Dare You Not To Laugh At These College Tweets


| LAST UPDATE 12/30/2021

By Kayla Black

From creating lasting friendships to spending emotional moments catching up in the library, college is a life-changing experience and our days being a student turn into memories that last forever. Have a look at this list of hilarious tweets from students, and tell us which ones hit you in the feels.

The Kit Kat Bandit Strikes

There’s no denying this would be a rather creepy note to receive. After all, the thought of a stranger, or even a close friend, scanning your car’s windows in search of some snacks is a little unsettling. For this unlucky individual, the chocolaty delight in their vehicle was enough for the Kit Kat Bandit to strike.

Hilarious and relatable college tweets Hilarious and relatable college tweets
Twitter via @jabbins

On the bright side, at least the anonymous bandit opened up about their mischievous plan, right? Fortunately nothing of value was taken from the vehicle and the note is rather earnest at that. That is, of course, to say that this particular vehicle owner does not consider candy valuable; otherwise, we’d have a case on our hands.

Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

Current college student or recent graduate, this one is bound to hit you in the feels. Take a moment to think back and reminisce on the times your mom and dad shared tales of eating ramen noodles in their dorms because they had already spent their student budget on, well, that's for them to tell you.

Twitter via @samiwert

You may have thought, “No, not me.” Yet here we are, this college student’s dinner is complete with, yes you saw right, a clothes hanger as a utensil. In their defense, this student took improvising and budgeting to a whole new level. Such ingenuity even makes us think back to easier times when our biggest problem was finding a fork.

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The Difference between College and High School

Remember being crammed in your high school math class packed with kids wishing the day was over already, while the air-conditioning unit was faulty? The teacher likely then spent the lesson trying to explain the entire backstory on how they got to this point. Ahh, memories that, for some reason, change when we get to college.

Vince Bucci / Stringer via Getty Images/ Tweet: Twitter via @JordanRutledge

Your college professors don’t waste a second on why you should be referring to them as mister or misses “so and so”, all they’re here to do is teach and be gone. Most of the time, they simply give their first name and phone number should you ever need to pop a question before an exam. Oh, how times have changed!

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The Need to Know Photography

You may be wondering, “Who on earth is still using a digital camera?” Alas, when all is said and done and your college professor is flying through the presentation slides while you have no intention of taking notes, it's probably high time you took up photography. So, best fire up the old Kodak and get snapping.

Twitter via @kingchelsay

Sure, we know an iPhone would do the perfect job of quickly capturing the projector notes during class; you will just need some sneaky ninja skills to pull it off. In all fairness, most professors post their notes online, but at times particular professors refuse to do so and you cannot risk skipping class.

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Chinchillas Chill in Class Too

You don’t need us to tell you that college campuses are riddled with characters; from bookworms to preppy kids and frat stars to socialites, and even those that cannot go a minute without their favorite little furry friend. Take this guy for example, whose pet chinchilla attends classes with him and snacks while he studies.

Shutterstock via olgagorovenko/ Twitter via @charlottejorrey

What would you do if the person sitting next to you was handing his pet chinchilla carrots through the pouch in his backpack? Little Kent is quite the cutie, but, the faint sound of a nibbling animal may be more of a distraction than originally thought. Play it safe and find a new seat.

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Being Ghosted Sucks

Hold up, you don’t know what the term “ghosted” means? Well, before someone means tries to explain it to you- let us take care of this. Ghosting refers to the act of someone abruptly distancing themselves from another, generally in the form of not responding to messages or avoiding them, particularly after a romantic entanglement.

Mean Girls (2004) Michael Gibson via Time Magazine/ Twitter via @foxmccloud82

Sounds rather mean, don’t you think?! Brian, be a decent human being and have the bravery to end the relationship in person. Sure, technologies' ever-evolving advancements may deserve the blame, as many of us connect through our screens more than face-to-face. That said, being ghosted sucks, no matter what the circumstances are.

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Coping with Failure

Things are oh so different when we’re living on our own without the worry of our parents checking in on us after every little homework assignment or test done in high school. Now you’re in college and that first D is bound to break your heart. We can admit that we’ve shed a tear or two after checking our grades.

Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images/ Twitter via @gabmcmahon

But, if life has taught us anything it is that things get easier with time. And so, handling our college failures also gets a little easier once we know the best ways we cope with situations. From slipping on some slippers to taking a light stroll, or even spoiling oneself with some tender fried goodness, it will all work out.

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Formality Comes First

College is a jump up from high school and professionalism matters. Whether you know it or not, some of your professors are likely recognized professionals in their respective field. Such repertoire calls for a certain level of respect, which your high school teachers have undoubtedly tried to prepare you for.

Twitter via @DaveWiltse

In this student’s case, things started off on the right foot, addressing his professor by “Dr.” Things, however, took a sharp turn and the formal training went completely out the window once he got to the body of his email. Sure he could have approached it in a more professional manner, but at least he got his point across?

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An Introduction to Frat Boys

Morning everybody, this is an Introduction to Frat Boys. Remember, there’s a lot of work that goes into being a frat star. It’s not just about attending the right parties, rocking shades inside, and tossing back some Bud Lights. Exhibit A, your attire makes all the difference, and, donning the right gear is essential.

Instagram via @harryjowsey/ Twitter via @springashaw

In today’s lesson, we are going to take a look at what the right attire is for happy hour; the go-to after-graft activity for college students. The sun will still be up so dress to impress, wearing something colorful and revealing. A Hawaiian shirt, unbuttoned preferably, is what you’ll need, paired perfectly with confidence.

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C’s Get Them Degrees

Allow this next tweet to be a simple reminder that even if you’re rocking C’s, you’re getting that degree. For this student, the effort really paid off even though he didn’t step off on the right foot. In his defense, The Emperor of Time sounds fairly similar to The Emperor's New Groove? It's not exactly a tough one.

The Emperor's New Groove/ Twitter via @adam_cook2014

In the end, Adam really missed the mark by doing the wrong assignment, but he gets our A for effort! Fortunately his professor noticed the tremendous amount of heart that went into this particular The Emperor's New Groove essay. It must have been pretty good considering he got a C for writing the wrong paper.

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What Happens in the Library…

This tweet sums up the essence of what it means to be a Millennial or a Gen Z kid. No matter where we find ourselves or what we are busy doing, our phones are the only constant. Take this student, for example, a hard-working individual holed up in the library in prep for finals, armed with fancy pens, calculators, and snacks.

Twitter via @Carpenter3Jeff

Ten minutes in and, odds are, you’ll find this tireless student sitting on the phone, tweeting, scrolling the Insta feed, texting, or doing anything but the school work they came to get done. Alas, we can’t really blame them. College is a struggle and even the silence of a library is too much to focus.

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Sympathy for the Chemistry Kids

Regardless of whether or not you’re working to become a doctor or majoring in communications, wishing to be the next big PR rep, chemistry is the bane of college. Sure, it may come easy to a select few students, or even those willing to push through the trying times, but for most of us, it’s the most difficult of the courses.

Movie: ChiPs (2017)/ Twitter via @ashleeepaws

That said, this student had to think quick on their feet when the cops pulled them over for speeding and they realized they couldn’t possibly pay the ticket on a student budget. Thankfully, chemistry came to the rescue and the officer's sympathies would let him off the hook this time.

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Getting on Harvard Students’ Nerves

No matter your age or area of upbringing, you have most certainly heard of the country’s most elite university, Harvard. The sought-after college has an incredibly low acceptance rate of 4.7% of those who apply, so if you get in, you have to go. You can count on Harvard students to make you feel a little slow, or maybe it's just this guy.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images/ Twitter via @V_sugarbaby

Here’s a big up to the student that edged them on, giving us a laugh in the process. Clearly, pretending you have no idea what Harvard is or asking if it's a community college really gets under a Harvard students skin. Time to fly because this Harvard hockey player has a stick he may be pining to use!

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They Said it’s Okay to Cry

To those who think crying is for the weak, you’re about to be proven absolutely incorrect. Often, it's more courageous to let all your emotions out and wipe away a few tears than to keep it all bottled up within. If you’re new to college, then this advice is something you should hold on to forever.

Rick and Morty Crying Scene/ Twitter via @maggieisntcool

Just like an unhealthy snack from McDonald’s is alright in moderation, crying is too. Herewith, this guy probably failed a test he studies all through the night for, memorizing every equation in the book. After receiving the grade, he let loose and bawled it all out, before lifting his chin and carrying on with the next thing.

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Terrors When Taking Tests

Raise your hand if this was your every-test strategy in college. Like it or not, our teachers and tutors would always advise passing by the tougher questions to get to them at the end of the paper. Lo and behold, you get to the end only to find yourself stressing over 15 unanswered questions to cram into half an hour.

Bart Simpson from The Simpsons/ Twitter via @Miguel_nunez

Maybe our teachers thought we were just going to be divinely given the answers the second time we got to the question. That would be an impressive turn of events, however, the majority of us would start clamming at the hands every time. If this happens to you, we’re right there with you, and we feel your suffering.

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Dreaded Multiple Choice Questions

There’s no denying short answer questions are tough ones to tackle in an exam, but on the bright side you can receive some credit for your efforts. In the case of multiple choice questions, it becomes more apparent that the professor might be out to get you. In high school, they were simple, but in college, it’s a whole other ball game.

AFP / Stringer via Getty Images/ Twitter via @ckauffman20

Even with your head held high and all the confidence in the world, the endless collection of multiple choice questions is bound to break the best of us. Like those questions which you can tell were asked just to catch you out, those are enough to tear you to pieces.

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A Certain Change in Standards

There is a huge deal of pressure on high school students in preparation for college; including earning an incredibly high GPA, smashing the SATs, and participating in after-class activities. There is a conception that without a 4.0 GPA, multiple Varsity letters, and a seat on the Student Council, we won’t make it to college.

Ethan Miller via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

Honestly, if you’re not one to check into grad school then things are going to change dramatically when you get to college. Once you’ve made it, simply passing a class is like winning the lottery, and as long as you’re comfortable and content, then you will be just fine for college!

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End of Semester Burnout

For a second, just imagine that it's the first semester of college after a long and relaxing summer break. You are feeling refreshed and geared up for your new adventure. You hit the ground running and take off from the start, getting in professors’ good books and smashing your work. But then, finals week rolls around.

Twitter via @_gabbyromero

All that time spent in the library, grafting until the early hours of the morning, and nights skipping a party to study instead, starts taking their toll. It’s the end of the semester and exhaustion is setting in. You’re taking a knock, but don’t you worry, we’ve all been there and it’s only up from here.

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Skip the Route through College Towns

Anyone who has driven through a college town can debunk the argument that New York City has the most fearless drivers. College students in their cars are often incredibly selfish, after all, many of them have but a few minutes to reach their econ final or fail the class. It is what it is.

Jean-Paul Aussenard via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CassieCothernXO

We are most certainly not condoning hitting a person, simply smack down once on your horn if you have to do something to hurry things along. In most cases, it’s these drivers who are also the one’s strolling as they J-walk, with no worries about the oncoming traffic. College seems to be a whole different story.

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The Only Rule to Writing a Paper

Those of us with a flair for the dramatics may kick off our hauntingly long paper with a passionate title, often something we’d hope didn’t make it to the professor. Such antics can help us navigate the final paper struggle with a chuckle or two. That said, always change your titles before turning it in!

Twitter via @morgs216

This student’s criminal justice paper may strum all the right academic notes, alas, the professor is going to have somewhat of a challenging time processing anything beyond the title. Hopefully their professor has a sense of humor, potentially being a title changer themselves. We can only hope for this poor student.

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Go Get Some Koalifications

Anyone else sitting there with creases in their foreheads the minute some scholarly friend pipes up about the art of nature when you’re trying to crack a joke? Listen here, all of us were there when the wild animal unit came by elementary school to teach us the ins and outs of the animal kingdom, so we don’t need your update.

Don Arnold via Getty Images/ Twiiter via @clairedaniellem

This wildlife acianado didn’t quite catch on when his friend attempted to hit him with a classic Koala joke. So this one is louder for the people in the back, Koalas are indeed marsupials and not bears. For further information, please contact this joke-spoiler and he will explain it in greater detail.

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Spongebob Doesn’t Have All the Answers

Never does a situation call for violence or destruction, but every so often, when writing a final paper in the final weeks of the semester, our wild ideas start to spark. For those who have seen this particular episode of Spongebob, we highly encourage you to not get any ideas about these methods!

Spongebob Squarepants/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

When it happens to you, the only thing flooding your mind may be a strong desire to lash out in the hopes of escaping the situation, but then you may calm down and look back on your reaction in disappointment. To see the glass half fill, college will be over soon and you’ll look back on it with smiles.

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Miss Class at Your Own Risk

For many people, college is the first real step on one’s path to freedom, an experience unlike any other. No longer will you be subject to the laws of your parents’ household and it’s time to make decisions for yourself. One such decision is whether or not to actually show up for class, and the lesson is there for you to learn.

Michael Scott from The Office/ Twitter via @NathanZed

Early morning classes are a complete drag but there really is no way of avoiding them. So here’s a piece of wisdom, don’t get into the habit in the first place. You may have to miss class for some reason in the future, so make sure you rise with your alarm, you'll thank yourself later.

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Email Etiquette on Point

You’ll quickly learn the importance of proper email etiquette within weeks of your college experience. For those attending enormous universities, with lecture halls chock-full of hundreds of students, the professor is unlikely to ever know your name. That would change, however, if you made an effort to build a relationship.

Noel Vasquez via Getty Images/ Twitter via @coralbeef_

As such, email is one of the primary forms of communication professors have with their students, and the subject says everything. Do your best to be coherent and concise, giving them a good idea of what is to come. Although it can be somewhat of an effort on your part, don’t be stunned to get a “thamks” as a reply.

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They’re FREE, are they?

In case you missed the person who used their clothes hanger as a fork, students struggle through college on a student budget. That said, the word “free’ is enough to get students out of their seats and a freebie will spur on the enthusiasm of hundreds of college-goers at varsity.

Jim Bennett via Getty Images/ Twitter via @itsnotadelyo

A group of 20-year-olds this excited? I mean, have you ever seen such a thing? It has got to be the echo of free pizza and t-shirts that encourages the unification of college campuses and bands the students together. Who are we to say that professors bribing students with free breakfast wouldn’t get them to class?

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To Netflix or Not To Netflix

Whether it’s in preparation for finals or to complete a seemingly insignificant task, we have already stressed the importance of getting to class. Alas, some of us wallow in our absence come the end of day when afternoon classes are a complete drag and we’d be much happier munching snacks and watching Netflix.

Twitter via @kba11zy

Take this one for example - stylishly owning her efforts to bunk class! Despite her roomie investigating her lack of attendance, she has no shame in parking on the couch while the rest are stuck in their seats. I mean, look at that comfy spot she’s in, we’d probably not make it off the couch either. Here’s to choosing Netflix!

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Class Friends For Life

If you’ve struck a luck and find yourself in class with your best friend, then that’s a huge plus. Alas, even if you go in not knowing a single soul, chances are, you’ll make “class friends” in no time. Odds are, your “class friends” may become your lifelong friends as they are helpful in more ways than your “real-life friends”.

Twitter via @mcelizabeth97

From note sharing to homework collaboration, and even some mid-class entertainment; you’ll quickly realize that “class friends” are the best friends. So, when you next hit the lecture hall, be prepared to mingle with the others, because the friendships you make in class may be your most entertaining ones yet.

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Laziness is the Name of the Game

The new norm, with its social-distancing guidelines, has undoubtedly had an impact on our daily routines and we’ve likely had to adjust our lifestyles. A year ago, we may have had to endure seven straight hours of class, however, these days we can barely get out of bed to make a Zoom class.

Boston Globe / Contributor via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

Can anyone else here relate?! Back then, you may have thought a late wake up call and not being required to wear real clothes would positively affect your grades, although, it seems laziness is more on the agenda. Does anyone else find themselves more tired lying on the couch all day than having to track to and from school?

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Is Required Even a Real Thing?

Why on earth are textbooks so expensive? It’s an age-old question we have all pondered. Maybe you’ve found that renting is an affordable alternative to splashing out on those colossal books, however it can still prove a hassle. Doesn’t it just make you so ecstatic to hear all your professors say that the textbook is required?

Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

Of course, the right and responsible thing to do would be to get your hands on the books required for class, however, there will always be those students who do not attain the books nor open them if they have them. With the advent of internet information, maybe textbooks are more of a suggestion than a requirement?

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Never Enough Time

In hindsight, it’s evident why professors give out the syllabus and encourage light reading each week from the first day of class. They are simply doing their best to help us manage our time effectively and get through the coursework. Alas, so many still blow off the readings until finals roll around.

David Livingston via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

Come this point, the situation plays out all the same; college students are incredibly stressed and believe that 24 hours is enough time to work through months’ worth of material. Believe it when we say it, this is not going to end well. Some work well under pressure but, in almost all cases, a day is never enough time.

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