Dad Goes Viral for Hilarious School Pick-Up Routine


| LAST UPDATE 09/04/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh
Jevin Smith TikTok Funny
Jevin Smith via YouTube

When you're growing up, there's nothing like when the final school bell of the day rings, and you're finally free from your day of learning. However, school pick-up time can be quite stressful for parents, from coordinating carpools to being there on time. This one dad has taken it upon himself to make school pick-up time fun for – well – him.

Jevin Smith is a dad, husband, comedian, and now a viral sensation. On TikTok, he goes by his username Wealthy Jev. He began sharing these hilarious and over-the-top pick-up routines last year when he picked up his daughter from school. He has done it all, from wearing a leopard print blazer to donning a huge wig with a hat on top. He has worn every costume and danced to nearly every song you can think of to achieve the ultimate embarrassment mode for his daughter. What does she do? She simply tries to cover her face, shakes her head, or laughs along as her dad dances and sings to her on their way to the car. While it may be completely humiliating for Smith's daughter, the internet has come to love his antics.

Pixabay via Pexels
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Smith's TikTok has 939.7K followers! Holy moly, can you believe it? All of them loving and tuning in for his silly parent pick-up. How could he possibly top these videos? The answer is simple. He had his son join in to help embarrass his daughter even more. LOL! Smith posted a video of him and his son wearing backward hats and jerseys while they are singing hits from the 90s as his daughter, Jayna Reign, approached her dad's car. Dad, seriously!? Smith promised an epic video waiting for fans when he reaches a milestone of one million followers. We're not far off! We can only imagine what else Smith has in store for his followers. We bet there will be a lot of dancing and singing involved.

@wealthyjev Here’s a #throwback of some of my most #embarrassing #DaddyDaughterPickUp s 😳🤣🚙 I know my daughter @Reigny cant wait yo graduate 🤷🏾‍♂️ Which #parentpickup was your favorite? 🤔 #throwbackthursday ♬ original sound - Wealthy Jev

Not only does Smith post these hilarious parent pick-up videos, but he also has a whole variety of hilarious videos about being a dad. Who else can't wait to see what else he can come up with?

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