.'

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So, next time your partner claims that they didn't hear you, perhaps you've caught them on one of their weekly 'tuning out' moments.

What do you think? Does your partner not hear you or are they flat out ignoring you?