Dad Has Hilarious Reaction to ‘Princess Diaries’


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2022

By Lily Tipton
Princess Diaries, Viral Reaction
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Most folks love The Princess Diaries - both the original and the sequel. Misfit high schooler Mia Thermopolis finds out she's the princess of a little country named Genovia; it's a true classic we can never get enough of. So, when this TikTok user found out her dad had never seen the film, she knew she had to arrange a personal screening. Filming his live reactions to the movie as he watched, she uploaded the footage, which proved to be golden, viral-worthy viewing. Heartwarming and hilarious, this dad's responses represent precisely how we all felt the first time we watched it...

Posted to TikTok by the username @2ndworstpersonintheworld, with the caption "Immortalizing this here," the user uploaded the now-viral video. The hilarious clip opens with her dad smiling and waving to the camera with the words, "My dad, who did not want to watch The Princess Diaries." With the tune Miracles Happen from the film's soundtrack playing in the background, our lovable dad sits down on the sofa to begin his life-changing experience of watching The Princess Diaries.


Immortalizing this here ❤️

♬ Miracles Happen (When You Believe) [From "The Princess Diaries"] - Kids R Us Band
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Remember how you felt watching the famous makeover scene for the first time? Well, chances are your face looked somewhat like this dad's face - pure and utter shock. "My dad when Mia got a makeover," the daughter wrote alongside his jaw-dropped expression. When Paulo worked his magic and turned Mia into "a princess," the world was speechless. This iconic makeover scene became the benchmark for all future movies that attempted to replicate it somehow.

Princess Diaries, Makeover Scene
Ron Batzdorff/Brownhouse Prod/Botnp Inc/Kobal via Shutterstock

Next, dad was spotted enjoying the movie's humorous side, laughing hard "when Mia got a brain freeze at the Royal dinner" and even harder when Mia "caught a man's arm on fire." We even saw the adorable moment when he "looked around for someone to laugh with." As the comedy continued with its ups and downs, dad's face perfectly mirrored the film's tone. From Mia's school finding out she's a princess to Mia and Lily's infamous fight, he lived through it all - and we are so grateful we were able to tag along! We know what we'll be playing for our next father-daughter movie night!

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