Dachschund's Hilarious Tail-Wagging Dance Breaks Internet


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2023

By Riley Hammond
daschund funny viral TikTok
@oscartheminidashie via Instagram

In the land of furry friends, we've got a dachshund named Millie who's got more groove than a disco ball. Trust me, this little lady does more than just wag her tail, she does a full-on 'body wiggle' that's got the internet chuckling in glee.

So, here's how it happened: Millie's human, Chloe Fry, was asked to babysit Woof, a 17-year-old Jack Russell. A senior citizen in dog years, Woof was all about taking it easy, while our girl Millie was ready to turn the house into a dance floor. Now, Woof being an old chap couldn't quite match Millie's energy, but that didn't stop our little dancing queen. She danced around, wagged her tail like there was no tomorrow, and let out squeals of joy. It was like watching a one-dog conga line! Seeing Millie's excitement, Chloe knew this was an internet-gold moment. So, she did what any social media savvy human would do - she recorded Millie's happy dance and shared it on TikTok. And boy, did it blow up! The clip has been viewed more than 1.1 million times. Talk about going viral!

happy daschund TikTok hilarious
@prince_duke_rees via Instagram
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Millie's 'body wiggle' has won hearts across the globe, with comments pouring in praising her sheer joy. One user wrote, "That is the definition of happiness." Another said, "This made my day. Thank you." Honestly, who knew a dog's wiggle could spread so much joy? But here's a fun fact: Dachshunds aren't typically the life of the party. According to PetMD, they need to be socialized from an early age to feel comfortable around other dogs. But Millie? She's clearly an exception to the rule. This friendly furball loves to be around other dogs and people. Chloe was pleasantly surprised by the response to Millie's video, saying, "I'm very surprised [by] how many people the video has reached." Well, Chloe, when your dog's got moves like Jagger, it's bound to catch some attention!

@millie_frankie_ Excited to have friends round #happydog #waggingtail #wiggle #sausagedog #sausagedoglife #fyp ♬ Conga - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

And that's not all. Chloe has been sharing regular videos of Millie and Frankie, a Jack Russell and dachshund mix, on TikTok. These two are quite the dynamic duo, but it's Millie's boogie-woogie that's stolen the show. So, there you have it. A tale of a tail that wiggles, waggles, and makes the world a happier place. Keep on dancing, Millie!

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