How a Disaster Date Made One TikToker Famous


| LAST UPDATE 04/14/2022

By Riley Hammond
viral tiktok disaster date
Instagram via @elyse_myers

28-year-old Elyse Myers once went on a date that changed her life forever. And no, we don't mean it went well - quite the contrary, in fact. The date was so awful that her hilarious story ended up going viral on the platform - and gained her thousands of new fans in the process...

What do we mean by 'awful?' Well, let's just say Elyse ended up paying for 100 tacos that she didn't even order to begin with! But before the unfortunate end, we have a feeling the TikToker regrets looking past the 50 red flags that first crossed her path: after agreeing to go out with her date for some food, the man told Elyse, "Meet me at my house, I will drive us to the restaurant together." A line of red flag emojis then popped up on the screen, and Elyse asked her followers, "Why didn't we just meet there? I have no idea." LOL - the self-ridiculing tone of her story made it all the more hilarious.

@elysemyers I haven’t been to a @tacobell since. #coffeetalk #theadhdway #firstdatefail #tacobell ♬ original sound - Elyse Myers
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After the longggg drive to Taco Bell, Myers hilariously recounted how her date ordered 100 tacos - and with no explanation. She ended up paying for his unnecessarily massive order, since he revealed only seconds later that he forgot his wallet. Now with $100 less in her bank account, she and her date headed back to his house, where she then found out that her date still lived with his dad. (We'll let you interpret that one however you want.) "I'm like, 'he lives with his dad, it's fine,'" the comedian recalled her completely-in-denial-self thinking. She then looked at the camera and firmly added, "The hoops I am teleporting through to convince myself that this decision that I've made is okay is just wild." The hilarious line made her an instant TikTok star, and the rest is history.

funny viral tiktok date
Instagram via @elyse_myers

Elyse Myers shared with PEOPLE her experience of rising to social media fame after sharing her story. "I remember thinking, 'No one's going to watch this.' Within the first hour, it just blew up," she said about her unexpected fame. "I got really scared, and then it was cool. It was cool that people connected and thought it was so funny." That video raised her number of followers to an impressive 4 million! Be sure to check out more hilariously relatable content from the entertaining TikTok star.

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