29+ Coolest Fast Food Locations Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 06/13/2023

By Arianna Morgan

Some fast food places have gone above and beyond in choosing their locations. From incredible views to innovative architecture and out-of-this-world concepts, here are a few wild fast food spots we found. 

Starbucks - Olympic Valley, California

Have you ever wanted to sip and ski at the same time? Well, now you can! Squaw Valley Resort in California has opened the first ever ski-in/ski-out Starbucks located on the mountain at 8,000 feet above sea level.

Starbucks Olympic Valley CaliforniaStarbucks Olympic Valley California
Instagram via @buzzzaroundtheworld

The first-of-its-kind mountainside coffee shop allows snowboarders and skiers to keep their equipment on while ordering their Starbucks beverages, giving guests a much easier route to getting their caffeine fix! Although guests can go inside, the takeout feature allows guests to have a cup of joe on the go!

Barnacle Bill - Port Pirie, Australia

The South Australian seafood chain Barnacle Bill has been in business since 1970, but its Port Pirie location has been considered one of its most popular! Located in Port Pirie, this seafood franchise now sits in what was once a Congregational church.

Barnacle Bill weird locationBarnacle Bill weird location
Instagram via @sannidragon

The Church first opened its doors in 1879 but shut down over a century later and was abandoned. The fast-food's owners bought the building and converted it into one of their restaurants, maintaining some of the Church's staple components. The pulpit is a deep-frying counter, and the pews are now home to tables and a salad bar.

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McDonald's - Batumi, Georgia

The Georgian seaport of Batumi is famous for its ornate buildings and vibrant port. But now it's also known for its modern architectural wonder: a beautifully designed Mcdonald's. The futuristic building is made of 460 glass panels, an open-air upstairs terrace, and a reflecting pool, and it even houses a gas station at the back.

McDonald's Batumi Georgia weirdMcDonald's Batumi Georgia weird
Instagram via @marcinuss

The stunning building, which may look more like a museum than a fast food restaurant, has become a must-see spot for Batumi. Designed by Giorgi Khmaladze, he and his team have won multiple awards for their work, including the award for Best Commercial Building in 2014 by ArchDaily.

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KFC - Minsk, Belarus

In 1991, The Republic of Belarus gained its independence from the Soviet Union after being a part of the Russian empire since the 18th century. At one point, it was also occupied by the Nazis, only to be taken by Stalin in 1944. The city of Minsk suffered greatly during World War II, but when it was rebuilt, it was named a Hero City.

KFC Minsk Belarus funnyKFC Minsk Belarus funny
 Mikhail Svetlov via Getty Images

The city was built with grandiose sculptures, like the one above the current KFC. Artist Anatol Yafimovich Archimovich designed the sculpture in the 60s as an example of Socialist Realsim, showing figures walking together. So, when KFC opened in 2015 under this iconic art piece, it symbolized the city's old and new.

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McDonald's - New Hyde Park, New York

This McDonald's is undoubtedly beautiful! Located in New Hyde Park, Long Island, this Mcdonald's now resides in a building known as the Denton House, built in 1795. Originally built as a farmhouse for the Denton family, the property was renovated in 1860 and, by the 20th century, used as a funeral home.

Craziest Fast Food Locations Craziest Fast Food Locations
Instagram via @housestories_

The Georgian-style mansion was bought by McDonald's in the 1980s, and had planned to demolish the abandoned building. On the other hand, the city's residents had a different plan. The community of New Hyde proved the property was a historic landmark, which led the franchise to restore the house and open up inside.

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Starbucks - Kyoto, Japan

Sitting in the heart of Kyoto's Higashiyama district, this Starbucks could have either truly stood out but decided to blend in instead. Kyoto is known for its preserved historic Japanese structures, so when the coffee chain decided to open up, it opened its doors inside a 100-year-old wooden townhouse.

Starbucks Kyoto Japan locationStarbucks Kyoto Japan location
Instagram via @corteztravelgram

So, while you're getting your Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, you can enjoy an authentic Japanese experience inside the three-story house. In addition to regular chairs and tables, guests are required to take off their shoes to sit on the tatami mats. The coffee shop is decorated with hanging scrolls, wooden details, and a zen garden.

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McDonald's - Porto, Portugal

Europe is definitely known for its cafe culture, but what about its fast-food culture? While not as prominent, the Mcdonald's in Porto is considered one of the most beautiful in the world! Now home to a Mcdonald's for over 25 years, the structure was first built in the 1930s and restored years later.

McDonald's Portugal weird locationMcDonald's Portugal weird location
Instagram via @juanjose_frias

The fast food spot was named McDonald's Imperial after the Imperial Cafe that was once situated inside because of the eagle that sits above the sign in the front. Inside, guests can enjoy the art deco-style space, full of gorgeous chandeliers, stained glass, and arched ceilings.

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Taco Bell - Pacifica, California

This definitely looks different from your average Taco Bell! The fast-food chain in Linda Mar resembles an ideal California-inspired beachfront bungalow. The location went viral on Tiktok after influencer Megan Homme visited the spot and shared it with her followers in 2020.

Taco Bell Pacifica CaliforniaTaco Bell Pacifica California
Reddit via deleted

"The views are incredible, the tacos are amazing, you can literally just sit here and watch the surfers," Homme said. "Ten out of ten." This location is right on the beach, with a walk-up window, surfboard parking lot, and Twisted Freezies, an alcoholic version of the standard slushie.

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Domino's - The Moon

We know how this one sounds, but just hear us out. In 2011, Domino's Japan announced they were working on getting one of their 20,000 locations on the moon! According to Popular Science, Domino's explained it as more of a "what if" situation but wasn't completely writing off the idea…

Domino's moon weird Locations Domino's moon weird Locations
YouTube via On Demand News

After researching the idea, they figured it would cost them a whopping 21.74 billion dollars and 15 trips to the moon to make it happen. However, once they were up there, they claimed they would use the moon's resources to make living spaces, entertainment rooms, and more for the staff. Let's see how this one pans out…

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McDonald's - Sedona, Arizona

McDonald's may be known for their golden arches, but Sedona is certainly is not! The symbol is crucial to the fast-food restaurant's history and is part of just about every McDonald's worldwide. However, when McD's opened its doors in Sedona, it had to leave its signature golden arch behind.

McDonald's Sedona Arizona locationMcDonald's Sedona Arizona location
Instagram via @sayainusa

Instead, the building had to adhere to the city's design and sign guidelines, which don't allow the color yellow to be used. Instead, they were contracted to use the more aesthetic-pleasing color turquoise, which blends into the surrounding natural scenery.

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Burger King - Helsinki, Finland

This is undoubtedly the only fast-food joint in the world that provides its customers with a wellness facility! The Burger King in Helsinki, Finland, includes a full 15-person sauna that can be rented out for guests who want to get their wellness on while enjoying a Whopper.

Burger King Helsinki FinlandBurger King Helsinki Finland
Instagram via @tulikivirussia

When the building became a Burger King, the franchise decided to keep the sauna and include it in the design to attract visitors. So how much does a three-hour Burger King sauna session cost you? For $280 bucks, you get a private dining area, a PlayStation, locker rooms, showers, towels, and robes with the classic BK logo on them.

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Starbucks - Hualien City, Taiwan

As part of Starbucks's Greener Stores initiative, this Starbucks was the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region made of recycled shipping containers. The coffee franchise is looking to create more sustainable locations worldwide, hence the use of shipping containers.

Starbucks Hualien City TaiwanStarbucks Hualien City Taiwan
Instagram via @jennifer_turek

Built out of 29 used shipping containers, this Starbucks is two floors high, featuring comfortable seating and beautiful views. It even has a drive-thru for those customers on the go. The geometric space pays homage to the cultural importance of Hualien, representing the aboriginal Amis people.

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McSki - Lindvallen, Sweden

Similar to the ski-in/ski-out Starbucks in California, the Swedes have a similar concept known as the McSki! Situated in the ski resort of Lindvallen, about 200 miles north of Stockholm, guests can enjoy their favorite McDonald's classics after a long day on the slopes!

McSki Lindvallen Sweden weirdMcSki Lindvallen Sweden weird
Instagram via @sandy_in_sweden

Guests can glide right up to the ski-thru entrance and order without removing their gear or entering the restaurant. But if you do feel like lounging for a bit between runs, the indoor area fits up to 140 people. So if you are craving a Big Mac, large fries, and McFlurry mid-ski, make sure to check out the McSki ASAP!

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Starbucks - Dazaifu, Japan

Designed by acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the Starbucks in Dazaifu is truly one of a kind. The popular coffee shop is located in the city of Fukuoka and was designed with more than 2,000 wooden sticks, reflecting the neighborhood's vibrant culture and artistic roots, all while preserving the modern energy of the touristic town.

Starbucks Dazaifu Japan locationStarbucks Dazaifu Japan location
Instagram via @jeab_ja

When explaining his inspiration, he says, "Dazaifu Tenmangu is a very special location, a historic shrine, for locals and visitors. I wanted to show the essence of the place to honor its strong culture of craftsmanship. If we could combine Starbucks spirit with the spirit of the artisan, we knew we could achieve something special."

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McDonald's - Lijiang, China

We've seen some pretty outrageous McDonald's thus far, but this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful out there. You might not spot this McDonald's right away walking through the old town of Lijiang, China, as it effortlessly blends in with the city's architecture.

McDonald's China weird locationMcDonald's China weird location
Mandy Hong / Contributor via Getty Images

In fact, this McDonald's is shaped like an old temple, built in the Nakhi architectural style, and is surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can stroll along the history-filled area before downing a 12-piece McNuggets and giant Coke.

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Sonic - Miami Gardens, Florida

Sonic is known for its use of carhops on roller skates and, of course, their Chili Cheese Coney and Sonic Blasts. What a combo. And now the Sonic in Miami Gardens is also known for having a mini beach smack dab in the middle of the place. Again, what a combo.

Sonic Miami Gardens Florida Sonic Miami Gardens Florida
Yelp via cane c.

The fast-food chain imports tons of sand to create a mini beach to give patrons the full Miami experience. Guests can enjoy their favorite Sonic Combo while digging their toes in the sand. But if you get too hot in the Florida sun, Sonic offers an air-conditioned indoor seating area as well!

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Taco Bell - Las Vegas, Nevada

Why not get hitched and enjoy a Crunchwrap Supreme at the same time? This Taco Bell Cantina situated on the Las Vegas Strip has a built-in chapel for couples who are ready to tie the knot that seats 25 guests. The chapel is decked out in flower decals with a lit-up bell archway as a nod to the fast-food chain.

Las Vegas Taco Bell CantinaLas Vegas Taco Bell Cantina
Instagram via @bayleeestrada

And how much does a Taco Bell wedding cost exactly? For a 30-minute ceremony, it rings in at $600, but couples can pay an extra $1,500 for a two-hour reception, including food and alcohol. According to the spot's wedding planner, an average of 30 weddings a month go down at the Taco Bell Cantina.

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McDonald's - Downey, California

Dating all the way back to August 18, 1953, this McD's location was the third one ever and the second to be franchised by the masterminds known as Richard and Maurice McDonald. Today, it is the franchise's oldest-standing Mcdonald's in the entire world!

oldest McDonald's Downey California oldest McDonald's Downey California
Jeff Gritchen/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

The current structure looks almost identical to when it was first opened nearly seven decades ago. However, it does not have a drive-thru, so customers have to go up to the window to order! This McD's is so special it was eligible to be added to the National Register of Historic Places in the '80s.

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Pizza Hut - Giza, Egypt

It's not every day you're enjoying a slice of pizza and the view of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Although this location of Pizza Hut might not have a spectacular interior, it's the exterior that's truly remarkable and evidently one of its kind, making it a must-see!

Pyramids Giza Domino's locationPyramids Giza Domino's location
Reddit via lechattueur

The Pizza Hut looks like any other fast-food joint from the outside, but after ordering a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, visitors can sit back and enjoy an unbelievable view of one of the wonders of the world just across the street. You can also see where the Sphinx sits!

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Starbucks - Bali, Indonesia

This might be one of the most unexpected combinations out there, but at the end of the day, everyone needs their caffeine fix. The Saraswati Temple, also known as the Ubud Water Palace, is a Balinese Hindu temple located in Ubud dedicated to the goddess Sarasvati.

Starbucks Bali Indonesia locationStarbucks Bali Indonesia location
Instagram via @bypaulinepp

Saraswati is a smaller complex situated on a lotus pond, with a temple that can be seen from the outside. For visitors, there is a cafe called the Cafe Lotus and a Starbucks! Visitors can sip on their Caramel Frappuccino while enjoying the serene scenery of this beautiful space.

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McDonald's - Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico, was made famous after a UFO allegedly landed 75 miles from the town, so why not capitalize on the supposed alien landing? Following the extraterrestrial landing, the city's tourism industry boomed, attracting those interested in aerospace engineering and ufology.

McDonald's UFO New MexicoMcDonald's UFO New Mexico
Instagram via @redto62

So, it only makes sense that the town's McD's is also inspired by the UFO landing. The building is built as a giant metallic saucer-shaped structure, and at night shines with neon lights to really give the full effect! Inside, kids can play in the flying saucer play space and find employees dressed in space suits.

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Starbucks - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Starbucks is situated in the vault of the historic Amsterdamsche Bank vault, one of the city's most famous buildings in the famous Rembrandt Square. The shop is designed with sustainable materials and represents local design touches, giving it a truly authentic feel.

Starbucks Amsterdam interesting locationStarbucks Amsterdam interesting location
Instagram via @iam_mmabatho

The space is made from re-purposed Dutch oak, Delft blue tiles, and a magnificent ceiling made from 1,876 hand-cut wooden blocks. The floor-to-ceiling tattooed mural celebrates Dutch coffee traders, a pivotal part of the culture's history. This is a must-see when hitting Amsterdam!

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KFC - Baku, Azerbaijan

KFC first opened its doors in 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah, but now its biggest location sits all the way in Baku, Azerbaijan. The fast food joint is located in Sabunchu Station, a 17,000-square-foot space former rail station built nearly 100 years ago in 1926.

KFC Baku Azerbaijan locationKFC Baku Azerbaijan location
Reddit via deleted

Designed with a Moorish Revival influence, with high ceilings and grand columns, the train station has been restored twice, in 1977 and 2017. Kentucky Fried Chicken invested 3 million euro in preserving the site and converting it into a restaurant, which now has enough space for up to 300 customers!

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McDonald's - Barstow, California

All aboard the McDonald's Express! Barstow, California, was and still is considered one of the biggest transportation locations in California, according to The Great American Stations. Freight lines and railways have been a staple of the town since 1840 when it was a significant center point.

McDonald's Barstow California locationMcDonald's Barstow California location
Instagram via @sparkles_ontheroad

Located on East Main Street, this McD's is built to look like a train station, giving us a real feel of what the town is all about. Train cars have been transformed into dining areas, and the caboose is a restroom! So, it's time to choo choo on over to Barstow!

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Burger King - Niagra Falls, Canada

Niagra Falls might have been considered a natural wonder of the world at some point, but besides the gorgeous waterfalls, there was another great attraction bringing people to the border of New York and Canada- a Burger King. The classic fast food spot is located in Clifton Hill, Ontario, as part of the House of Frankenstein.

Burger King Niagra FallsBurger King Niagra Falls
Instagram via @shidofski

The House of Frankenstein is a haunted house-style attraction that has a rooftop rollercoaster known as the Frank'N Coaster attached to it, with a Burger King below. So, now you know if you get hungry on your next trip to Niagra Falls, you can stop over for a quick Whopper and rollercoaster ride on the way!

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McDonald's - Taupo, New Zealand

McDonald's is often the go-to meal for passengers before a flight, but have you ever thought of enjoying a Big Mac while aboard an aircraft? Originally operated by South Pacific Airlines, the decommissioned DC-3 plane sat next to the fast food spot for 25 years before becoming a part of the dining experience.

McDonald's Taupo New ZealandMcDonald's Taupo New Zealand
Instagram via @iamhelenmai

The one-time passenger plane, built in 1943 and stopped operating 40 years later, joined the McDonald's family when the site was purchased in 1990. The 20-seater airplane is now open for guests to dine in while learning about the history of the aircraft and taking a peek at the original cockpit.

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Starbucks - Chicago, Illinois

Located on The Magnificent Mile, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago is the largest Starbucks in the world! The 35,000 square feet roastery is a five-story building celebrating the Windy City's art, culture, architecture, and Starbucks, of course.

Starbucks Chicago interesting locationStarbucks Chicago interesting location
Getty Images via douglas sasha

Inside, guests can marvel at the 56-foot steel cask, curved escalators, beautiful murals, and more. The space includes an Italian bakery, a full functioning Experiential Coffee Bar, a Cocktail Bar, and a coffee bar dedicated to the craft of barrel-aging, all with a Starbucks-inspired menu. Oh, and you can pick up some merch on your way out too!

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McDonald's - Bray, Ireland

This McD's is located in the "longest established seaside town in Ireland," just south of Dublin. This beautiful Tudor-style building dates back to the 1880s, and according to Daily Edge, it was built with the intention of being a hun for the entire town.

McDonald's Bray Ireland locationMcDonald's Bray Ireland location
Instagram via @davidpix15

Today part of it stands as the town hall, while the other part stands as the home of the Happy Meal! The fast food joint opened up in 1997 after Mcdonald's offered over 60,000 dollars for the space, per The Irish Times. However, it's a little unassuming from the front, as it definitely doesn't look like the typical McD's!

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Subway - Manhattan, New York

Although this Subway location no longer exists, it was definitely considered to be located in one of the most obscure locations! This on-the-go sandwich shop was exclusively for the crew working on New York City's 1 World Trade Center site but was closed in 2012 after the structure ran out of room on higher floors.

Craziest Fast Food Locations Craziest Fast Food Locations
YouTube via Assosciated Press

As the structure increased, it would take the workers longer and longer to get down to street level to grab lunch, so instead, lunch was brought to them! A Subway was introduced onto the construction site in more of a shipping container form rather than a brick-and-mortar shop, but it totally worked!

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McDonald's - Independence, Ohio

Locally known as the McMansion, this is certainly one of the fanciest fast-food restaurants out there! Located in Ohio, this McDonald's looks much more like a Colonial-era home than a fast-food joint and can easily be missed if you aren't sure of its whereabouts.

McDonald's Independence Ohio locationMcDonald's Independence Ohio location
Reddit via A_Cat_Named_Frank

Although this location features the same menu as the rest, there's something about sitting in a two-story building full of chandeliers and fancy seating that makes it feel a lot more up-scale. It was even given the nickname "the White House of McDonald's" for its fancy fittings!

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