Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2023: These Pet Pics Are Hilarious


| LAST UPDATE 08/14/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
funny pet photo viral
Ilargian Faus via Pexels

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards were back in full swing for 2023, and the winning photos were downright hysterical. On August 11th, the winners of this year's contest were unveiled online to pet lovers ready to cackle. Finalists were announced in July this year, with twenty-five hilarious photos narrowed down from thousands of entries. With a yearly cash price of $635, a camera bag, and a trophy, animal owners quickly get involved, and submissions are extensive. 

The winner of this year's competition saw Team Dogs lose one point to Team Cats, with an adorable photograph of two kittens. One kitten comes up behind the other kitten, looking like he is going to smother him. Owner and photographer Michel Zoghzoghi said his pets are a "lethally cute duo." As a wildlife photographer, it certainly wasn't Zoghzoghi's first time capturing animals. However, he never considered taking serious photos of his pets. That is until he discovered Comedy Pets. After winning the competition, Zoghzoghi said, "I had more fun taking photos of these two than during my most adventurous wildlife photography trips."

hilarious cat pet awards
Roman Odintsov via Pexels
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One particular entry received a lot of love online from fans. Known as the 'The Big Boss,' this lazy feline was captured by Japanese photographer Kenichi Morinaga. This reclining cat is seated like a human, legs sprawled and tummy out on display. Sadly, our favorite grump only earned himself a highly commended award. Morinaga also entered another cat photo, which received a highly commended recognition, called 'Football Free Kick.' The photo shows one kitten standing upright on his back two feet, with three other cats staring anxiously at him, like he is waiting to get a chance to kick the ball.

While cats may have won the overall competition, the dog category was also highly competitive. Taking out the 'Best Dog' and 'People's Choice Awards,' Chris Porsz photographed 'Barking,' whereby an enormous doggy flies across some people sitting on a bench, his mouth wide open, trying to catch a ball his owner threw. According to Porsz, it was a "fluke." He shared, "The dog was looking at the owner and then launched itself and flipped mid-air to catch the ball. Out of the five images taken, this was the magic shot which fortunately was in focus." If you're a fan of the competition, an animal lover, or just someone who enjoys a good meme, be sure to check out the winners and runner-ups

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