Couple Comes Up With Hilarious Way to Pay Speeding Ticket


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh
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imthatgurlneb via TikTok

Getting a speeding ticket can completely ruin one person's day. Now you have a huge fine to pay off. However, one couple got creative with the way they decided to try paying off their ticket. It'll have you hooting and hollering.

Annabelle and James are a loving couple from Austin, Texas. They were driving around town when they were fined with a $231 speeding ticket. That's some major buckaroos! The couple were only 26 days from tying the k1not when they received the ticket, so they already had too many things on their mind to deal with. There are cakes, dresses, guests, and more to think about. However, they came up with a bright idea that has the entire internet praising their genius and laughing at their problem-solving skills. They added the ticket to their wedding registry. So, now guests could help them pay off their penalty as a wedding gift. Why didn't we think of that before?!

Speeding Ticket Wedding Registry
imthatgurlneb via TikTok
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In a video that the bride-to-be uploaded to TikTok, she showed how they were adding the ticket to their wedding registry list on The Knot. She wrote on the actual video, "wedding in 26 days. Timing couldn't be better," with a fist emoji at the end. In the video, she does a close-up of the ticket and then of James inputting the necessary information into their online registry. You can see him typing in "PLEASE HELP," into the description box for the item. Annabelle wrote in the caption, "@The Knot can we add the state of oklahoma to our registry? Feel free to support james in his down bad era on the knot at Annabelle and James's Wedding Registry." She even added the hashtag "sendhelp" to the caption. Users absolutely loved this hilarious and creative way that Annabelle and James thought of to pay off their speeding ticket. One TikTok user commented, "I will donate for the plot. What's the link." Another one wrote, "this must be a cannon event bc this happened to my husband."

@imthatgurlneb @The Knot can we add the state of oklahoma to our registry? feel free to support james in his down bad era on the knot at Annabelle and James’s Wedding Registry. #2023wedding #speedingticket #downbad #theknot #weddingregistry #weddingplanning #sendhelp #oklahoma #texas #sendcash #weddingseason ♬ Mia & Sebastian’s Theme - Justin Hurwitz

The video has already garnered over 400,000 views and keeps raking in the likes. Annabelle has been sharing updates on wedding planning on her TikTok. She also shared a video of her organizing the seating chart set to the NFL theme song.

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