Couple Build Their 5 Pups A Three-Storey Mansion


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Molly Houghton
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We were all very impressed when Kylie Jenner built a life-size dollhouse for her child, but we're even more blown away by the three-storey mansion Kylee Ryan and her boyfriend built for their dogs!  She and Josh decided that their fury pups deserved to live in a luxury home and since they're usually only available in human sizes, the couple took matters into their own hands and built it themselves.

Kylee and Josh live in the snowy hills of  Jade City, British Columbia, Canada. With a small population of around 30 people, the dogs outnumber humans. They are the proud owners of 5 big pooches and wanted to build them an area to play, but they weren't prepared to settle for your average dog kennel. More importantly, it had to be secure enough to protect the pups from the natural predators around the area.

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Josh began by fencing off the perimeter of their huge property. He initially planned to just build a simple shelter. However, things escalated pretty quickly. Kylee explained that "They have a huge fenced-in area with a three-storey dog house and a tree house, with pools in the summer. My boyfriend started out with the one-storey dog house. Then he decided each dog needed their own space, then a second floor was added. Then a third floor. There is so much room, and it's sturdy enough to hold humans."

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"Then the treehouse was built because one husky likes her own private area, so she got a private deck. Then he added the dog walk to a high platform in the trees because the huskies like to be on the lookout."

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Slowly but surely, the doghouse has taken almost two years to build. Although it looks like something that should be featured on MTV's Cribs, the house cost them absolutely nothing considering they only used recycled materials. Ryan said that his dogs got comfy right away.

"The dogs loved it immediately," said Kylee. "It's like a giant playpen for them. They would go from floor to floor. It was quite sweet. We have to fight the huskies to make them come inside at night or else they would sleep in their houses - but I'm nervous about predators."

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"It's awesome when we puppy sit my friends three dogs and we turn into an eight dog household. The kennel makes it easy and I have to beg the dogs to come inside from play time."

This sounds like a doggy's paradise and it's safe to say, we're all jealous.